Xiaomi Mi Box receives update to Android 8.0 Oreo

Some Xiaomi Mi Boxs are starting to receive a software update that updates the device to Android 8.0 Oreo. This is a relief to owners of the neglected Android TV set-top box because the device was still running Android 6.0, which is what it originally launched with in 2016. Despite a Mi Box update to Android 7.0 Nougat being stuck in beta for over a year, Xiaomi has surprised customers by skipping straight to Android 8.0 Oreo with this new update. The update appears to be a final version that is ready for all devices to receive, however, it seems like only past beta testers are currently receiving the update.

With this software update, the Mi Box becomes the second Android TV device to be updated to Android 8.0 Oreo, after Google’s own Nexus Player. The NVIDIA Shield TV, the most popular Android TV box, is still running Android 7.0. NVIDIA has chosen not to update to the new OS due to a lack of apps that support the new home screen launcher that was added in Android 8.0 Oreo.

While an update of any kind is great for Mi Box owners, it’s unknown at this point how much care has been put into this update, so exercise caution before installing the update. Some users are reporting issues where their remotes won’t connect to the device after receiving this update. Xiaomi notes a known issue with this update that introduces audio noise before pairing the Bluetooth remote.

Thanks TechyChris for the heads up!

  1. clocks says:

    Maybe I should have kept mine around. It went so long without any updates, I thought it wasn’t being supported anymore.

    • Hhhh says:

      This honestly might completely change the dynamic for it.

      I love the remote. It just needed new software

      • Charlie says:

        The remote IS awesome. I really like it for some reason.

        • clocks says:

          I prefer the FTV remote. Love the dedicate play, pause, FF, RW, menu buttons for Kodi variants.

          • AR says:

            the remote is crap
            so is the leanback launcher
            no double tap home for app switcher and no button and no play/pause FF rewind

            there is an older foreign mi box that came with a motion remote the remote had both motion and voice i don’t why they didn’t give us the motion remote,now that would have been truly awesome.
            I was really excited when they announced the mi box for the US
            then really disappointed when i found out it had the dumb down remote.
            I wonder if i could import the other remote and if i could get it to work with the US box

        • AR says:

          oh yeah i just bough this box
          and i really needed to install some bridge apps on it for my smart home , RM plugin and anymote.
          It has been a total nightmare to navigate this box just to do this one simple thing i already want to smash it.
          I need to use 3 different interfaces , the physical remote mouse toggle and wireless mouse just to do this
          this remote is crap , i am so lamenting that we did not get this remote here in the states

          it is not only a motion remote but it also has a menu button and still has voice too

    • Teetees says:

      You’re dumb

  2. Devansh Agarwal says:

    And here we are with firestick, running the crappy Android 5

  3. Trololoooooo says:

    The Fire TV 3 is much better, i even use it in Colombia having less support than the Mi Box and being Geo Restricted.

    Now with the Mi Box receiving Android 8.0, i think i am going to give it a try again since it has more support voy local OTT providers.

    • CuriousGeorge says:

      What exactly is geo restricted? Are you saying that the same app works differently between the Mi Box and the Fire TV?
      Why would Android 8 make any difference for your needs?


    • CuriousGeorge says:

      pls respond, gracias

      • Brian says:

        It means it’s locked out in certain countries by it’s IP location

        • CuriousGeorge says:

          lol, yes, I know. I’m asking what thing is geo restricted? Is he saying the apps are restricted, the hardware, or what? I don’t understand how the hardware would make a difference.

          • Trololoooooo says:

            Hi again,

            Fire TV’s Fox Play and HBO Go are based in the USA service.

            In Latam we cant access in the Fire TV our local Fox Play, ESPN and HBO Go. We have to sideload it.

            Local OTT services does not support the Fire TV. Most of them support Android TV(no Android TV device is sold officially here).

            It would be cool to have just a single device, as the Mi Box, Nvidia Shield for the Fire TV, but we have to but the Fire TV Stick Basic Edition. More expensive and more limitated than a Mi Box or a Shield

          • CuriousGeorge says:

            Thanks for replying. I understand now.

          • CuriousGeorge says:

            Cliffs : The hardware is only allowing specific apps to be installed, and those specific apps are geo blocked.

  4. Charlie says:

    WOW! I dared to dream when I bought a Mi Box a few weeks ago, after selling mine a year or so ago. I had read that Mi Box and Nvidia Shields had been seen running Oreo.

