XBMC 13.1 “Gotham” released for Fire TV


Unquestionably the best app to sideload onto your Fire TV, XBMC, has just beend updated to version 13.1. This new version is a minor update focused on bringing an assortment of bug fixes to stabilize the slew of features introduced with the massive 13.0 update. Read on for full instructions on how to backup your XBMC settings and upgrade to the latest version on your Fire TV. 

Backup XBMC Settings on Amazon Fire TV
If you alreday have XBMC on your Fire TV, the first thing you want to do is backup your XBMC database and settings. XBMC version 13.1 is designed to install safely over previous versions without reseting your data or settings. That said, it never hurts to be extra cautious and backup your data first. If you’re running windows, you can use the FTV Side App Installer and backup your XBMC data by clicking “Backup your user data”.

For everyone else, or if you like doing things the old fashion way, use ADB to save your XBMC data. With ADB setup and connected, run the following command to save your XBMC data and settings to your computer:
adb pull /sdcard/android/data/org.xbmc.xbmc/files/.xbmc/userdata/

Regardless of the method you use to backup your data and settings, the process may take several minutes so be patient.

Update XBMC on Amazon Fire TV
To update XBMC on the Fire TV, head on over to the XBMC download page and grab the latest Android APK for ARM processors. Be sure to get the version for “ARM” since that is the only version that will work on the Fire TV. Do not use the FTV Side App Installer to install XBMC if you laready have a previous version on your Fire TV. At this point it does not have the ability to install upgrades and may wipe out your settings and data. With ADB setup and connected, run the following command to upgrade XBMC:
adb install -r <apk-file-name>

Replace “<apk-file-name>” with the full path to the XBMC .apk file you downloaded. Note the “-r” in the command. This is crucial to ensure you preserve your previous XBMC settings and data. If you are installing XBMC for the first time on your Fire TV, run the same install command but omit the “-r“.


  1. Eli Moeller says:

    Is there any way to show how to put apps that are side loaded like XBMC or ones that are downloaded from Google Play Store on the home screen? Thanks!

  2. Kramar111 says:

    pm disable com.amazon.venezia

    but not all Amazon’s apps will work

  3. T3est says:

    Could you please explain how to do a restore of userdata once backed up?
    I see all folders being copied into a local folder. Should I combine them all in one folder called “userdata” then perform a push?

  4. Ryan says:

    I need to install the XBMC on my FTV. I would like to know which is the correct & most stable XBMC versions to download and install it on my FTV. Is there are XBMC apk files (http://mirrors.xbmc.org/nightlies/android/arm/) from today’s too?
    Pls advice which one is recommended for FTV.


  5. Chris says:

    what do you do if you have SPMC installed and want to upgrade or down grade that?

  6. Chris says:

    I successfully pulled the data as you instructed, but when I tried to update it the way you instructed it did not preserve my data. I used the -r and it installed the normal way.

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