Xbox Game Pass app works on older Fire TV models running Fire OS 7 — Does not work on Google/Android TV

With the release of the new Xbox app for Fire TV, Microsoft has chosen to only support the two newest Fire TV Stick models released in 2023, which are the 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick 4K and the 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick 4K Max. Those of you with older Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube models aren’t entirely out of luck because the app can be sideloaded on some older models and seems to work just fine.

The two latest Fire TV Stick models run Fire OS 8, but the Xbox app is not limited to those devices or the latest version of Fire OS. I was able to sideload the app on several Fire TV models running Fire OS 7, including the 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube and 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick, and it appears to be working fine.

With the app sideloaded on Fire OS 7 devices, I was able to log into my Microsoft account just fine and launch a game of Fortnite. I didn’t try any other games or play for a long time, but the app seems to work fine in my limited testing. The only issue I ran into was not being able to use the in-app menus to pair a game controller. That’s not an issue because pairing through the Fire TV Settings menu worked just fine and the Xbox app recognized the already paired controller afterwards.

The Xbox app cannot be installed on Fire OS 6 devices, like the 1st-gen Fire TV Stick 4K, or Fire OS 5 devices. That’s because Microsoft has set a minimum SDK level of 28 for the Xbox app. Fire OS 6 uses SDK level 25 and Fire OS 5 uses level 22. Since Fire OS 7 uses SDK level 28, it is able to be installed on Fire TV models running that OS version or newer.

I also tried installing the Xbox app on Fire Tablets, Android TV devices, like the Nvidia Shield TV, and Google TV devices, like the Chromecast 4K and Onn 4K Pro. In all cases, the app installed and launched fine, but when selecting to log into a Microsoft account, the app sat loading forever, so there was no way to log in. In all cases, the app also displayed a touch-based tablet interface, which was different from the one shown on Fire TV devices. Even if one were able to log in, the app may still not work correctly because of the different interface.

If you want to sideload the Xbox app on your Fire TV device running Fire OS 7, you can use my Downloader app and enter short code 2202 (or to download the APK file. If you need more detailed instructions, see this guide.


7/10/2024: A modified version of the Xbox APK does work on Android TV and Google TV devices. See this post for more info.

7/18/2024: Code 2202 is now for the newer v3.0.6 of the Xbox app. If you want the old v3.0.4 app, use code 22021.

  1. Nick says:

    Perfect played nba 2k24 on fire tv 4K max gen 1 no problem thank you for the guide and link no geo restrictions

  2. trainwars1 says:

    im on the first fire tv stick 4k… after downloading the apk there is a message when trying to install the apk “failed to parse”… any idea why? im from germany… peace

  3. Wally says:

    Hello, thanks for this, I just installed myself.

    One thing to clarify in my case, not sure if due to any recent update (if any), but I was able to pair my xbox controller just fine as soon as I was logged in and it asked me if I wanted to pair a controller. So just using the remote buttons to pick the type, hit pair, and then it just worked.

    One “bad” thing though I don’t know how ine can turn off the controller when you’re done…

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