YouTube takes big step to becoming a social network with new Community Tab


YouTube just rolled out a new feature that pushes the platform even further into the realm of being a full blown social network. Called simply the “Community Tab,” the new feature allows YouTube channels to post not only videos, but also images, gifs, links, and text. Posts will appear in a subscriber’s stream of content alongside new videos, which essentially turns the subscription feed into a news feed like you find on social networks. Users can thumbs up/down and comment on posts, again, much like you do on Facebook. Right now the community tab is only available to specific channels that have been invited to have early access. Updated YouTube apps will be rolling out that let you select whether you want to see just videos in your subscription stream or videos and posts.

  1. Gdroid666 says:

    horrible idea ,just like every other idea google has

    why do they continue to ruin youtube

    we used to be able to view which channels a channel was subbed to and who all the subscribers to a channel were ,now all of that is gone and they also ruined the comment section ,G+ integration was not even the worst of it, it’s the way that they handle comments now, besides them breaking them so you can no longer respond to legacy comments they also made it so if there is more than one reply to a particular comment from the same person then you can not reply to their comments individually it just gets put under the thread heading with the persons name next to it,it just shows you who you are replying to but not which one of their specific comments that you are replying to.
    the old system was better it showed which specific comment a reply was to not just who you were replying to

    • xnamkcor says:

      Just checked. I still get my subscriptions in Subscriptions, and I can still watch videos. Maybe I didn’t get the update that “ruined YouTube” yet.

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