You can now share music to your friend’s Echo device using Alexa

Amazon has introduced a new Alexa feature called Music Sharing that allows you to share the song that you’re listening to on your Echo device with a friend. While a song is playing, simply say “Alexa share this song with [name]” and the named friend will receive a notification about the song through their Echo devices and their Alexa app. When the friend opens the notification, they’ll be able to listen to the song and reply back with a reaction.

The person receiving a shared music notification will still need to have access to the song through one of their own music services in order to hear the song. Alexa will first try to play the song through the person’s default music service or through another music service that is available to them. If a matching song can’t be found, Alexa will suggest a music station based on the shared song.

In order to use this new music sharing feature, you just need to have Alexa Communication enabled through your Alexa app. Once enabled, any of the contacts on your phone that have an Echo device or the Alexa app will be able to receive shared music from you. You can see which of your contacts are eligible by going into the Alexa app and tapping New Message under the Communication tab.

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