You can now download Prime Videos on iOS and Android for offline viewing

Amazon has announced today that they are expanding their Prime video downloads to iOS and Android devices. The Amazon Instant video apps in the iTunes Appstore and Amazon Appstore have been updated with the ability to download videos for offline video. Prior to today, offline video downloading and viewing was a feature limited only to Fire tablets. Now the feature is available on iPhones, iPads, and numerous ANdroid smartphones and tablets.

  1. Ujn Hunter says:

    iOS 7 only. Worthless.

  2. jimberkas says:

    nice. there was a time i considered buying fire tablets for the kiddos just for this feature.
    very cool, amazon. very cool.
    now the test will be just how many videos actually allow for this. i’ll be pretty annoyed if doesn’t work on the kids videos.

    • Keith says:

      Read an article that said ,”around 40,000 titles”. EVERY tv episode is used to create this seemingly large number so there will be limits for sure.
      I cant find the option to download on android and there doesnt seem to be an update in the app.

      • Keith says:

        …and either my app on android kk is dated, or its really hard to find a downloadable title. It does have download quality options in settings.

  3. dbdoshi says:

    Its a nice feature, I guess… But aside from that, I just saw recently that Amazon is ALSO allowing you to stream your allowed content over a data connection. Not sure when they started allowing this, but for a long time the streaming was only allowed over a WiFi connection. This is definitely a plus for folks that have unlimited data over 4G/4G LTE.

  4. Dave69 says:

    Just got a notification of an update for Amazon Video on a Galaxy S5. Downloaded it and now have the ability to download videos. Thanks Amazon.

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