What do you want to see changed or added to the Amazon Fire TV?

I know for a fact that plenty of Amazon employees visit this site. Some of them have direct influence over the future of the Amazon Fire TV line of devices. Lets hear what you’d like to see changed or added to the Fire TV, in the comments below, incase the right people are reading. Things like HDR, 4K at 60 fps, Alexa in the UK, and Kodi in the appstore are obvious, but what else do you want changed?

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  1. PIA says:

    They need the ability to pin code or lock out your amazon photos, it was there and the new update doesn’t let you do it without pin protecting EVERY app launch.

  2. Joe Steel says:

    Volume controls on the remote! For the love of all that is good! I want to live my best life: a one remote life.

    Lesser priority:
    – 24 fps mode for 24 fps content.
    – When asking Alexa to play a song, display that song playing in the music app, not in a static card.

    • Josh Potthoff says:

      Please don’t do that. I already hate using double volumes on my Bluetooth devices. That would just make a simple device way to confusing.

      I’d be getting a call from my grandparents asking why they can’t here anything (TV volume or fire tv isn’t up). And then, I get another call because they switch to watch live tv and it blew out their eardrums.

      Most tv’s now use an audio return channel where you can control the fire tv with the stock tv remote.

      • Joe Steel says:

        I’m not talking about double volumes, where the device has a separately controlled volume from the TV set. I’m talking about controlling the TV set’s volume from the remote akin to what the 4th generation Apple TV does over IR or HDMI-CEC. It’a basically the only good thing about Apple’s remote.

        • pmcd says:

          I love the Apple TV remote but it fails at controlling my sound system. There doesn’t appear to be a way of changing what it feels is the setup.

    • Dean says:

      yes, this, the volume control!
      Also, bring back optical output please!

      • Neogeo71 says:

        get a sidecklick! life is good!

        • Andy says:

          Agreed…..I love my Sidekick

          • Rob says:

            Agreed. Sideklick with an IR samsung phone & app (Peel) is a luxury for road warriors. Most tvs rotate through inputs each time “input” is pressed. Program the bottom button for “enter.” Within 3 minutes you’ll have no need for a hotel remote anymore. You may need to use an App to program “input” if remote doesn’t have it.

      • Walker says:

        …and/or fix Dolby AC3 5.1 output over optical which has never worked consistently on the Fire TV 1 since launch. NOTE: Dolby patent on legacy AC3 5.1 has expired, so no reason not to implement transcoding Dolby Plus(etc.) to legacy 5.1, and end all the incompatibility issues.

        As for improved video quality: HDR support would be outstanding. 4K support is problematic because most users have data bandwidth issues (of some sort) and the added bitstream requirement for 4K does not appear to add appreciable Picture Quality.


    • Jonas Leary says:

      Invest in a logitec remote….one remote to control them all

      • Ichijoe says:

        Haha that’s funny seeing that the Fire TV has never had (AFAIK), an IR Port with which One might use his, or her Harmony Remote. And, the newer Numpadless Remotes suck @#$ because the all lack a decent Numpad.

        Which only convinces me more that the only Harmony worth having is the 900 (IR, and Bluetooth), or the One (IR Only).

        AFIK There is no Harmony Device on the Market that currently has both a Gyro (Airmouse, or Mic (Google Now, Alexa) functions). If they ever bothered, and gave it a decent Numpad (See above for decent examples of what I’m talking about!), Than I would be all over it in a flash!

      • pmcd says:

        I agree. I use my hub based remotes for everything. Love them.

  3. Craig says:

    – Freaking Ultraviolet! This isn’t hard Amazon! Lock the lawyers in the room until they hammer out a deal! (And if not? Then…)

    – Lower the 30% cut they get to allow video rental/purchasing for 3rd parties services Vudu.

    – Horizontal tablet optimized remote app.

    – Single Sign-on

    – USB OTA Antenna support.

  4. Craig S says:

    How about just making it available in Canada? I had to cross the border to buy mine and everyone who sees it wants one.

  5. Mike says:

    OTA support for sure.

  6. Troks says:

    Native support for Tablo, Hdhomerun….. File browser/ dlna

  7. dave says:

    A xfinity TV app would be nice, vh1, and the update that gives the older sticks the same home screen as the newer ones. I have both and I love the newer version.

  8. Steven says:

    Really would like Ultraviolet video to work in a Flixster app (all other apps lack all the videos, which is why I specify this app) & Alexa in the UK.
    There used to be a Flixster video app, but it did not stream for more than five minutes before blowing an error.

    To be honest, the Fire TV does everything I need/want apart from the above.

  9. Edgar R. says:

    DTS/TrueHD codecs on Plex app. Currently can’t do it because the Plex gets its codecs from the firetv.

    OTA support would be cool too.

  10. Mike says:

    HDMI pass-thru, so that Amazon can overlay content and menus over my cable or any other external source. Maybe p-in-p support as well. Also antenna input would be nice as well.

  11. BigDikNIK says:

    Make better remotes. This wifi direct stuff sucks. Learn from the Mi Box’s remote. Much better than this Amazon garbage.

  12. John Joseph says:

    volume controls in app pls.

