Westinghouse’s four Amazon Fire TV Edition televisions pass FCC approval

Westinghouse’s four upcoming Fire TV Edition televisions have just gone through FCC approval. This should mean the sets are inching closer to launching in the US. These are the televisions that were announced at CES at the start of the year. These televisions will be the first to run Amazon’s Fire OS as their primary operating system, the same OS on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

The four Westinghouse models receiving FCC approval are the WA43UFA1001, WA50UFA1001, WA55UFA1001, and WA65UFA1001, which correspond to the 43″, 50″, 55″, and 65″ screen sizes respectively. As expected, all four telvisions feature the exact same specs and features, apart from having different screen sizes.

There will also be four Seiki branded and four Element branded televisions released, but all models, regardless of branding, will all feature the same specs and all be manufactured by the same company, Tongfang Global. The Seiki and Element televisions do not appear to have gone through FCC approval yet.

At CES, the representative from these television’s manufacturer told me they were hoping for a launch of all models around June of this year. Seeing these televisions pass through FCC approval now is a good sign that launching around June may still happen.

  1. Mike U says:

    Just a thought, is it possible this mid range Fire TV device you saw is going to be these TV’s?

  2. Richard says:

    Dang. Westinghouse. My uncle had a Westinghouse big screen tv he bought at best buy and it was astonishingly bad. (of course he bought it because it was the cheapest 55 inch tv at Best Buy)

    It had an incomprehensible remote control; one of those where if you hit wrong button trying to dig into a menu, it resets EVERYTHING. And whomever designed it didn’t even have a third grade understanding of UI.

    It also had the worst speaker in the history of TVs… seriously it was just the worst, most terrible sound ever.

    Which is fine, because you just plug a patch cord from the “headphones” outlet into your soundbar… until the headphone outlet stopped working after 6 months.

    Which is fine, because it has a 1 year warranty, until you realize that westinhouse expects you to find a giant box, wrap up the tv, and ship it to california at your expense, for them to fix the thing. And they implied it might take up to two months to get it back, if I remember right. Basically it would almost cost my uncle more to get his free, warranteed fix than it would to get a new TV.

    just an awful experience with this manufacturer.

  3. Keith says:

    I don’t know about this. Ive decided Im going to upgrade to 4k but have been taking my time, mostly because there are SO many affordable and nice options.
    I want to keep my budget below $900 and am surprised at what I can get for that
    65″ Vizio for $798 at Walmart
    Before I started looking, I never considered a large curved 4k TV to come in at my price point, but they are. Ive come across brand names 55 to 60″ curved display for under $800
    Im also not in a hurry because my vizio 55″ 3D capable TV I bought in early 2010 still performs like a champ. Back then I thought I was taking a chance. Vizio wasn’t a name that was equated with quality, but Id DEFINITELY buy another. Only bring it up because yeah Westinghouse is crap but if Amazon’s willing to take ownership of this deal, they’re very good at customer service and that might mean they have a serious interest in overseeing at least a minimal standard of quality.

  4. Terrance says:

    Westinghouse just filed for chapter 11.

  5. Bob Walters says:

    You WON’T believe this but the Westinghouse WA65UFA1001 was one of the TVs in the 2017 “Shootout”. This SHOOTOUT is for high end TVs that are UHD as well as HDR. Tell me WHY is this TV even a contestant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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