YouTube Red subscription service will let you watch ad-free for $9.99 per month

YouTube unveiled its long rumored subscription service called YouTube Red. The new service will cost $9.99 per month and let subscribers watch all YouTube videos ad-free, save videos to watch offline on supported devices, and keep videos running in the background, again on supported devices. Subscribers will also have exclusive access to original series, featuring popular YouTubers, which YouTube is creating.

Ad-free viewing via a YouTube Red subscription will likely be supported on the Amazon Fire TV’s YouTube app, but it’s unlikely other features, like offline and background viewing, will work on Fire TV devices. The Fire TV’s YouTube app is not a native app, but rather, is simply an HTML5 wrapper for Logging into the Fire TV’s YouTube app with a YouTube Red subscribed account should result in ad-free viewing, but more advanced features will require a new native app to be released. YouTube Red will be available starting October 28th.


I missed the fact that included with a YouTube Red subscription is full access to Google Play Music, which gives on-demand access to over 30 million songs. That explains the otherwise high seeming $9.99 price. Thanks to comments from Masterblaster8987 and Ottis for pointing this out!

  1. Keith says:

    Wow! 10 bucks a month to remove ads and download videos? I was thinking a one time fee of like $2.99.
    This is already possible with xposed and theres already apps thatll let you download. Fire tv youtube is very limited but i cant get my mind around that price…

    • Axecaster says:

      Yeah, that pricing structure seems odd since it roughly puts YouTube in the same category as Netflix or Hulu Plus, only without the expected professionally-produced content. Sure, there are music videos and other kinds of snippets, but those are all really just ads for different things and not a full-on drama or comedy series.

  2. According to google

    If you subscribe to YouTube RED, you will be automatically get Google play music, the unlimited / downloadable music service for free.
    As a side note, YouTube content creators would not be able to place ads within their videos. Starting October 28.
    According to the new user agreement sent via email.

    • Keith says:

      Good info. The pricing makes more sense now but doesnt make it reasonable. I still say a flat rate would attract more customers. Wouldnt get me because i more or less have that functionality (minus GP Music) but in my mind its not worth more than a year of prime which costs less if you break it down by month.

  3. hdmkv says:

    Um… let’s see… pass! Gotta be kidding!

  4. Llyod says:

    I watch ad free now using the YouTube app in Kodi, am I missing something?

  5. Ottis says:

    This seems more like an added bonus for Play Music to me. If someoneis comparing the music services that are $9.99 a month an ad free YouTube plus the other YouTube features puts it well ahead of other services that only offer streaming music for $9.99

  6. xnamkcor says:

    If I pay the 10 dollars a month, do I actually get all videos showing in my Subscription page instead of just ones it “thinks” I want to see?

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