  13. c3po says:

    – NTFS support for local media like USB-HDD
    – Spotify voice search support
    – Original language subtitles on movies that have the particular original audio stream (in germany amazon prime video has a lot of movies and series in german and original language fortunately. Most people I know love to watch the movies in original english version, but sometimes there are only german subtitles, which is totally useless then. You cannot watch a movie in one language and try to read in another at the same time, if you misunderstood something –> that’s the worst

    Things I’d like to see, but I don’t think will ever find its way to Fire TVs:
    – auto refresh rate switching in Netflix and Amazon Video (because the switch would make a black screen for a second or so on most TV’s. I think Amazon would not want that)
    – HD Audio like Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD (because no VOD service like Amazon Video or Netflix will stream this in the near future)

    • Fjtorres says:

      Second the motion on NTFS.
      A microSD slot on the Stick.

    • Pedro says:

      Isn’t that why subtitles exist? I do this all the time, I think what you mean are closed captions, like for the hearing impaired.

      • c3po says:

        No I mean regular subs in original language. If you aren’t a native speaker, you can probably understand the most, but not all. So having the ability to have a look at the spoken words in written manner is very useful. Most people I know, who prefer to watch original version instead of dubbed version, will watch it with original subs (English in our case). In fact I know nobody who doesn’t want this or who wants to use German subs.

        • Pedro says:

          Ok, that is kinda weird, but I guess it varies by country, in my case even If I understand English I always prefer subtitles in my native language.

          What is really weird is when the program is dubbed and you have subtitles in that same language because the spoken words and subtitles don’t match a lot of the time.

    • xnamkcor says:

      I’d rather have xfs or ext4.

    • Ichijoe says:

      On that note, and since we’re talking about Germany… How about an English Language version of the Grand Tour (in 4k!), Currently it’s either German… Or not at all.

    • pmcd says:

      Has Microsoft fully opened up the NTFS specs to all yet? If not it’s a can of worms. Seems like a move to the the past. The Fire TV is a streamer after all. I just don’t understand this NTFS demand. Transfer between Windows and Fire TV via USB sticks or hard drives? Seems really a step back.

  14. Gary says:

    OTA tuner, with option to use an external USB disk as a DVR.

    • Frogboy says:

      Been wanting someone to do this since Boxee’s poor attempt oh so long ago. With the Amazon FireTV TVs coming out, it seems like the work has already been done on this. All they need to do now is release a SKU with an OTA tuner and the FireTV becomes the best cord cutting option out there.

      I could have swore that Roku was going to add this after releasing Roku TVs but I SAS sadly mistaken.

  15. wisam says:

    I would like to see full mouse support in fire stick

    • Billy says:

      Get the mouse toggle for fire tv app. Its available in the google play store, the sideload or its in the firetv store.

      • lonnie bell says:

        is it me or does that mouse toggle for fire tv look familiar –remote mouse for fire tv app “http://www.aftvnews.com/remote-mouse-app-released-for-fire-tv-fire-tv-stick/”

  16. Bic Basher says:

    From a UK perspective, a NOW TV app. Very unlikely considering NOW TV are using badged Roku boxes which don’t have Amazon Video or Netflix.

    TV Player really needs to sort out the rights for all of the channels available. Various free and pay channels aren’t on the Fire TV, yet they still charge £5.99 (£4.99 for existing customers) for channels that aren’t on all platforms.

    Not important, but considering NOW TV are doing it, an integrated tv tuner which would integrate linear broadcasts and the VoD/IPTV services.

    I know Kodi is obvious, but SPMC should be in the appstore, I’ve found it much more responsive than Kodi Jarvis 16.1.

    • wonko the sane says:

      NowTV (Roku 4 based box) is a much nicer streamer than the FireTV v2. The FTV is still a jerky mess compared to the NowTV Smart box which is silky smooth.

  17. Masterblaster says:

    Custom themes or at least custom wallpaper support.

  18. Mike Loftus says:

    If a person buys a Fire TV and is a Prime Member they should not have too see ANY advertising. They could easily put in a system to opt out of advertising. Oh yeah, More Memory.

  19. Dwayne says:

    – The ability to chose which apps or service you can lock down with a security pin instead of the global pin.

    -The ability to load the AFTV home screen and use offline with apps like Plex and “Hdhomerun view app” local wan when internet service interrupted due to cable outage.

    – Network antenna support HDHomerun with DTCP-IP support as a video source like the AFTV “TV” app.

  20. Hoosiertech says:

    I second the motion for the Xfinity TV app. I tried to sideload the regular android version and have not been able to get it to work.

    Native mouse emulation, maybe some sort of implementation where you hold the middle button for 3 seconds and a mouse arrow appears. Trying to use a web browser without a mouse is truly frustrating on the fire TV. Especially annoying when you are at a hotel with your firetv stick and they have the user agreement/firewall window pop up to use the hotel WIFI.

  21. James says:

    As a UK customer, it has to be refresh rate switching. UK catchup services look terrible when the refresh rate is 60hz, and film and US series stutter when the fire tv is set to 50hz.

    MrMC can do it so we know the platform supports it!

    • Paul says:

      This would be my top request as well.

      It’s a particular problem in Kodi, where I seem to be for ever switching between 50 and 60 hz, depending on the source of the material I’m watching.

  22. clocks says:

    – The remote is near perfect. One of the only ones with proper playback and menu buttons. Adding volume would be ok, but don’t fix what isn’t broken.

