Xposed Framework is causing Alexa on Fire TV 2 to continuously crash in a never ending loop

An issue has popped up that is causing the Alexa system app on rooted 2nd-gen Fire TVs that have the Xposed Framework installed to repeatedly crash and restart in a never-ending cycle. The issue seems to only affect devices running the pre-rooted ROM that have also installed Xposed. The result is a loss of all Alexa voice remote functionality and a hit to performance.

It’s unknown at this time if the issue is caused by Amazon’s software update, Rbox’s pre-rooted version of Amazon’s latest update, or if it’s an issue with Xposed itself. Installing older versions of Xposed does not solve the issue, but uninstalling Xposed does fix everything. Simply disabling Xposed but leaving it installed is not enough to resolve the issue.

If having Xposed installed is crucial to your Fire TV 2 configuration, an alternative is to downgrade to pre-rooted ROM version or older. The older pre-rooted ROM versions do not seem to be affected by the issue. Both “R1” and “R2” versions of the pre-rooted ROMs cause Alexa to crash. The biggest feature lost from downgrading is losing the ability to access the Fire TV Recast from the device, since that requires software version

If you don’t use any of the voice capabilities of the Fire TV 2, you might be tempted to keep running the pre-rooted ROM with Xposed installed and live without Alexa. That’s a bad idea because the Fire TV 2 is configured to automatically re-launch the Alexa system app if it crashes. This means that the Alexa system app is forever launching and crashing, over and over again. This greatly hurts the performance of the Fire TV 2.

Right now, the two best options are to either uninstall Xposed Framework completely or downgrade to the pre-rooted ROM. To uninstall exposed, download this Xposed uninstaller and flash it from within TWRP Custom Recovery on the Fire TV 2, the same way you install a pre-rooted ROM. If you, instead, prefer to keep using Xposed and downgrade, simply download the pre-rooted ROM and install it from within TWRP.

  1. Nate says:

    Excellent write up, Elias. I had no idea this issue was also causing harm to the device itself. I am definitely flashing the uninstaller as we speak until some sort of work around is found.

    • Nate says:

      Another curious by-product of this issue it seems is that under Developer options, ADB Debugging was set to “Off” and click it did not seemingly enable it back to “On”. In my testing, despite the fact it said “Off”, I was still able to connect via ADB and do some work.

      Strange conflict to say the least.

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