Zoom app arives on Amazon Omni Series Fire TV Smart TVs for 2-way video calling

Fire TV Omni Series Smart TVs are now compatible with the Zoom app for two-way video conferencing. These TVs are only the second Fire TV models to work with Zoom, after the Fire TV Cube was the first to gain compatibility earlier this year. To use Zoom with either a Fire TV Omni Series Smart TV or a Fire TV Cube, you need to connect a USB camera to the Fire TV. Amazon recommends the Logitech C920 (1080p, ~$65), Logitech C922x (1080p, ~$80), and Logitech C310 (720p, ~$27) webcams, but any cameras that support the USB Video Class (UVC) standard with at least 720p resolution and 30fps will work. Once the camera is connected to the Smart TV’s USB port or the Fire TV Cube’s microUSB port with an adpater, like these from StarTech, UGREEN, and CableCreation, you can launch the Zoom app and login. If your calendar is linked to Alexa and your Zoom meting is on your calendar, you can say “Alexa, join my Zoom meeting” to automatically join your next meeting.

  1. Hello Elias,
    You have a great site. I check it every day

    I’ve been checking my Omni 43″ every day, just like my Echo Show 15 for Zoom support. They both respond with “Do you want to join the xx meeting” but never join when I say Yes.

    They both say there are no updates. I’m in the US

    Omni vs
    Echo Show 15

    What Omni software should I be looking for?

  2. Thomas says:

    This sounds great. Without getting in to the tech of things, I’m not sure why it has taken so long. Many of us would love to have used our Smart TVs for zoom or Teams calls but from what I have read, its almost impossible to do so. Sure you can use your laptop and HDMI cable, but the option of just having a app on your smart tv and webcam surely is much easier.
    Good on Amazon, so here’s hoping that this will soon also come to the FireTV 4thgen or 4thgen MAX or maybe a new FireTV 5th gen stick.
    So if I have this wrong and it already can be done, feel free to share!!
    Many thanks

    I certainly would love to be able to access meetings this way.

  3. JM says:

    Elias, sorry for using this news but I could use your help. My firetv second generation (not the stick version) is not working because my power adapter is defective.

    I am from brazil, I got it from someone who went to the usa years ago. What are The parameters The power requires maybe I can get a generic one from China or something. The adapter size seems to be The worst tô get it right. I have echo dot 3rd generation and its almost the same adapter but a little thicker and doesn’t get in. My first firetv is also bigger and doesn’t fit. Which precise size is the one that firetv2 uses?

    Thanks if I get a response

  4. Jose Sa says:

    Still looking for this APK to use in a fireTV stick. Even without supporting the full functionalities, it might be better than the other APK which doesn’t have any sound.

    • Rick says:

      Let me know when you find it. I won’t be home to try anything out until next week, but I’ll be looking, too. Anyone with a Cube want to share?

  5. zyaansao says:

    If you need to connect your amazon omni series fire tv for video calling with netgear extender then try out the login guide with our help. Here you can get the complete information for instant solution

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