    – Vudu app would be nice

    – Maybe allow some custom skins and GUI colors. Functionally, I like the current GUI, but it seems a bit dark. In some ways I like the Android TV GUI more as it just seems a bit brighter and maybe a tad faster.

  23. I Love my fire stick, but I truly wish it had more memory. I am a person who likes to put a lot of stuff on my devices. I have had my stick since the end of November and it is over 80% full, that does not give me much space to add to. I will get the box in the future.

    • Guy Eugen Holmes says:

      More internal memory on the fire tv box also even with the new memory card it still doesn’t open up enough ! Especially with the new update UI really zapped the memory.

  24. Mike Agner says:

    This one is undoubtedly in the dream on realm, but hey why not – make the Echo and Echo Dot be addressable to Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. After all, Alexa is on both, and it would save having to fumble around with a voice remote or use the Android app. It would be absolutely slick to say something like ‘Alexa, play The Man in the High Castle on my Fire TV’, then make it happen

    • John says:

      Absolutely beyond nuts they havent done this already. Google already has voice integration with netflix and their always listening device, the google home. Why does Amazon not see this clear low hangjngnfruit. As you point out, alexa integration already exists from voice remote, why not an independent echo or echo dot?

      • Graeme Oxley says:

        I Nth this and use the fire tv as as the dots display.

        Multiroom Audio and for the Love of God Enable Alexa on FTV in UK.

  25. gn says:

    have apps from different national amazon stores installed (i have a us account – where i live – and a german account)

  26. ger630 says:

    I think people have confused what Amazon can do with what third parties do, Amazon does not make the apps!

    – I would really like OTA support via USB or ethernet with the integrated OS shown on the future Amazon TV’s.

    – NTFS file support would be nice also.

    – Extended memory would be nice also but at that point why not get a Nvidea Shield.

  27. Hitcher says:

    Profiles – no idea why this isn’t a thing yet. Very annoying when you have 3 family members who all watch the same show but separately.

  28. Al says:

    A “stop” button on the remote control. Very simple.

  29. Jay says:

    You know the high end Kindle Oasis e-reader? I would like the equivalent in a Fire TV box; with industry-leading hardware specs, software and apps. I would be more than willing to pay a substantial premium to have the best streaming box available!

    If that’s all way too much to ask, then just 4K@60fps and HDR please!

  30. Michael says:

    Download to memory card like Kindle to watch later for RV/Camper/Sat internet/slow internet users.

    Chromcast like mirroring for PC/Mac.

    Spanish language support.

    DLNA certification.

    External antenna for problem WiFi reception areas.

  31. Mike Agner says:

    This may be in the new software update (at least the version 2 folks have gotten it – not yet for us version 1 people), but the voice search just plain stinks- to the point that I hardly ever use it. I can see an app on my screen, but can’t access it with the voice commands. Catalog ALL applications for use in the search, not just some of them. That may solve part of the problem. And make it search your apps first for a slightly quicker response

  32. Scott says:

    A way to page the remote when you lose it

  33. Robert Simandl says:


  34. BTN says:

    – Make an Fire TV as powerful as nVidia Shield TV,
    – Make Amazon Video just like Netflix, with all movies and series, etc free with the account,
    – Let KODI come to the Store,
    – Amazon Fire TV available to all world.

  35. Christopher Robbins says:

    This might sound stupid. But,a larger kids remote control. The kids use the remote and then almost immediately lose it. It’s tiny. About 3 to 4 weeks pass, it gets found and a few hours later it is gone again..

    Currently, I haven’t seen it in a month and a half.

  36. Video stretching options for Amazon Prime videos that were made before HDTV dimensions became standard broadcast format.

    Comcast offers four stretching options for all content and it would be nice if FireTV has something similar.

  37. John Crabtree says:

    OTA support or document the tuners supported and an app or integration like the new TV’s have along with the ability to record to the micro SD card (DVR) and the ability to download videos for off line viewing. Also, an off line mode so I can stream from my server if the internet is down.

  38. JP\\\\ says:

    A clock! so when i pause i can see the damn time.

  39. Guy Eugen Holmes says:

    More internal memory !!

  40. Pat says:

    Web browser, fire tv blue-tooth player

  41. Chris says:

    full color mode ( 0 – 255) …

  42. Josh says:

    The ability in Netflix to shift the subtitles below the video (if that video has the black bars). That option exists both in kodi and oppo bluray player. Does that option exist in Amazon prime? Is that an issue to take with Netflix or the the AFTV?

  43. clocks says:

    Not necessarily hardware related, but the ability to sort/re-order the watchlists is several years overdue. How does Amazon expect to be a serious competitor to Netflix whent they don’t offer even the most basic functions?

    The ability to rate content from the FTV would be nice also. (again something Netflix allows)

  44. wlion1 says:

    OTA Tuner Support via USB Dongle that would convert existing FIRE TV Gen1 and Gen2 into Fire TV Edition Sets with Guide Data with Voice Search.

    DVR Capabilities with (Local/Remote) Storage Options would also be nice.

  45. wlion1 says:

    DLNA Support would also be great

  46. Jon says:

    Tuner support is not even a little important to me, getting a tuner to run on the FTV is extremely easy already. It might not be as nicely integrated as the TVs that are about to come to the market, but I would rather see Amazon devote there resources to things not currently possible.

