Yahoo! brings their video library to the Fire TV with new app

Yahoo! has just released a new app for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. The app gives full access to Yahoo’s video catalogue, including the latest episodes of Community for free. The new app will also stream, again for free, the Buffalo Bills vs Jacksonville Jaguars NFL football game live from London on October 25th. You’ll also find Saturday Night Live skits, daily live concerts, music videos, and MLB highlights in this new app from Yahoo. The app is currently only compatible with the 1st-gen Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick.

  1. Menon says:

    huh? Amazon link above says – app not compatible with the new FTV2 box.

    • Stank says:

      I, too, noticed that. Lately there have been many Amazon apps that are like this. I would think that this is confusing to the average customer. A good example is the new Twitch app…it’s available on the new Fire TV, but not the Stick….even though you see screenshots and features of the new version in the app store/page. It installs the old version without the updated features. Another example is the game Red Ball 4, which is available on the Stick, and not the 2nd gen TV :(

  2. Matt says:

    And they said selling Chromecast was confusing their customers…..pffft

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