When to expect the next Fire TV Cube or other flagship model — Fire TV Cube 3? Fire TV 4?

Now that the successor to the Fire TV Stick 4K, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, has been announced, people are already starting to ask about the Fire TV Cube. Since the 2nd-gen Fire TV Cube is now the oldest model in Amazon’s Fire TV lineup, not counting the original Fire TV Stick 4K which will continue to be sold as a cheaper alternative to the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, I’m already seeing comments and receiving messages from people asking if we’ll see a new Fire TV Cube announced and when that will happen. So, let’s talk about that.

Fire TV 1 (2014)April 2April 12
Fire TV 2 (2015)September 17October 5
Fire TV 3 (2017)September 27October 25
Fire TV Cube 1 (2018)June 7June 21
Fire TV Cube 2 (2019)September 4October 10
Fire TV Stick 1 (2014)October 27November 19
Fire TV Stick 2 (2016)September 28October 20
Fire TV Stick 3 & Lite (2020)September 24September 30
Fire TV Stick 4K (2018)October 3October 31
Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2021)September 9October 7

As I wrote about earlier this year, the vast majority of Fire TV models get announced in September and released in October, as you can see in the release history above. So, based on that fact alone, it’s pretty unlikely that we’ll see a new Fire TV Cube this year if nothing has been announced once October rolls around. Lately, Amazon has been having what are essentially Fire TV announcement events each year. We just passed this year’s big Fire TV day, on September 9th, with the announcement of the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max, new Fire TV features, new Amazon-built Fire TV Smart TVs, new Fire TV Smart TVs from Toshiba and Pioneer, and even new Luna features. So, it’s likely that if a new Fire TV Cube was on the horizon, it too would have been announced that day as well.

The last shred of hope that we’ll hear about a new Fire TV Cube this year will probably be during an Alexa event later in the year. Amazon typically holds a large Alexa event every September where they announce tons of new devices, like new Echo speakers. Since the Fire TV Cube shares more in common with Echo speakers than any other Fire TV model, there is a possibility that a new model will be announced whenever Amazon announces new Echo devices. That said, Amazon has not even indicated that there will be an Alexa event this year.

Since it doesn’t seem likely that a new Fire TV Cube, or other flagship Fire TV device, will be announced this year, when will one be announced? Nobody knows, but the simplest and most likely answer is September 2022. Since September is when most Fire TVs are announced, and we just had a big round of Fire TV announcements, it doesn’t seem likely that another one will be announced for another year.

You may have noticed above that the 1st-gen Fire TV Cube was announced in April, which could give hope that another Fire TV Cube will be announced early next year, but the 1st-gen Fire TV Cube announcement was a fluke. Amazon originally planned to release the first Fire TV Cube alongside the 3rd-gen Fire TV pendant, in September 2017. For various reasons, it got delayed and missed that announcement window, which pushed its announcement out to early in the next year. That’s why it was one of the few devices not announced in September or October.

All that said, there’s certainly no guarantee that a new Fire TV Cube will be announced in or within a year. The Fire TV Cube is easily the least popular Fire TV model by a longshot. Not because it’s a bad product, but because most people are perfectly happy with the capabilities of the much less expensive Fire TV Stick models. Since people don’t buy the Fire TV Cube much, relative to other Fire TV models, I wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon is in no rush to release a new model. Meaning, we might not see a new Fire TV Cube until 2023. There’s no way to know for certain when the next flagship Fire TV will be announced or released, but, that said, it doesn’t seem like it will be this year, it will probably be next September, and there’s sufficient reason to not see a new one until 2023.

  1. Charlie_ says:

    I’m guessing the TV is the new flagship and they are going to phase out the cube and standalone box. That seems like an Amazon thing to do.

    They never really wanted to go after the hardcore market. They gave the OG Fire TV 1 &2 powerful guts because they wanted to get into gaming.

    Luna makes that unnecessary now and promotes a new monthly fee they can lock people in for.

  2. Brantome says:

    If you don’t expect a new Fire TV Cube soon, do you think they’ll provide AV1 support in the existing model via a firmware update?

    • You can’t add AV1 via a firmware update. Video decoding is done via custom hardware, so it must be baked in from the start.

      • Brantome says:

        Ok, thanks. So I guess if you want that, the 4K max is your answer :)

      • Julius says:

        You can actually add AV1 support via software. There is dav1d software decoder which performs fairly well. However, it may be too slow for 4k HDR support and you need to keep in mind that premium content providers mandate DRM support and require “secure” hardware decoding for HD content.

  3. JimmyFish says:

    I’m just wanting that Air Play 2 support!

  4. hectare says:

    Well…it mine Gen2 Cube does perform well and I don’t need AV1 support, so I can wait until 2023 if I have to.

  5. KraziJoe says:

    I am just slowly phasing out my Fire TV sticks/cubes. I am tired of all the fighting between all the participants and just want one that does it all without a need to download non native aps etc.
    Right now that is not the Fire TV since there is no Spectrum app it’s a no go for me.
    I really wish Amazon would invest some resources into creating a nice interface. All that money and they place the ads, and then just throw everything else up there.

  6. Jason says:

    Honestly I think that the shield is going to be the powerhouse for people and the queue will be the secondary. The shield can do everything except the fact that you can do the Alexa stuff without having to actually physically grab the remote. But if you have a shield or can find one at a good price they do all the time where they offer the alexa devices cheap. If that’s a need. I like it but personally it’s not a huge must.

    • 666 says:

      What are you talking about? No Shield can play 4K HDR videos from YouTube, something so basic. No VP9p2 nor AV1. Even Apple has VP9p2 now. Generally speaking apps are buggy as they always were with android tv. I’ve bought 3 Shields this year, one to keep and two to resell, everyone selling was moving to Apple. The Shield TV, non pro was a flop, a buggy mess. Will Nvidia even release any new box anymore????

    • Phil says:

      The Nvidia Shield can’t do everything. No Britbox app for it. Fire TV – yes.

  7. Rik Emmett says:

    I might buy a cube for the extra horsepower, if it didn’t have an integrated echo, but as the article states, I’m happy with my Fire TV Lite stick that I got for free with the $5 Discovery+ offer.

  8. Peter says:

    I have 3 shields, with one being 2019 pro. I recently purchased the 2nd generation Cube and was surprised how much faster the cube is than my 2019 shield. It opens up k*di much faster and navigates through the menus faster. I use a 3rd party add on for voice commands for the shield to navigate through my menus, and getting the timing to get it to work can be challenging, but with the Cube it’s a breeze with a one time set up. Very happy with the 2019 cube.

  9. Geoff Kassover says:

    Always surprised the low demand for the excellent Cube product – which is really not costly.

    Unclear on the gaming and such needs, or what the cube provides the stick doesn’t except The feature to have it talking the same (alexa, etc) very needed by ever growing smart home types.

  10. rocky billiter says:

    Run 4 cubes in my house, no cable since 2014, just wifi and K*di, and very happy. The $100/mo cable savings is the wife’s Xmas fund, lol.

    • Tim Parr says:

      I like mine too. I just bought a USB 3.0 jack with ethernet to improve upon the Amazon ethernet adapter. It is clearly better, but I was dismayed to realize that while USB 3.0 if 4.8 Gb, the mini hdmi jack is only .48K Total bottleneck.

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