    I want to see Android 7 with expandable memory, the 5GB of free space is way too small and what I dislike most about the FTV.

    At first I hated the remote, but the longer I used it the more I loved it. I just wish it had a few IR learning buttons for power/volume. My TV has cec support, but it sucks. Not sure if this is the TV or the FTV.

    Making nice with Comcast would be awesome. As others have said it would be nice to have a Comcast app, but even network apps that require you to login rarely support Comcast. If you search you can find a work around for using your Comcast credentials, but it should be so hard. So Amazon, just make nice with Comcast and do a little but kissing.

    And please allow Kodi/SPMC in the app store. If the only reason you do not allow it in the app store is piracy, then you are doing more harm than good. People who want to use it for piracy are going to use it for piracy regardless of what you do. All you are doing is creating a 3rd party market of resellers who sell the sticks for $90+ loaded with illegal plugins. Allow Kodi in the app store and these terrible people/resellers will disappear, it wont get rid of the piracy (then again nothing will), but it might slow it down and not punish those of us who use it for legitimate reasons(like access to my HDhomerun).

    • crabbyone says:

      Can you provide a link for the USB tuner information? I have looked with no luck.

      • Jon says:

        I am not using a usb tuner, I am using a network tuner, the HDhomerun via Kodi. You could use a USB tuner, but then you would need a computer or some other form of a backend(NAS/pi/openELEC/etc). A backend is the best way to send a tuner to a FTV anyway so you have a hard drive to record to, but if you are fine not having a PVR Kodi is officially supported by HDhomerun. Kodi has a plugins that can use the HDhomerun with or without a backend. Just visit Kodi’s wiki, there is a tun of information and various setup guides for how you wish to set it up, depending on if you have a backend or not.

  47. Boatable says:

    Just bought Nvidea Shieled for because of one feature. VOLUME CONTROL ON REMOTE!

  48. xnamkcor says:

    USB 3.x.
    Gb Ethernet.
    Actual system-wide 4k support.
    Dual band Wireless AC MU-MIMO.
    Not putting WiFi, Ethernet or other high bandwidth devices on the same USB bus as the system or media storage.
    Not putting the system storage SD card slot hardware on the same USB bus as the media storage USB hardware.
    Minimal fan.
    Built-in Logitech Unifying receiver and pairing app. Or just the app.
    Use standard 12v or 5v power adapter for use with batteries.
    Hardware resolution, BT pairing, and reboot buttons on device.
    Vertical display orientation support.

  49. hdmkv says:

    > 16GB storage at a minimum (32GB or 64GB preferred)
    > 4K@60fps and HDR, plus DolbyVision if possible
    > 23.976 support and refresh rate switching (this is huge)
    > Full HD audio passthrough/bitstreaming (also huge)
    > 3D MVC support (would help propel Fire TV over Shield TV and all Chinese players, even Intel h/w)

  50. Cliff says:

    User profiles a must have. Netflix has this figured out so why cant Amazon? Having kids that use the Firestick makes it impossible to find what I was watching last besides seeing cartoons that the kids are watching.

  51. Daniel Edwards says:

    OTA integration like on the new smart tv fire OS.
    Download frequently watched programs for offline viewing. Like to a local network storage device.
    Customizable home screen and profiles.

  52. MM says:

    – 16GB or more internal storage
    – 4K@60fps and HDR support (HDR10 and Dolby vision)
    – Bitstream passthrough for lossless audio formats DTS-HD MA and Dolby True HD, also dolby atmos and dts:X

  53. Brian Hanfgarn says:

    Definately native mpeg2 support for network and usb tv tuners. Android tv after Marshmallow has it.

  54. Pat says:

    Fire tv blue-ray player

  55. Grinder says:

    1. USB drive support. Enough power to run a portable drive. If not native NFTS, then at least allow us to install something like Paragon.

    2. Rethink the Wifi remote. Latency is too large to play high reaction time games. Inferior to the Bluetooth remote.

    3. On/off and volume buttons on the remote. Even better make them learnable. Like the sideclick. Wow.

    4. All reordering of the home screen. I’d bet every one of your customers would prefer there wasn’t a half-screen of ads to dodge to get to their apps. Would it be humiliating for you to put the ads underneath the apps?

    5. Update to Android API 27. We are still stuck on 22. FFS!


  56. Andre says:

    Turn off the display output when the FireTV goes to sleep. Extremely annoying that it doesn’t, and is probably what will push my bedroom streamer from FireTV to something else.

    Let me set whatever app I want as a launcher.

    Chromecast support would be nice.

    • Brian Hanfgarn says:

      Will never see Googlecast, Amazon not going to pay Google licensing fees for it. That’s why they were trying push Fling. Although I have not seen anything on Fling. Is it dead?

    • mGuest says:

      Vote for Chromecast support. Fling gets no attention from developers. Miracast lacks compatibility.

  57. Ray from BROOKLYN says:

    I feel AMAZON should make an amazing air-mouse remote & and a short power converting usb cable for non AC power FIRESTICK use.

  58. Aaron Rodriguez says:

    I would like to see 2 things…

    1. Make the channels concept the core of a live TV service. Give us the true a la carte we have always wanted and let me subscribe to channels.

