You can now say “Play Something on Netflix” to your Fire TV

Amazon has announced that the voice command “Play Something on Netflix” is now available on Fire TV devices in the US and Canada. Saying the command, either to the remote microphone or hands-free to Alexa on a Fire TV Cube or Fire TV Omni Smart TV, should begin playing something that Netflix thinks you’ll enjoy, making it the quickest way to start watching anything on a Fire TV. This was one of the new upcoming Fire TV features that Amazon teased last month. I tried the voice command myself and, while Alexa seems to indicate it understood the command by responding “Getting something from Netflix,” all that happened is the Netflix app opened. So, it seems like the feature is still in the process of rolling out and may not be available to everyone just yet.

  1. Brantome says:

    Works here in the U.K. on my gen 2 cube, but not on my 4K stick. It opens up a Netflix screen, with a thin frame and a shuffle icon saying “play something else” if you don’t like what it starts playing.

  2. Mark says:

    Just tried it on my FTV3 and it just opens the Netflix app. My FTV1 only responds, “Getting something from FireTV”. When asked to play something from FireTV, the response is, “The skill for FireTV is not enabled”.

  3. Mark says:

    Interesting…just tried again on my FireTV3 and BAM! started a random show on Netflix.

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