You can now order any Prime-eligible item using Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant


It has always been possible to reorder something from Amazon that you’ve already ordered in the past using Alexa, but now it’s possible to order any Prime-eligible item sold by Amazon using just your voice, whether or not you’ve ordered it in the past. Any Alexa-enabled product, including the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, can now be used to say “order [item name].” Alexa will respond with the most popular item matching the item and ask if you’d like to order it. On the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, the item information will be displayed on the screen and you can press the select button on the remote to see more information and options for the product. If you say you don’t want to order it, the next most popular item matching your request will be displayed. Since you don’t have as much control ordering through Alexa as you do using Amazon’s website, all orders placed through Alexa are eligible for free return shipping.


If you’ve ordered something in the past that matches your request, Alexa will usually offer to order the same item again instead of selecting the top result from Amazon. You can also say “reorder [item name]” to ensure the item you’ve ordered in the past is selected. You have to be an Amazon Prime member to use the feature and you must have 1-click ordering enabled under your account settings. If you accidentally place an order through Alexa, you can simply say “cancel my order” to immediately cancel the order. If you’re not ready to order an item, you can say “add [item name] to my cart and the item will be waiting in your Amazon shopping cart the next time you visit the Amazon website or use Amazon’s shopping app.

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    Only in the US.

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