    2. Finally tie the echo and firetv together. Similar to the google home and chromecast example and let me ask alexa to do things on the firetv and vice versa.

  59. Jonathan Mattson says:

    Go back to when I rewatch a TV show you take me to the most recently watched episode NOT the last episode I ever watched. For example when I rewatch psych shockingly I don’t just always want to watch the series’s finale.

    I emailed them and of course just received their generic we apologize for the hassle.

  60. Jerry says:

    Would love to see NTFS support along with OTA/tuner/pvr support.

  61. Keith says:

    Faster processor (but thats should be a given as well as more ram.)
    Make the voice button configurable system wide, including in 3rd party apps–like voice search in kodi. I know thatll never happen.
    Finally, update the design. There’s nothing wrong with the clean, simple look of AFTV but after doing so much with this going on 3 years now, I want something different.Im actually really into clear cases. If they offered a special edition like that I’d buy it.
    Speaking of special editions…how about a gaming edition that actually adds more to the gaming aspect other than the game controller?
    Offer a basic which would keep most happy then offer another device optimized for gaming…

    • xnamkcor says:

      I hated that they touted the Fire TV as a “gaming” device, then gave it less than 4GB of storage and no external storage support. Even now with USB storage support, it doesn’t matter with apps that need to use internal storage.

  62. Charlie says:

    My top 5

    1) NTFS support for external hard drives. It’s ridiculous you have to root to use a big hard drive. Every other streaming box has this feature besides the Fire TV.

    2) More onboard storage! 16 GB minimum. 8 GB is not enough.

    3) Twitch app to get bluetooth/usb keyboard support for chat. Twitch employees already think this is possible but it’s not.

    4) OTA support for USB tuners. If they already put it into the new TVs, it shouldn’t be hard to add support for the standalone Fire TVs.

    5) Audible app. I know it’s possible to access Audible through Alexa but voice playback is garbage and it’s ridiculous that an Amazon owned company hasn’t ported their Android app over yet.

    • xnamkcor says:

      I’ve used my logitech unifying keyboard to chat in the Twitch app. It works. But, I am using the Android version of the app, not Amazon’s. Also, I think the OSK pops up while i’m typing.

  63. Angelo C says:

    NTFS drive support. Android 7.

    • 2WhlWzrd says:

      Upgrade the firmware to Marshmallow, but without the Amazon proprietary audio handling or at least correct it in the current firmware. Just use Android standards.

  64. porosenok says:

    Voice input
    Vp9 4k 60fps (youtube video)
    Standart notifications support for 3rd party apps
    3 gb ram
    Support custom roms (windows,cayogen,remix and ect.)

  65. Ash says:

    – Control Fire TV with Amazon Echo
    – Full universal voice search
    – Remote finder (make the remote beep if lost)
    – Sky Go app
    – FTA Tuner (Freeview)
    – More memory for storage, seeing as you can download apps & games more memory would be needed, my phone has so much more than my Fire TV

  66. mGuest says:

    Bring back Prime labels at the covers for content included in Amazon Prime Video. In Germany they are gone.

  67. mGuest says:

    Notifications (Emails and on TV screen) for:
    # content on my watchlist which was not included in Prime Video and will be free now (your chance to watch free)

    # content on my watchlist which was included in Prime Video for free and will be removed soon (your last chance to watch)

  68. MENTALIST says:

    Multi-tuner DVB-T2 and/or DVB-S2, support with scheduled recording would be a very nice feature. Especially if recordings can be picked and sent from a separate mobile app, like Sky, YouView and Virgin/Tivo can do in the UK.

    External Blu Ray drive support (especially UDH Blu ray) might be nice, but I appreciate that’s probably against Amazon’s streaming video interests.

    Some sort of system for external device control, like Xbox One does with Kinect or an IR blaster might be useful.

  69. Brian Turner says:

    Why was this function left out???
    Roku and Apple TV have volume controls of their remotes.

  70. Oscar Street says:

    USB OTG with NTFS

  71. Dave Curran says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE a remote finder, make it beep, whatever. We have two kids and are on our third remote. I have no idea where the remotes have gone and we are now forced to use the app to control the Fire TV. I personally begrudge paying £25 for a replacement remote for a device costing £30.

    Also two USB ports would be nice as I use a USB key and a wired controller for games, and have to hook up a hub.

    And some kind of way of showing Freeview streams with an EPG direct from the home screen, maybe as a “TV” category alongside the music, apps, photos etc, would be great.

  72. madle says:

    – Echo Support,
    – Volume Control,

    • madle says:

      display the actual time and the time when the movie/series is finished when you pause the movie/series

    • Wide And Nerdy says:

      I also want volume control. But in addition to that, I’d also like it if loudness would stay consistent video to video.

      Especially in the YouTube apparently, loudness jumps from inaudible to screaming and back.

  73. Joe D says:

    Wow this list is so long already… I hope people with influence are still reading.

    Two BIG things-

    1) Add a trackpad and L/R buttons to the standard remote and game remote. (Like the ouya and ps4 remotes have) this would instantly make many more apps usable even if they don’t have perfect fire tv controls.

