You’ll soon be able to play GOG games on Amazon Luna

Amazon is teaming up with GOG, a digital game store similar to Steam, to make a portion of its over 9,000 games playable on the Luna cloud gaming service. If you buy or already own a game through GOG, and the game developer has agreed to allow the game to run on Luna, you’ll be able to play the game on any Luna-compatible device when the integration launches later this year. All you need is either a Prime membership or a Luna+ subscription.

At this point, the announcement of Amazon and GOG’s partnership is mostly a callout to game developers in the GOG store to join Luna. GOG says it’s simply an opt-in form for game developers and requires no changes to the games themselves. As long as the game works with GOG, it will work with Luna if the game developer chooses to include their game in the partnership.

Luna users will be able to browse and purchase Luna-compatible GOG games directly through Luna. Best of all, Amazon says that “GOG games purchased through Luna will come with a traditional game license.” That means that, even if you purchase a GOG game through Luna, you’ll still be able to play it on a PC/Mac/Linux as if you purchased it through GOG directly. For games you already own through GOG, as long as you have access to Luna, either through a Prime subscription or a Luna+ subscription, you’ll be able to play your GOG game on Luna at no extra charge if the game developer joins the new partnership.

  1. Nick Cannon says:

    Interesting are these PC games through the cloud?

  2. Anthony Rossetti says:

    Fire TV devices are garbage now
    My 4k sticks that got updated buffer every 3 seconds when using my recast they can’t even manage low quality video streaming internally because the WiFi chip or software drivers controlling them sucks so badl, there is no way in hell AAA title streaming is going to work.

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