You can now move forward/back in a video using your voice on the Amazon Fire TV


Alexa on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick can now move the movie or TV show you’re watching forward or back any arbitrary amount you want. While watching a video you can hold down the microphone button on the voice remote or game controller and say “skip forward 5 minutes,” and the video will jump ahead seamlessly. You can also “rewind 30 seconds,” if say you didn’t hear something that was just said. Additionally, if you’re watching a TV series, you can say “next” to skip the current episode and start playing the next one. Oddly enough, saying “previous” or “back” to go to the previous episode is not supported.

  1. granman says:

    That’s cool. Doesn’t seem to work with Kodi tho, just did a quick test and Alexa just responds with “I’m not quite sure how to help you with that.”

    But it’s cool for Prime stuff, going to test it out with Hulu and Netflix.

  2. jbrodack says:

    I’ll have to test this out. I doubt it would work for anything but Amazon content.

  3. InReason says:

    “skip forward 5 minutes,” and “rewind 30 seconds,” are not arbitrary amounts of time. ;)

    • granman says:

      It was just an example, you can actually skip and rewind any amount you want. But it does just work with Prime stuff. Tested it with Netflix, Kodi and Hulu and doesn’t work with any of those. But it’s handy for Prime, just wish it was universal throughout the device. :(

      • David Flannery says:

        In fact if you try a skip in Netlix it says “I can’t skip ahead right now” and bounces you out of the video.

        I do like that searches now include Netflix though.

  4. David Flannery says:

    Instead of “skip forward …” you can just say “skip …” or “forward ..”. When using “skip forward” It seems more finicky about recognizing the command and sometimes says “I don’t know how to respond to that”. It seems more reliable with just “skip’ or “forward”.

  5. Andrew says:

    That’s totally sucks this voice function . Alexa is still not smart enough to do that for different movie then Amazon. Monopoly that’s is bad “Chinese “ practice. I miss my old remote and be able to control movie for myself. Ther should be setting for choice : manual or voice. Isn’t it?

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