    2) An IR receiver (preferably one built in and option for one on the end of a wire) so relatively cheap universal remotes can be used to control the Fire TV instead of the one that comes with it. (I realize the touchpad idea above could never be replicated by a cheap IR remote, but still, most functions would work fine with a modern universal IR remote.)

    One minor thing-

    I forget what it’s called but when I press any button on my Fire TV remote the unit turns on and my TV automatically switches input to the Fire TV which I like a lot. But when I put the Fire TV to sleep the TV never changes back to the input it used to be on. On my PS4 the TV changes input to it when I press any button on the PS4 remote, and when I put the PS4 to sleep the TV changes back to the input it was on before, automatically, so I know it is possible.

  74. John Mayer says:

    I have a German Prime account and there are many prime movies that have both German and English audio.

    It however ALWAYS plays the German audio track by default, and I always want the English one, so this is very annoying having to switch it every single time manually.

    I would like a global setting that will be something like this:

    – Always play Original Audio
    – Always play in $preferred language

    That would be awesome.

  75. TaG says:

    Never offend pioneer customers!

    i.e. those who were first to buy fire tv 1st gen – now we are frustrated and feel forgotten and abandoned…

  76. Graeme Oxley says:

    Multiroom Audio and for the Love of God Enable Alexa on FTV in UK.

  77. Jim Blizzard says:

    IR Remote support, currently I need to use a Flirc to use my harmony remote.

    Multiple USB Ports

    NTFS Drive Support

    Allow us to buy/rent movies with Amazon Coins

  78. Servet (GER) says:

    So many ideas. Guess,Amazon stuff won’t read this list of comments. A Poll with some major topics would help much more…

  79. Dayton says:

    Better memory management. The SD card is almost useless. Only a small portion of each app can be moved to the SD card. This makes it impossible to run large games without deleting almost everything stored in main memory. I can’t understand why this has not been a widely discussed problem and why Amazon cannot do something about this.

  80. TechyChris says:

    So many comments! I hope I’m not duplicating but…

    I want the ability to disable/enable system updates at will.

    Other than that the AFTV is pretty near damn perfect.

  81. Icy says:

    How about the support of amazon prime video by fixing error 5505? It’s unbelievable that their movie/tv show service isn’t supported by their devices.

    • Pc says:

      +1 They effectively do not have a box to directly stream to one’s TV. Netflix has that sorted out much better.

      User profiles would be good too. Each family member can then bookmark their favourite shows.

  82. Osmyr says:

    ON/OFF, USB 3.0, NTFS.

  83. Jjhtpc says:

    WHOLE HOUSE AUDIO. I want to be able to play the she stream on fire TV and echo.

    Marshmallow or more appropriately API v23 for Android as this enables proper frame rate changing and DTS audio.

    Those two items will keep me very happy.

  84. Christopher Robbins says:

    Official Bluetooth keyboard with trackpad and ir for control of tv. Also, possibly,a switch so I can use it for more than one Bluetooth streamer.
    – A nice quality keyboard. Something I would be willing to pay $75 or more for. But, priced less

  85. Y2Bogus says:

    Join the Ultraviolet Consortium.

  86. Ryan says:

    Number one most important. I want to be able to backup and restore my Fire TV devices. When I get a new one the setup is painful to get all my apps and settings back where I want them, I would be able to restore or clone off one of my other devices.

    I’d like to be able to control my Fire with my Echo.

    All three of my Fire TVs have horribly creaky remotes, the ring when navigating is the worst. I’d love a higher quality remote.

    More internal memory.

  87. Get It Done says:

    Google Play Movies/Music

    “Real” Youtube App with 4k

    Better integration with Harmony Remotes. Too clumsy to support control tv, reciever volume, etc. with multiple remotes

    Ability to add a second microphone for Alexa support so that you are not required to use the firetv remote. Love Alexa, hate firetv remote due to incompatibility with other devices.

    Ability to lock/pin specific apps

    Ability to create a household app profile. Meaning that set one up and allow it to auto load and sign-in on other firetv(s) within same household. Shouldn’t have to sign into all my apps on all my tv(s). I have 4 firetv (boxes/sticks). it is a pain.

    Better surround sound support.

    btw, love the new UI

    • xnamkcor says:

      If you’re willing to spend an hour of tedious work, there is a package of apks and instructions that involves installing google services framework, google account manager, google play store, youtube, and some other and restarting the Fire TV after each install and you’ll get to use the real YouTube app, have access to Google Account services(for Gmail and YouTube), and you can use Gmail. But the Play Store probably won’t work. It’s only there for the apps that say need it on the system.

      • lonnie bell says:

        you can install android tv leanback version of play store and resign the apk before installing by following guide to change icon for kodi. use apk icon editor or apk editor app

  88. jimberkas says:

    not specific to Fire TV units, but please get rid of Amazon’s limit of 50 Registered Devices! Yes, I know I have a problem, but I run up against this issue all the time. Does Amazon want me to stop buy and registering/using their products???

  89. René says:


    … and Amazon Echo control for AFTV

  90. Rob says:

    Get rid of the F$#% ads. I don’t want to see ads for Larabar on my Fire TV. But this will never happen so I’m moving toward Android TV. Already have one Shield and once I get another so long Fire TV with your intrusive ads.

