XUMO integrates 50 Free Channels into Fire TVs Live Program Guide

XUMO is the latest app to integrate into the Fire TV’s Live Experience. The Comcast owned streaming service, which touts both on-dmand and live movies and TV shows for free, has made 50 of its channels available in the Fire TV’s Live tab and channel guide.

If you install the XUMO app, you’ll now find a new Xumo row in the Fire TV’s Live tab. This integration seems to still be rolling out or it takes a few days to show up, so you might not see it appear immediately. Like all Live integrated services, you can mark channels as favorites so that they appear at the front of the row in the Live tab and at the top of the channel guide.

In the Fire TV channel guide, which can be accessed through a button in the Live tab or by saying “Open Guide” into the voice remote, you’ll find the 50 XUMO channels listed in a traditional EPG grid. Of course, you can go to Settings > Live TV > Manage Channels to hide any channels that you don’t care to see. XUMO’s app description says they offer over 190 channels but only 50 of those seem to be integrated into the Fire TV’s Live experience at this time.

  1. hdmkv says:

    This is terrific, and now better than Live Channels on Android, which has become buggy.

    • hdmkv says:

      Noticing several of the same channels between IMDb, Pluto, XUMO, etc. Would you great if there was a matrix of all free providers and which channels which provide to cross-reference and decide which to disable for each in settings.

  2. Mike Agner says:

    If you already have Xumo installed, go to Live TV/Sync Sources. After a minute or two Xumo will show up. It will then take you to a screen. Wait a minute or two and the channels are then loaded. Hopefully you can check this yourself and publish the fix.

  3. RG Geiger says:

    Stumble on this just today when I was syncing sources. Some great channels here. I have nearly 300 channels, but that includes OTA channels and a Philo subscription. No comparisons to live channels on my chromecast. Firetv with the recast is the superior solution for linear tv.

  4. Matt says:

    “News by Fire TV” just showed up in my list of sync sources. However when I select it to sync I get an error that it is not available. Maybe that will be the next one up

  5. Rik Emmett says:

    XUMO won’t show up as a source to sync in settings/live TV on my 2nd gen box, but will show up to sync on my 3rd gen pendant.

  6. RG Geiger says:

    Xumo crapped out. Wow what a difference 2 weeks makes. Suddenly xumo no longer updates to guide. Really a shame I loved pet collective but reinstalling in hopes of getting it to work again has resulted in nothing appearing in the guide. I don’t tolerate this kind of failure. Uninstalled and may never even try it again.

  7. Mike Agner says:

    Dumb question – did you delete and reinstall Xumo, then resync channels? It works OK here – altho I still have absolutely no idea what this Live TV option is used for or why it’s such a big deal

  8. TechyChris says:

    I was never a huge fan of XUMO, but I recently learned they struck a deal with Crown Media (on May 21) to provide a linear channel for Hallmark Movies and More. Does anyone know if this channel integrates into the Amazon Live Program Guide? The article predates the Hallmark Deal. This would be the only reason I would add this app and I don’t want to deal with scrolling through all of their other channels.
    Need to keep it simple and have to keep the wife happy.
    FYI- Even though I consider myself a seasoned Fire TV user I’m humbled to admit I’ve never used the Live TV Integration so I don’t know how functional it is, I simply never needed it. I’m debating whether to use Elias’ BOOKMARKER Apps as XUMO also has a compatible Website and I think I could link directly to the Hallmark Channel, not sure which is the easier option.

  9. TechyChris says:

    I do not know if there have been any updates to XUMO live integration since this article but what a lesson in futility this has been. For the record, Fire Cube Gen 2 latest OS updates, so that’s not the issue. This simply doesn’t work.
    Installed XUMO, waited 2 days, nothing to sync the guide to. Uninstall/Reinstall yada yada… Finally emailed XUMO support, took 2 more days to hear back. Basically they said they were “aware” there were issues with live tv integration on BOTH Amazon and Google platforms but it was not their responsibility to update or maintain their service to work with either platforms live channels. So that’s that. If anyone has XUMO working with the guide, I like to know how they did it.

    On a related note, I installed Pluto just to test if it was an issue on my end. Pluto appeared, ready to sync as a source immediately, so that was a success BUT… whenever I select a show (of any type) from the guide my “Parental Pin Code” screen pops up telling me to adjust my level of viewing restrictions, The thing is I have ALL ratings unlocked! I only use Parental controls to pin protect unauthorized purchases. Shutting off Parental Controls ALSO shuts of Pin Protect Purchases. Seems to me these two should be independent of one another. I set a pin code years ago and have never unlocked it, except to purchase “Free” apps. Point is, I’ve never had to deal with any of this, so I don’t know what the problem is but the LIVE TV GUIDE just doesn’t work well for me.

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