Wemo smart light switch on sale for $29.99 with Alexa compatibility

The Wemo Smart Light Switch has just gone on sale for $29.99. This switch allows you to replace any light switch so that the connected lights can be controlled through Alexa or through a mobile app. Of course, the light switch still works as a regular physical switch. This sale price is just $1 higher than the lowest price this switch has ever been, which was during Black Friday 2016. This light switch is the #1 best-selling light switch on all of Amazon.

  1. David Flannery says:

    I question the accuracy of saying this will replace **any** switch. Doesn’t it require a neutral line in the box? And can it work in 3-way circuits?

  2. David W says:

    From Amazon: works with any one-way connection light switch (not compatible with 3-way) and requires a neutral wire.

    Also noticed the price is back to $39.99 now…

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