    • Rob says:

      In addition to the annoying banner ads I forgot about the ads that play before watching a show. Usually they are promoting one of their other shows. As a Prime member why are you making me watch your ads? Beyond annoying.

  91. Billy says:

    I know they just pushed a big update but their apps store needs to be setup better. More like the google play store. Get big name apps too like google earth, google photos.
    Their needs to be more internal memory as well. Like a minimum of 32gb. I would like to have the option of having my full sd being used for apps. The button configuration of the remote, can you make it like the NES.

  92. Roberto says:

    A menu selection to turn off the device instead of putting it into sleep.

  93. pedigree says:

    Hit bitrate HEVC support, over the current 20mb/sec to 60mb/sec

  94. Yair says:

    Increase the size of the local hard drive.
    Add volume buttons to the remote.
    USB 3 connection.

  95. beeshep says:

    Sleep timer function with 30,60,90, and 120 minute options. This would be great for when your watching TV at night / falling asleep and don’t have to worry about firetv streaming all night and eating up monthly data limits.

  96. Andy says:

    It’s already been mentioned, but here’s another vote for access to Ultraviolet library. I buy all my blu-rays from Amazon and would love the ability to watch the included digital copies on the FireTV.

  97. Jason says:

    – OTA (antenna) viewing through the device
    – A way to run an internet speed test, either built into the device network settings or an app that doesn’t have to be sideloaded and run with a mouse or through Kodi.

  98. Tom says:


  99. Mile says:

    More space not just 8gb, my calculator have more, and of course more ram.

  100. The ability to use a third party launcher. Also volume controls for third party remotes.

  101. Jehri_Reed says:

    1. Need a SD card slot on the Fire TV stick!
    2. Better app screen a la Firestarter. Or add another screen that just shows installed apps without the apps you have in the cloud

  102. Bill says:

    HDR 4K @ acceptable framerate
    Configurable menu to allow us to organize and to eliminate unused categories.
    Universal Search including Netflix, Hulu, Prime, and network folders (or Kodi)
    Mic on device or as accessory (for those using Harmony and other remotes that lost voice input)

  103. Ichijoe says:

    The Google Playstore… /end thread

  104. Joe says:

    – Vudu & Xfinity App
    – Ability to resize screen (this used to be available but was removed for some unknown reason)
    – Mouse capability. Maybe make the select but a touchpad to control mouse cursor or Air Mouse
    – Ability to movie App & Data (Both) to external storage
    – Ability to create User profiles for people in household
    – Better file system than Fat32, i.e. NTFS, Ext4, etc must be standard not propriotory
    – Prime members should not have to sit through Ads
    – App based Pin number as well as global Pin Number security/restrictions
    – Ability to power down the FireTV/Stick
    – Join Ultraviolet Consortium
    – Do not forget the people who helped make 1st Gen FireTV/Stick successful – Keep updating the 1st Gen devices

  105. Derrick says:

    make it so i don’t have to reenter passwords. I don’t care how. I want to entire my cable/netflix/app passwords once. So when crap directtvnow or anything else logs me out. I want to be able to log back in without having to reenter the password. It should just search and find the saved password and automatically log me back in.

    I would like but dont need an internal video player that can play videos on my network shares and router attached samba shares. My 9 year old WDTV live player does that and honestly, it’s still the best video player. It’s better than Kodi (other than that it can’t play h.265) but the search function is accurate the player works fine. Kodi, plays but don’t try to fast forward or rewind the darn thing may crash. That or it will skip an hour and miss what you want.

  106. Earl says:

    Another +1 for VUDU

    Also (maybe a little OT?), a real anime channel (Strike ain’t it)

  107. Enrique says:

    The ability to load the AFTV home screen and use offline of your videos now that you can download them.
    Use of volume control from your remote control.
    Video player apps included for offline content.
    Increase the size of the local hard drive and ram.

  108. Roy says:

    Real adoptable storage via the SD card slot. What is the point of moving apps to SD when a large chunk stays on the internal storage?

  109. gremlin says:

    Give the firetv remote IR to control the TV volume etc.

    have hooks in netflix and prime video playing for control of lifx lighting to dim it when video plays. This is already available in kodi app.

  110. JustMe says:

    →→3,5 Audio Out Port\\–

  111. JustMe says:

    Or maybe →→3,5AV Out (Audio-Video Out Port//–And when is the new FTV Stick in Germany?

  112. jamesflames says:

    Proper deinterlacing and echo/dot voice command.

  113. Gazdaman says:

    Ability to save amazon photo screensaver files to MicroSd or USB location instead of using up lots of the already limited internal storage

    Option to turn off most features in the GUI to run it in minimalist mode as the new GUI is laggy as hell compared to the old interface and night and day from the slickness of my Nvidea Shield

  114. EJ95835 says:

    All the wonderful high tech sugestions are great, but all I want is a remote control that my old man hands can open when it’s time to change the batteries. Do you think you can possibly manage that? Or is that not cool enough? And while you’re at it, can you make it less slippery so it doesn’t slide around all over the place and fall down on the floor each time I reach for it? Am I asking for too much?

  115. anthony says:

    to disable photos if you choose and basic tv control

  116. cdlenfert says:

    I’d like to see wireless audio streaming through the Fire TV remote mobile application (Android and IOS) similar to what Roku is doing on the latest Roku stick. This would provide better range and sound quality than the current bluetooth audio streaming functionality (which I also love BTW).

