Xiaomi to release updated Mi Box in the US as an official 4K Android TV box


Xiaomi has announced that they’ll be bringing an updated version of their Mi Box settop box to US customers later this year. The updated device will be similar to their current model, but most importantly will now run Android TV, making it the fourth official Android TV settop box to be released. The new Mi Box will feature 4K video support at 60fps through an HDMI 2.0a port. It will also be capable of HDR, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS surround sound. The box will come with a Bluetooth voice remote, while an optional game controller, which appears to be identical to their existing game controller, will be sold separately.

Xiaomi has not revealed anything about the internet specs other than saying it will be capable of dual-band 802.11ac WiFi. The current Mi Box packs a 2Ghz quad-core CPU and 1GB of memory, so you can probably expect something similar with the model slated for the US. Hopefully they’ll offer more than the measly 4GB of internal storage that the current model contains, but Xiaomi has said the new device will feature a USB port for external storage. Pricing or a release date have not been announced.

xiaomi-mi-box-4k-android-tv-set xiaomi-mi-box-4k-android-tv-remote xiaomi-mi-box-4k-android-tv-controller

  1. David says:

    Bet it’s sub $100.

  2. Christopher Loughrey says:

    All those Chinese Android boxes are terrible as the apps are not designed and fully integrated with the system, that’s why Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV beat the rest. I had this for a day and had to sell it off as quick as I could

    • Goodhur says:

      Totally agree but this is a Google certified AndroidTV with Googlecast. Will run same android as the shieldTV and the nexus player. Those other generic boxes are junk and use an Android version designed for mobile devices (which xiaomi was previously making before this one).

      • h2testw says:

        Also Xiaomi is known to make great budget devices. High quality:price

      • Christopher Loughrey says:

        I’d be interested to see how this one works because their older boxes were terrible and behaved just like the cheap boxes where you’d need an air mouse to get anything out of it.

  3. anthony says:

    dont buy chinese made anything…because they’re suck and copy from U.S style…boycot them mofo…so they cant design shit

    • clocks says:

      Unfortunately they make all the electronics, but I know what you mean. Avoid their brands. When you can get a FTV 4k for $80 on sale, why buy one of these unless they are sub $50.

    • tvfire says:

      Donate your fire TV, cell phone, PC and other electronic items to your local homeless shelter and move on with your life.

    • Tinwarble says:

      Like others have said, nearly everything is made in China. But this shouldn’t be like those cheap Chinese made boxes, since unlike those boxes Xiaomi is a Google partner.

  4. Mark says:

    Xiaomi? I’ll stick with Minix.

  5. Demetri says:

    If this box supports Amazon instant video, it will be a much better box than aftv2. Don’t forget that aftv2 can only do 4k@30fps and root will be easier to acquire cause it the bootloader will probably be unlocked.

    • clocks says:

      Unless you have a massive TV, 4k is over-rated. I can’t really tell any difference with my 4k tv. Also, movies don’t stream at 60 frames.

      • Demetri says:

        I have a massive 4k TV and I can tell the difference. Some movies stream at 60fps albeit rare (hobbit movies come to mind), but if you in the market for a new streaming box, why would you not want the added functionality of 60fps if it was available at a similar price point

  6. hawkerw says:

    The specs are Quad Core A53,Mali 450,2gig of ram,8 Gig internal storage running Android 6. I like my Fire TV but only have it for Amazon Prime. I like Android TV the interface is much less cluttered. There are many companies going to Android TV and with the exception of Razer they all get great support for new features.

    • Demetri says:

      I agree, firetv UI is really cluttered, I usually just use voice search cause its too much of a pain to navigate to find things. I have a nexus player that I rarely use cause it doesn’t have prime video without an annoying work around hack that doesnt work super well but other than that, I greatly prefer its UI

  7. gdroid666 says:

    looks good hopefully they will include an air mouse remote
    i do not own any xiaomi devices but i hear they are pretty good, i like the mi pad and mi pad 2 ,if only mi pad 2 had and SD slot,hopefully we will se a mipad 3 with tegra x1 soon that retains the mi pad 2 aluminum build and has an SD slot , almost bought a mi band fitness tracker the other day

  8. hawki says:

    Says there are 4 official Android TV boxes. This, nVidia,Nexus and the 4th?

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