AFTVnewscast Viewers/Listeners: Enter to win a Sideclick Remote


Thanks for watching or listening to the AFTVnewscast! To enter to win a Sideclick Remote, simply leave ONE comment below. You will be disqualified if you leave more than one comment. I will be checking my server logs for cheaters. You must enter a valid email address so that I have a way to contact you for your shipping address. The winner will be randomly selected and announced during next week’s AFTVnewscast, episode 40, on May 20th. You do not have to watch or listen to that episode to win.


The contest is now over. Congratulations to Byron who won the SideClick remote.

  1. Donald says:

    Hi Elias

  2. Ilya S says:

    Probably won’t win, but thanks for doing this! :)

  3. Jerry says:

    My first time watching live. Still at work but wrapping up!

  4. ouradu says:

    Try try again! great site

  5. IrishBiker says:

    third :)

  6. James says:

    Third time (trying) is a charm right?

  7. Goodhur says:


  8. Ben says:

    number 3

  9. Glenn says:

    Hey, count me in!

  10. Lori says:

    3rd times the charm?

  11. Robbie says:

    I’m in!

  12. Brett says:

    Friday the 13th!!

  13. Ryan says:

    One more chance! Hope I win.

  14. Byron says:

    Here we go again

  15. Kamex009 says:

    Hope this time I get the sideclick !!!! (^_^)/

  16. Bob says:

    Hanging out here at Camp Crystal Lake hope to win the remote. What else could go wrong on this Friday May 13th…

  17. TROJAN4EVR says:

    Me…me…me..Thx for this great website!!!

  18. Ray says:

    High hopes for my last chance!!! Lol

  19. Jim says:

    Love you Big E!

  20. Chris says:

    Good Luck Everyone

  21. Ron A says:

    *rolls the dice*

  22. Francisco says:

    Second try, I was not going to try again, but you never know…

  23. Dan says:

    Lets try again :-)

  24. Eric W. says:

    Hi Elias,

    Thanks for another opportunity!

  25. Rosskaymoi says:

    Thanks for the Great Job you do!

  26. Gregg Goodpaster says:

    Good newscast…thanks

  27. Tony D says:

    me me me pick me. I probably won’t win this time, but I’ll take a chance on getting lucky today. who knows? maybe I’ll get it this time.

  28. Big John says:

    Third time’s the charm?

  29. U Bet says:


  30. Cameron M says:

    I hope I win this!

  31. cdlenfert says:

    I was cruising around the net goggling sidekicks for popular video player remotes and it led me here :) Fingers crossed.

  32. Cheddars says:

    I’ve been hearing about this device for a while. It would be nice to win one.

  33. Jeff Burkhardt says:

    Thanks Jeff

  34. Gary Cetenich says:

    Its not on Amazon anymore… Hopefully I can win this one! AFTVNEWS.COM Rocks!

  35. Ain L. says:

    Waiting for the 1st-gen Fire TV version 5.0.0 thru 5.0.5 Custom recovery and pre-rooted ROMs release and a Sideclick Remote.

  36. Sean says:

    Trying 1 more time.

  37. Frank H says:

    It is time for ticking comment, berserker!

  38. Kevin Gregoire says:

    Thank you for the great podcast!

  39. Adam P says:

    Elias, thanks for your hard work!

  40. MARIA JOHNSTON says:

    I like all the info you give

  41. Ken Armour says:

    OK, just discovered your site and videos. Great job. Oh yea, I’ll take a sideclick…

  42. Nick Janvier says:

    Sideclick fever!!

  43. Nigel says:

    Lets try again

  44. RentATek says:

    Thanks, in advance!

  45. Tom says:

    Hi i hope i will win this time

  46. William Hughes says:

    As always great information.

  47. TechyChris says:

    Another great show, thanks Elias!

  48. Lizette Zamora says:

    I’m a big fan of what you keep up all the great stuff for the Community. Thanks Elias!

  49. Glen says:

    One more time.

  50. Lakota Lichtwalt says:

    Just started to check out your site over the last couple of days. Hope I can learn a lot for rooting and customizing my FireTV’s.

    Oh, and the contest is great!! Pick memememememememememe please!!

  51. Izzard says:


  52. WickedForte says:

    I want it! I want it! I want it!

  53. Scott says:

    Trying again

  54. pete v says:

    elias,love the show.i watch it every week.thanks a bunch

  55. Eddy says:

    I’m feeling lucky.

  56. Eric Schulz says:

    Love the show! Keep up the good work

  57. HeyRadar says:

    Love the podcast, and the Sideclick

  58. Wrecks says:

    Following the rules to the letter, my comment is “ONE”.

  59. Evan says:

    May the odds be ever in my favor.

  60. Neogeo71 says:

    hoping this time I am lucky! thanks for the site!

  61. Darren says:

    Fingers Crossed, thanks for the competition and love the podcast

  62. Michael Seifert says:

    Great show! Have learned a lot and try most of the apps and tweaks you mention. Thank you.

  63. Alex D. says:

    Pick Me! Thanks for doing this and putting together a great resource for Fire TV news and info!

  64. Mike W says:

    Thanks for the great contest!

  65. John says:

    Listen to your podcast every week.

  66. Phillip Tennell says:

    I watch the show on a regular basis. Great service you provide Elias. Hoping to win the amazing Side Click remote. Thanks for the chance to win. Good Luck everyone.

  67. Keith says:

    I was one off last time…better luck this time?

  68. Mark says:

    Love the website & podcast.

  69. GregU says:

    Listen to the podcast every week.

  70. woody says:

    I hope I win, wanted to buy one of these but they sold out so quick! hope i win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Nate says:

    Here’s hoping for a win this go around! Thanks for the awesome giveaways, Elias!

  72. Rich says:

    AFTV News rocks!

  73. Dave Curran says:

    Great stuff, been following this site since the first UK AFTV launch. Fingers crossed!

  74. Chad Nichols says:

    Winner winner, chicken dinner!

  75. Ryan Rickard says:

    I have been watching and wanting one of these ever since seeing it appear on Kickstarter but I was waiting till it was funded and in full production and the bugs to be worked out on it before actually considering purchasing one but winning one would be much much better

  76. AFTVfan says:

    Go Amazon!!!

  77. MartinUK says:

    Pleas please please!!!

  78. Peter T says:

    Love the podcast

  79. Hawkstead says:

    Yo yo yo! #80

  80. 2ndAFTVFan says:

    hope late entry wins

  81. Joel H says:

    In the contest, last second entry.

  82. Justin says:

    Last entry?? Love AFTVNews! Watch the live show every week!

  83. Robert says:

    when you play the game of random numbers, you play to win.

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