    Voice dictation would be very handy for things like entering search text, verification codes, email addresses, etc.

  117. Reic says:

    Fix the HDMI Bug.

    You know, the one, that leaves the TV blank, when waking the Fire TV up by pushing some button on the remote, waking up the TV from standby too – but then the TV is just blank and you have to restart the Fire TV with the remote (holding the two buttons down etc) or unplug/plug back in to restart. The old Fire TV didn’t need that and even the 4K edition did not need that, until some firmware update came up. And ever since, it is the same, sorry, pain in the ass all over again, every time someone wants to use the Fire TV after the TV has been switched off before.

    PLEASE fix this bug. This seems like a reasonable wish, doesn’t it?

    • clocks says:

      A few months back I started having this issue with one of my FTV2s. I finally tried switching the cable/HDMI port, and have not had the issue since. So not sure if it is software, or if I have a troublesome port on my TV.

  118. NashGuy says:

    Three new features that would get me to buy the next Fire TV box:

    1. The option to connect a USB OTA tuner that would unlock the Fire TV UI for OTA TV (as seen on upcoming Fire TV Edition TVs), along with a new DVR feature for OTA TV (with recordings stored either on a local hard drive or in Amazon’s cloud).

    2. The ability to pass through 24p content (which is pretty much all movies and scripted TV shows) at 24Hz to TVs that can support it.

    3. Compatibility with IR commands from Harmony universal remote controls.

  119. Ray says:

    +1 for Volume Control on the remote! I hate having to buy a clunky third-party device to scotch tape on to the Fire TV’s remote. Lameness.

  120. oppman29 says:

    I would love to be able to download skype and be able to connect one of my usb cameras… maybe asking too much here

  121. K dot says:

    Enable usb to connect my hard drives with video one.i have a 3Tb drive with my blu rays and would like to add the to the fire tv movie library.

  122. Phil says:

    Please Amazon unlock hardware VC1 decode. We know the hardware is capable – just pay the licence – or give the customer the option to unlock for a fee (small though!) – create a VC1 unlock App

  123. Ken says:

    The ability for the operating system to utilize the SD Card memory for all applications like Kodi without having to Tweak the it.

  124. Al says:

    Global option to switch off any non prime content.

    I am surprised to see that this hasn’t been voiced before. I would like to make efficient use of the content I have already paid for and not wade through offers I will not consider anyway.

  125. Seb says:

    Better Bluetooth handling. If you pair Bluetooth headphones with Fire TV (1st Gen) it is a mess. Crashes, delays, long pauses, maxed out CPU usage…

    Really Amazon, fix it!

  126. Marcel jeannin says:

    Vudu to be added or just accept ultraviolet downloads then I wouldn’t have to ask for vudu app.
    Fox News instead of cnn blah
    Have an answer for how many presidents were there in the twenties. No answer

  127. HeyRadar says:

    Here is my list, but the main reason I don’t use my Fire TV devices, is its app selection. It’s still missing many major apps and got tired of switching devices.

    – Remote with basic TV buttons
    – Remote with CUSTOMIZABLE quick launch buttons
    – Remote finder
    – MicroSD slot on stick
    – OTA integration
    – DVR ability w/ability to stream to other devices.

    – Universal account for app sign-in
    – Missing major apps: Vudu, Google Video, Crunchyroll!!, Nick, Syfy, etc.
    – Ultraviolet support
    – User Profiles for Prime Videos
    – Better support for those without Prime accounts. I only recommend the Fire TV to those who have Amazon Prime, otherwise I recommend the Roku.
    – Easier navigation (don’t have new UI yet)

    • xnamkcor says:

      Even Android doesn’t have a Google Video app. The site and service are dead. YouTube took over Google’s video hosting.

      And YouTube is usable on Fire TV without root just by installing the gapps in the right order and rebooting after each install, then running the account manager and signing in.

  128. HeyRadar says:

    New screen mirroring ability. (This needed its own entry)

    Miracast is dead! Google controls the phones and tablets, and Google is disabling Miracast on devices running Android 6 and later. (There are a few model exceptions.)

    But the fact is, without devices that are compatible with Miracast, then Miracast will die.

    So Amazon needs a new way to do screen mirroring. Maybe by using the new Android 5. screen mirroring api (similar to TeamViewer). Or maybe support Chromecast. Or force Google to re-enable Miracast.

  129. Keith says:

    Honestly? Ditch the new user interface! It’s awful – change for change’s sake.

  130. Oli says:

    – Ability to RENAME Fire TVs with visibility to apps and Network devices
    (example: if you own more than one FireTV and you got Plex up and running, it is impossible to control multiple FireTV boxes with their Plex Apps from Amazon echo with Plex skill, because all of them are just called “Fire TV” and there’s no way to Change that and be visible for Plex skill or Plex Server.

    – Full control of different Fire TV via Amazon Echo (German) including starting apps

    Go for it, it is needed… who needs remote controls These days?

  131. Penny says:

    I lost my fire tv remote and I’m having to use the app to control fire tv now. I would like something that helps me find the remote like asking alexa on the app to make the remote make a loud noise or a GPS on it so that alexa can find it. I’m not paying $30 for another remote.

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