Westinghouse shows off possible new Fire TV Edition television at CES 2018

Images provided by CordCuttersNews.com

A year ago at CES, Amazon debuted the current Fire TV Edition televisions from Element and Westinghouse. This year, despite evidence of 2nd generation TVs being in the works, Fire OS on new TVs has been nearly nonexistent at CES. The only new Fire TV Edition television being shown is one from Westinghouse that is not quite ready for an official announcement.

Huge thanks to Luke from CordCuttersNews.com for taking these photos for me. I spoke to Westinghouse about the new TV, but unfortunately couldn’t find time in my schedule to see it in person.

Image provided by CordCuttersNews.com

Westinghouse says that this new Fire TV Edition television is currently being shown to partners to gauge interest and opinion. While they say it’s more likely than not to be officially announced and released later this year, this exact television may not be made available to consumers. The new TV is similar to the existing Westinghouse TVs running Fire OS, thanks to its thin bezels and similar stance, but the big difference is the thinness of this new TV.

Image provided by CordCuttersNews.com

Westinghouse says the specs of this new TV will be very similar to those of the existing Fire TV Edition televisions. They’re not ready to talk about specifics, since they’ll likely change between now and when this TV is released, tht is, if it is released at all. This new TV, being shown off of the show floor, is 4K but unfortunately not HDR, however, that could also change.

Image provided by CordCuttersNews.com

With no official 2nd generation Fire TV Edition televisions being announced quite yet, this new Westinghouse TV is the only new hardware running Fire OS that I’ve heard of at CES this year. I’m sure we’ll see official announcements for new Fire TV Edition televisions from Westinghouse and other manufacturers in the coming months, but for now, we only get this small taste of what’s to come.

  1. theSuperStar says:

    No HDR, deal breaker.

    • Joe says:

      Agreed. I picked up a 55″ Fire TV Edition for $320 over the holidays from Target but decided to return it. We have Fire Sticks on all our TVs and as much as I like a bargain, picture quality remains my #1 consideration. Build Fire OS into a mid-tier screen and I’d be a happy camper.

    • clocks says:

      Yes, it’s crazy to buy a new large screen tv without dvr at this point.

    • OG Charlie says:

      Yup. I don’t understand the point of these Fire TV televisions when Roku’s doing the same thing but with HDR support.

      • clocks says:

        I have one of the Roku TVs, and I must say, the HDR is worthless IMO. Even Consumer Reports rated it’s HDR as “ineffective”.

  2. Bob says:

    Westinghouse? Didn’t they make toasters in the 70’s?

  3. Andy says:

    Why Westinghouse !? You’d have thought they’d have learned their lesson after Element ?

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