When will your Fire TV or Firestick get the New Interface? — Current and Future Rollout Status

Every time I write about the new Fire TV interface, there is always someone that asks when or if their device will be updated to the new interface. While that info can be found in my past articles, here it is in one place to tell you when every Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Edition television will be getting the new interface. I’ll keep this list updated as new information emerges.

To determine exactly which Fire TV model you have, see this guide.

Fire TV Interface Update Status

Fire TV 1st-Generation
Fire TV 2nd-Generation
Fire TV 3rd-Generation
Released To All

Fire TV Stick Interface Update Status

Fire TV Stick 1st-Generation
Fire TV Stick 2nd-Generation
Coming Later This Year
Fire TV Stick 3rd-Generation
Released To All
Fire TV Stick Basic Edition
Coming Later This Year
Fire TV Stick Lite 1st-Generation
Released To All
Fire TV Stick 4K 1st-Generation
Released To All

Fire TV Cube Interface Update Status

Fire TV Cube 1st-Generation
Released To All
Fire TV Cube 2nd-Generation
Released To All

Fire TV Edition Interface Update Status

All Fire TV Edition Televisions & Soundbars
Coming Later This Year

Status Explanation

  • Released To All
    The update is available to everyone with these models. Go to Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check For Updates and the update should start to download.
  • Rolling Out Now
    The update is available now to some people with these models but not all. The number of devices of this model type that the update is available to will slowly increase over time. Go to Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check For Updates to see if your device is ready to receive the update. If there is no update yet, then all you can do is wait and you’ll likely receive it in the next few weeks.
  • Coming Later This Year
    None of these models have received the new interface update yet but Amazon has confirmed that they will receive it. The exact date for when they will receive the new interface is unknown, but they will receive it later this year.
  • Never
    Amazon has said that these models will never receive the new interface.

  1. Brantome says:

    By All do you mean all regions, or just the USA?

  2. The Wee Bear says:

    I got it yesterday on the 2nd gen Cube here in the UK.

  3. JFC says:

    Elias, have you considered perhaps doing a post on the different ways to install an alternate home page launcher, and the ones that are available, on the different devices — for those folks who end up with the new UI and who don’t like it or want it, for various reasons?

    I think in general, it tends to be easier and less complicated to install an alternate home page launcher on the various NEWER FTV devices that are getting the new UI, whereas it’s either more difficult or very difficult to do so on the older devices that won’t be getting the new UI anyway.

    • A lot of people have been asking me to do this. My hesitation is that it is inevitable that Amazon will eventually block the current method of installing an alternate launcher and me writing an article about it will likely draw more attention to it and speed up the block by Amazon. So if I write the article, I’m just setting people up to be disappointed in the future. That said, there is definitely demand for the article, so we’ll see.

      • aross1976 says:

        What I would really like is a guide on the alternate launchers and how they would affect OTA and recast integration and Alexa control of OTA/recast.

        I am assuming that if I install a different launcher like wolf that I will not get an interface for the recast live OTA channels and channel guide,
        but I am not sure because nobody ever talks about it.

        I have seen so many videos on these alternate launchers and read so many articles but either nobody has a recast or they just don’t care about OTA.

        I have never seen it explained anywhere how alternate launchers would handle live OTA from recast, like would I still be able ask Alexa from an echo device to tune to a specific channel or would it break that?

        I assume that it would still work but that I would not have any onscreen interface for a channel guide or channels.

        The removal of the ability to access the recent OTA channels thumbnail menu at the bottom of the screen by pressing down is the worst part of the new update ,but pretty sure there is nothing that a custom launcher would do to fix it unless a developer specifically focus on that and there seems to be zero interest.

  4. Robert J says:

    I’m curious if the Element FireTV edition smart TVs will be updated. They are currently running FireOS 5 and don’t even support the Apple TV+ app. I feel pretty confident that these TVs won’t get the update, but I’m also hoping that I’m wrong. Any idea?