    I don’t care what anybody says the Mi Box is actually pretty awesome and I use a USB Ethernet adapter to get gigabit speeds. Finally getting the update is the good news and maybe a mixed blessing.I will see. I owned a Nexus Player during the Oero beta build up and the home screen became very plain after the update to 8.0. Getting a security update will be nice. The current one is July 2017.

  5. OG Charlie says:

    I’m curious. Is there a way to sideload Fire TV games purchased from Amazon’s store on Mi Box/Nvidia Shield?

    Is it as simple as pulling the apk and installing Amazon Appstore?

    • jon says:

      yes, it is possible. however, I only tried with free apps like USA Network which is not on shield for some reason. I used some adb commands to extract the app from Fire Tv. (google it). then, I installed it but it needed Amazon app store. I used lucky patcher on the shield to patch out the need for amazon, and the app worked. the remote did not work correctly (could not use pause), but it was usable. however, probably easier to buy another fire stick

  6. Charlie says:

    I’ve been advised it is only rolling out to beta testers. I can’t prove or disprove that.

  7. Tinwarble says:

    It is not “rolling out” only one guy has reported getting it on reddit and they were in the beta program. And others in the beta program have reported that they have not received any update.

    I wouldn’t put to much into this considering that Xiaomi couldn’t even produce a stable Nougat build.

  8. Charlie says:

    Ahhhhhhh The highs and lows of owning a Mi Box

  9. Nabil says:

    I can confirm it’s rolling out and not only for beta testers

  10. The Dude says:

    Anyone know if those on the beta nougat (not in the beta program) will get automatic update?

  11. JFC says:

    I’ve got an original U.S. purchase MiBox without any beta or other mods.

    Haven’t gotten any Oreo update as yet. But a couple weeks ago, did totally out of the blue receive an update that finally allows the device to run the YouTube TV app, just as the NVidia Shield had long been able to do.

    So hope springs eternal. The MiBox may not be dead yet.

  12. Y2Bogus says:

    Mixed feelings here. I’m glad the MiBox is getting some love, it’s a pretty cool little device, with decent but not spectacular specs. It has AndroidTV sans the Amazon in your face clutter of ads. And I love the ability to chromecast to it.

    That being said…

    Oreo’s interface is butt ugly.

    And I’ll add the obligatory, it’s time for Google and Amazon to stop this war, put Youtube and Google Music/movies on Fire and put Amazon video on ATV and Chromecast

  13. shwru980r says:

    As long as the applications you use function, I’m not sure it makes much difference what version of android you are running.

  14. XiaomiBox3 Owner says:

    I f*ing hate Oreo 8.0!!! I was totally fine when using Mashmallow 6.0, now I’m pissed off at the forced update. There’s no option of not wanting to install it. It just raped my box! The Google Assistant is crap! The original voice search can search within apps, the GA doesnt! GA cant even figure out my instructions 90% of the time!!

    • JFC says:

      In case anyone following this thread didn’t already know, the formal OTA update to Oreo for the MiBoxes has been out for a week or so now, and there certainly are mixed opinions, and a variety of bugs.

      Overall, right now, the update to Oreo for the time being has pushed me off using my Fire TV 2 as my main streaming device in favor of the newly updated MiBox. Part of the reason for that is I’m a YouTube TV subscriber, and there’s an official YTTV app for the MiBox unlike the Fire TV. Credit that to the ongoing Google-Amazon feud.

      But, one of the things I like best/better about the MiBox over the Fire TV is the ability to change the default launcher/UI on the home screen and customize it pretty much however you like. And even if you don’t use a different launcher, you’ve still got more flexibility than Amazon gives you on the Fire TV platform, plus no in your face Amazon self promotion. And not surprisingly, better YouTube integration.

      Some of the reported bugs have included people’s audio dying after their MiBox and/or TV has gone to sleep and requiring a restart to get it back, wifi being slow to connect, some Bluetooth devices not working, some apps not able to access NTFS drives, and apparently continuing problems with Dolby audio issues and auto framerate switching.

      For me, getting the MiBox to work the way I wanted it to work took A LOT of effort and learning, because a lot of what I wanted to do wasn’t necessarily supported/possible if I remained only within the very limited official Android TV PlayStore. But once you break free from that, it can be “almost” as open as a regular Android phone or tablet.

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