YouTube TV app is now available for Roku and Apple TV but, unsurprisingly, still not Fire TV

YouTube TV, the paid subscription television service from Google, has just released new apps for Roku and Apple TV devices. Chromecast and Android TV were the only television platforms where you could access the service prior to the release of these new apps. Unsurprisingly, an app for Amazon Fire TV devices has not been released, notably making it the largest streaming platform that YouTube TV does not support.

Since Google has chosen to deliberately make accessing YouTube difficult on Fire TV devices, it’s expected that their over-the-top streaming service would not be made available on Amazon’s streaming devices.

YouTube TV being held back from Fire TV devices will likely be used as one of the pawns in the conflict between Google and Amazon, just as Amazon is holding back Prime Video from Android TV devices. While Amazon has added a Prime Video app to the Google Play Store for Android TV devices, they have yet to make it downloadable on actual Android TV devices.

It’s unlikely for a YouTube TV app to be released for Fire TV devices until Amazon and Google make nice. For the time being, you can use the Silk Browser to load the desktop version of YouTube TV’s website and stream the service that way on a Fire TV device, but it’s far from a pleasant user experience.

  1. Robert Simandl says:

    And today I get an email from PSVue telling I’m upgraded to the Elite package (I only pay for the Access package) for the next six months for free.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  2. KingNothing says:

    The Prime Video Android TV app has “100.000–500.000” downloads according to the Play Store page. So I guess it must be installable on some device? Maybe on the Nexus Player? Or is this only because of some internal testing or a kind of closed beta program? Really strange.

    • Robert M Katz says:

      I was reading about that. The posts I read are a few months old, but from what I understand, it’s that the app exists and downloadable, but doesn’t work

  3. StevenK says:

    Yeah, this is starting to get out of hand. Without a YouTube app, I barely use my Fire TV anymore.
    With the disappointing announcement of the Mi Box 4, Nvidia should come into market with a lower spec’d streaming box that would obviously cost less.
    I’m loving my Shield, but can’t justify switching out my FireTVs with Shields due to cost.

    • Charlie says:

      The MiBox in my opinion died from neglect in America. It’s a decent Android box on par, more or less, with the defunct but supported Nexus Player. I’ve owned both in recent history and would love a Shield, but they are just too much money just to stream, although I miss having an Android box in my collection.

      No YoutubeTV on FireTV seems no mystery to me and if it is added any time soon I’ll be surprised.

    • Fred says:

      I’ve pre-ordred ChannelMaster Stream device and was looking forward to getting it last month. Just got a call from them saying it’s been delayed till the end of February. It’s an Android TV box (w/built-in Google Cast) and OTA antenna hookup. This may give the Shield a run for its money from a streaming standpoint. Personally I don’t care about gaming with it.

      • StevenK says:

        Looks interesting. Thanks!

        • Charlie says:

          Ditto That does look interesting. Android 7.0 and SD card for DVR. Pre-orders placed now don’t ship until April. I guess I’ll wait and see, but I was thinking about HDHomerun, but this might be the one I’ll watch for.

      • Robert M Katz says:

        I have this and I am very satisfied with it. It was $46 a few days ago, now it’s $50. I have it set up like Android TV using Hal Launcher and it runs all the Android TV apks. It has Android 7.1, 4 gb ram, Ethernet, SD card, USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0 ports

      • Brian says:

        Have they gotten the Netflix license yet? Last I heard Netflix hadn’t decided if they were going to support it unless it sold well. Which is stupid because it looks like it’s gonna be a great device. If only Google would put more attention on AndroidTv. And give a more affordable option like Firesticks. I really think AndroidTv would be #1 if they have as much attention to it as the phones. Seem to be just sitting idle with it.

    • TechyChris says:

      Please read up and get your facts straight:
      The Xiaomi MiBox 4 is NOT a successor to the US Xiaomi MiBox 3. The MiBox 4 does not even run on Android TV it is only for the Chinese Consumer Market as an upgrade to their MiBox 3s. They are two completely different devices. as for the US Mi 3 , yes, I grant you, it has been (too) long since the last OS upgrade, but you can side load Android 7 Beta, I did and my MiBox works perfectly, and I dare say outperforms the current Amazon Fire TV line up.

      I will add: As Americans we are very arrogant when it comes to our standing in the world, we feel everything is meant for us alone, Xiaomi is a huge company, in China, with access to BILLIONS of potential customers, with dozens of products, as such Google is NOTHING to them, they might as well be Radio Shack.

      There is no evidence however that they have abandoned Android TV, most likely it’s just not number 1 on their “to do” list.

      • slcpunk says:

        What did side loading Android 7 on the miBox get you?
        I am bummed I can’t get youtube TV on the mibox – I assumed ( incorrectly ) that all real “Android TV” devices like the mibox would get youtube TV. ( Actually never occurred to me that it could be otherwise…live and learn )

  4. bombo says:

    amazon has some policies that even they understand it I say this because I do not understand how it is possible that your app prime video is not available for the fire tv I tell you this because I am suffering it turns out that I have a prime account and to be able to watch prime video I have to use the browser to enter.

    • The Brain says:

      Do you refer to the Prime Video app that comes with the Basic Edition Fire TV Stick sold around the world?

      If so, there is report that it has been released for the non-Basic Edition Fire TV 2 with the last update version

  5. Charlie says:

    Take it easy hothead. This is a friendly forum and you obviously love your MiBox. Sorry not everybody agrees with your choice of streamers.

    • TechyChris says:

      Sorry Charlie!
      Not being a “hothead” simply trying to stop the spread of misinformation (there’s already too much of it on the internet). For the record I also own 2 FTV 1’s, bought them within 1 month of their release, so, been there from the beginning. They are fine machines, simply stating that competition is a good thing.

      A lot of posters on AFTV News seem to be trying to kill off Android TV without facts for whatever reasons and it’s not dead (yet).
      Nothing I wrote was untrue, I (at least try) to make an attempt to do some factual research before typing random posts, have a nice day!

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