Your next Streaming Device might come with a Solar-powered Remote

Remote manufacturer Remote Solution has announced the development of a solar-powered remote for Android TV streaming devices, as spotted by FierceVideo. The remote seen above is just a reference design using Google’s G10 remote specifications and isn’t available for purchase just yet. On the underside of the remote is a small solar panel that gathers energy from sunlight and light bulbs to, presumably, charge lithium-ion batteries. As long as there is enough light in the room, and you remember to place the remote face down occasionally, you shouldn’t have to ever change or charge the batteries in this type of remote again.

  1. Zeric says:

    The concept is okay, but I wonder how long before the lipo battery goes bad. Most lithium based rechargeables only last a few years, and they are going to be much more expensive than disposables, and more difficult to obtain. Not sure this will be economical in the end, will need to know more.

    Maybe they are going to use a super capacitor or something similar to an eneloop, both of which can go for many years.

    • Charlie_ says:

      I had a solar keyboard. Battery lasted a few years then I was able to open it up and replace it with a $8 Maxell ML2032 Rechargable 3V coin cell lithium motherboard cmos battery

      It had mechanical failure with a number of keys and the solar panel was damaged but it still kinda worked.

  2. TechyChris says:

    Meh…I would rather have a holder/charger combo.

  3. Adam says:

    Your next Streaming Device might come with a Solar-powered Remote

    And Ads!

    (because everything else does, and some doormats seem to think its a feature…)

  4. Tom Wooden says:

    No thanks we keep our house dark,these wont work

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