Xenowerk top-down shooter released for the Amazon Fire TV

Xenowerk is the latest game from Pixelbite, the creators of the highly reviewed game Space Marshals, which has just been released on the Amazon Fire TV. At Amazon’s E3 party last week, there was a lot of buzz surounding this game’s upcoming release, and now you can see why. Xenowerk is a beautifully designed top-down shooter where you blast your way through an underground laboratory full of mutant creatures. The game uses a standard dual-stick control scheme where one stick controls your character’s movement while the other stick controls where you shoot. The price is impressive at only $1.99, considering Space Marshals has a $4.99 price. The game does offer in-app purchases to upgrade your gear, but don’t worry. You can earn the same gear upgrading credits through pickups throughout the game’s 50 levels. The game’s impressive graphics means it only works on the Fire TV, and of course you’re going to need a game controller to play.

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  1. Tinwarble says:

    Nice, I may have to try it out……………on my Shield Android TV that is. ;)

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