    • I asked specifically about the Element Fire TV Edition televisions and was told that it will get the new interface. That’s why I clumped all Fire TV Edition devices together in the post, since they will all get it around the same time.

  5. RG Geiger says:

    Thanks Elias! I got it on April 1st on my cube2 here in Alaska. I only use my cube for live TV and I am very happy with the new Live tab. I do miss the down arrow poping up a row of recent channels across the bottom but I’m finding ways within the new ui to find and change channels.

  6. Joel says:

    My one Firestick must be the newer 4K, got it automatically, my 1st Gen 4K has not yet, neither has my Fire TV 3rd gen dongle got it. Anyone else notice the audio sync is off on certain apps now? Like Youtube, and certain IPTV service apps?

  7. TechyChris says:

    Elias it looks like some tool over on Reddit r/firestick is passing off your data here as his own and taking credit for it. At least I see no mention of AFTVnews and they are clearly using your screenshots.
    Credit where Credit is due I say!

  8. JFC says:

    My Fire TV Cube 1st gen got the UI upgrade today, and I haven’t even seen it, and hope not to see it, any time soon.

    My alternate Wolf Launcher replacement home launcher installed prior to the OTA update continued to work, AFAICT, just fine following the Amazon OTA update.

  9. Squirrel! says:

    Well, got the update on BOTH of my FTV3, and I gotta admit, it sucks! Truly makes the interface horrible. Icons are smaller, my ‘Continue Watching’ is further down the list in favor of ‘Next Up for You’, when I haven’t even finished what I was watching. The monkeys are controlling the zoo it seems. This UI is so bad, I am considering switching streaming devices.

    • Joel says:

      I don’t mind it so far, the icons are definitely smaller, I didn’t use the Continue watching much. I also have the Chromecast with Google TV, just hooked it up 2 days ago, similar UI now, smaller icons, and in my opinion, too many lines of “related” content, etc across many streaming apps. Reviews say that it is the winner over the FS4K for processor and speed, but I imagine Amazon has something newer in the works?

      I have satellite still, so this isn’t our main device, so changing to a new UI shouldn’t be that much of an adjustment for me, but I do understand how those who use them regularly would see such a different interface.

      • Squirrel! says:

        The blessing in this all is, my main TV is still running the original FTV1 box and there will be no update to that, thankfully. The pendants are in my office and MBR so are used daily. But since I am so heavily invested in the Amazon eco-system, I’ll most likely stick with the FTV lineup and learn to accept that which I don’t like. I just don’t adjust well being forced into submission.

        • Joel says:

          It is too bad that they wouldn’t allow skins to be applied so the user can make their unit what they want it to be. I know you can install or load custom mods or skins probably, but how about just a menu item where much like choosing your screensaver etc you can also choose your launcher style

  10. Thomas Hoang says:

    Just got the update on my Fire Stick 4K yesterday!

  11. jtv says:

    FYI if you are still waiting for the new interface on your devices I just got the new interface on my cube (gen2) and one of my 4K sticks on 4/9/21 here on the US east coast, one last 4K stick still doesn’t have the new interface. When Amazon does a slow rollout they really mean a SLOW rollout :(

  12. Joel says:

    Yep, my 4K pendant, from the US got an update, but not the new interface. Will keep checking…

    • Joel says:

      Just checked, my Firestick 4K first gen, got updated to, as well as the pendant, but nothing further, to the 6.2.8. Guess its a waiting game.

  13. Tj says:

    The new UI is horrible. Why on earth did anyone at Amazon think this was a good idea? It’s too cluttered and navigation is more cumbersome.

  14. Jorgen says:

    Got it yesterday on my FireTV Cube 2.

  15. Rik Emmett says:

    40% of the screen is ads for what Amazon wants you to watch. Tiny strip showing recently used apps. Difficult to use without glasses now.

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