When the upcoming 80% & 70% off Amazon Omni and Hisense Fire TV Smart TV lightning deals will go live

Two of the best deals revealed for Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale, which starts tomorrow October 11th, will be on a pair of Fire TV Smart TVs. At a discount of 80% off the 55-inch Amazon Omni Series 4K Fire TV, which will drop it to $111.99, and a discount of 70% off the 50-inch Hisense U67 QLED 4K Fire TV, which drops it to $158.99, these TVs will surely sell out fast so it’s important to be ready to buy them the second the lightning deal goes live. Amazon hasn’t revealed which day and time these deals will go live, so here’s your best guess based on past similar sales.

There’s no way to know for sure, but I’m expecting one TV to go on sale on October 11th and the other TV to go on sale on October 12th. The most likely time these TVs will go on sale on their respective days is 6 AM PT. I expect both deals to sell out in a matter of minutes.

This guess is based on the two similar doorbuster TV deals that were available during Prime Day in July. On the first official day of Prime Day, Amazon put a 32-inch Fire TV Smart TV on sale for 72% off and on the second day of Prime Day, Amazon put a 50-inch Fire TV Smar TV on sale for 78% off. Both of those sales started at exactly 6 AM PT. The 32-inch TV sold out in 25 minutes and the 50-inch TV sold out in 5 minutes.

While there’s no guarantee that Amazon will repeat the same timing for when these new deals will go live as it did for the past Prime Day deals, it does seem likely. I’ll have scripts going that monitor the TVs and immediately alert me the second either deal goes live and will post within seconds of either sale starting. If you want to know the instant I post about these deals going live, you can subscribe to my emailed post alerts and/or enable my Twitter notifications on your phone.

For further insight on Prime Early Access Deals, see the following:


10/11/22 @ 5:30 AM: It looks like the 50″ Hisense TV deal will go live at 6 AM Pacific on October 11th and the 55″ Amazon Omni TV deal will go live at 6 AM Pacific on October 12th.

10/11/22 @ 6:08 AM: As predicted, the 50″ Hisense TV deal went live at exactly 6 AM PT. Unfortunately, it sold out in under a minute.

10/12/22 @ 6:03 AM: The sale on the 55″ Amazon Omni TV went live at 6 AM PT, as expected, and sold out in under a minute.

  1. Paul D says:

    Is there anyway to discover if there are similar great deals on UK site


  2. D Bangin says:

    Yep, the Lightning deal for the Hisense now shows as starting at 6am Pacific

  3. Kevin says:

    I can’t find these deals.

  4. Erinsescence says:

    Which of those two do you think is the better TV?

    • The Hisense is easily the better TV. What it has over the Omni is a QLED screen (for better color), Dolby Vision, HDR10+, Full Array Local Dimming (for better black levels), Variable Refresh Rate (for framerate matching), and a 600nit peak brightness (for better HDR). The only thing the Amazon Omni has going for it is hands-free voice control, a slightly larger screen, and a better price.

      • Erinsescence says:

        Thanks! I may try to snag it. From my Deal alerts in my Amazon account, looks like it’s coming up at 9AM ET.

  5. Jessupe Market says:

    great marketing scheme looks like it never never happened.

  6. Jeff says:

    Way to try and drum up traffic by posting a bogus deal.

  7. Nick C says:

    Hisense sold out 35 seconds into the sale.

  8. Wilson says:

    Wow that was bs. I literally went tk the deal at 6 am. And it’s already been 100% claimed.

    • Mark says:

      You were late to the party. Then you complain. That literally is what is BS.

      • YourDad says:

        Too late he went at 6am (when the deal started) lol. So in the 20 seconds it took the site to load it was sold out? Lol #CmonSon these are marketing tactics

  9. Amneris Martinez says:

    The same thing happened to me. Hisense sold out in less than a minute. Just crazy!

  10. LJ says:

    Glad this article popped up when I opened my phone this morning. I Got the Hisense! I added to cart right at 6, went to the Amazon Omni tab to see if that deal would drop (didn’t), went to cart and it wouldn’t let me check out, saying that it was no longer available from the seller. Went back to product page and added to cart again and it went through. Not sure exact time, but got the confirmation email at 6:02am.

    Now to try and get the Amazon tv tmrw and cancel the Hisense order.

  11. Ryan B says:

    Looks like the Hisense 50″ sold out in less than 2 minutes.

  12. Michael says:

    I went on the site at 5:45am to buy me a 50″ it’s said it was sold out at 5:55am

  13. Carl McLemore says:

    Can this be added to the cart ahead of time, and wait for the price drop, or does it have to be added directly from the lightning deals page?

  14. Steven Fernandez says:

    Any update on the 55 inch Amazon Omni 4k tv? Been checking all day and no Lightning deal on it.

  15. Wilson says:

    Wow they really have a low amount of these deals. I went to the page at 6 am and it showed only 11 in stock. Luckily I was able to grab the 55c omni TV, but really wish I was able to get the Hisense one.

  16. messinwu says:

    I got one of each! ;)

  17. Chris says:

    Thx for the heads up! Snagged the 55″ for $109! Great feed

  18. messinwu says:

    Did anyone else notice what happened to the price of the 50″ from yesterday’s deal? Seems like it was over $500 with a 70% discount. Now it’s $359 regular price. So the $159 was still a deal… but hmmmm

    • LJ says:

      I’ve noticed it with a lot of the amazon early access deals. Was looking at a stroller fan that is on sale right now. The newer model is cheaper than sales price. And baby play pens in different colors are listed as having widely different msrp to the point that a 20% discount on one and a 65% discount on another come up to the same price on sale.

      • messinwu says:

        Hmm, well I guess we can’t blame Amazon for doing what is probably very common… but it does take away some of that “I WON!” feeling. lol

        • I track the Fire TV prices closely. For the record, the Hisense TV launched in May for $530, dropped to $400 mid-June, dipped for a couple days to $375 in July but returned to $400 after, then started hovering around $380 in August, which is about where it has been since. So it’s definitely not a $500 TV, but even the current Prime sale price of $340 it is an actual discount over where it usual sits.

  19. Drhulk177 says:

    Missed it literally by seconds. Wish I knew about your site ahead of time. I’m on the waitlist, but have zero idea if it’s even worth it. Any ideas?

  20. Elaine Moreau says:

    I got the TV this morning! Subscribing now…Thanks.

  21. Casey says:

    I was able to get the 55” this morning. I kept refreshing before 8:00am and right whenever the clock struck 8 the price dropped to $109. Thanks for the help.

  22. Eve Sca says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I saw this after the hisense deal but snagged the Omni. I have one already and wanted another for my office. It’s a decent enough tv.

  23. paradox says:

    Thanks for the accurate prediction. Got one today because of you.

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