YouTube looking to add Movies and TV Shows to subscription service


YouTube’s subscription service dosen’t currently offer much for it’s $9.99 per month fee, but that may soon change. According to a new report by The Wall Street Journal, YouTube is reportedly trying to secure the rights to movies and TV shows to stream to their YouTube Red subscribers. The move would rival Netflix and Amazon’s on-demand video services. YouTube executives Susanne Daniels, former head of MTV’s programming, and Kelly Merryman, former Netflix executive, have been meeting with movie studios and production companies in recent months, says The WSJ. Sources say YouTube is focusing on rights to newer content, as opposed to older movies and TV shows which make up the bulk of subscription streaming video service catalogues. Even though the Fire TV’s YouTube app isn’t as full featured as the ones you find on phones and tablets, it does work with YouTube Red, so it will likely grant subscribers access to these movies and TV shows if YouTube’s negotiations pan out.

  1. Watching You says:

    Wasn’t Amazon supposed to announce the same type of thing today?

  2. Keith says:

    Step in the right direction, and probably a necessary one. I’m pretty sure theyll get whatever theyre after regarding movies and tv but they are a little late to the game. Plus $9.99 a month is more than i pay for netflix, i have prime so not sure i want another streaming service. I think a lot of people might pass on this for the same reason but i like that amazon and netflix have another competitor.

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