Watch BBC, iTV, and 35+ more UK channels for Free with new Mediahhh app

Mediahhh TV is a new Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick app that lets you stream 40 different Live UK channels completely for FREE. The best part is, unlike other similar apps, there are no geographic restrictions or activation requirements. You don’t even need to sign up for anything. Just install the app and you’ll be flipping through live streams of popular UK channels in seconds.


The app currently offers 40 channels in its lineup. There are several BBC channels to choose from, including BBC News. The official BBC News app doesn’t even offer a Live stream like the one in Mediahhh TV. Also included are seven different iTV channels. You’ll also recognize some familiar US networks in the bunch, like Food Network and a couple CBS channels.


The app interface is fairly sparse. Once loaded, there will be a live preview of the current channel in the upper left of the screen. Under that is a description of what’s currently playing. On the right is a program guide-of-sorts which lists what shows and movies that will be airing next. If you don’t press any remote buttons for several seconds, the video will expand to full screen. Pressing RIGHT or LEFT at any time, whether in full screen mode or while viewing the program information, will change channels.


Pressing and holding the remote’s SELECT button will bring up a paginated list of all available channels. Selecting a channel from the list immediately loads that channel, so you don’t have to “flip” through channels to get to what you want to watch.

The image quality of most channels is standard definition at best, but considering everything is entirely free, you won’t be hearing complaints about it from me. Mediahhh TV is great for when you’re not sure what to watch or feel a little nostalgic to the yesteryears of blind channel flipping nirvana.

  1. Shag says:

    Great App!

    I wonder how long this will last? Aren’t there copyright issues?

    • atoneapone says:

      yes, I hope it lasts all Summer long & maybe into Fall. But free things never last forever.

    • AFTVnews says:

      The legality is questionable. From my understanding, they’re essentially taking free over-the-air (antenna broadcast) content and re-transmitting it over the internet. The FCC wants to make this legal, while the content networks want to make it illegal. I’m not familiar with the situation in the UK where the streams in this app originate.

      • steve hudson says:

        Mediahhh TV has also stopped working in Germany on my Amazon Fire TV

        I just get the following message ” No Channels Available in your region ”

        I have however got there windows version which is connected to the same network/router as the Amazone Fire TV and this works fine
        so I cannot see it be a locaton or region problem

    • freenet says:

      Not long. As of Nov 14th, I noticed Mediahhh TV has been blocked in the US.

  2. lowbee says:

    I haven’t try it yet but reviews on say the picture/video quality is bad

  3. Jo says:

    This is very interesting as Mediahhh (bizarre name) is white labelling FilmOn. The streams are effectively the same as FilmOn’s free package, but at this stage I’m not seeing any ads.

    FilmOn stream their UK channels throughout Europe without geo-restrictions, so if this is available around the world, I wouldn’t be surprised that this will be restricted sooner than later.

    This is NOT standard definition though, and nowhere near it. It is a clearly sub-SD feed, and averages around 750kbps. Keeping in mind that an average SD stream requires normally around 1500kbps.

  4. fjtorres says:

    How quickly people forget.
    The quality is analog SD, not digital SD.
    Quite watchable and worth getting if only for the BBC NEWS feed.

    • fjtorres says:

      Oh, and how watchable it is will depend on screen size.
      Fine at 42″, probably less so at 70″.

    • Jo says:

      In today’s terminology it is simply not SD. It is not even SD in yesterdays technology either, but since we can’t compare with that easily, lets not.

      But today television is digital, whether we are talking from our Satellite, Cable, terrestrial or via broadband, and this is not SD.

      • fjtorres says:

        SD is just a resolution (pixel count) metric, not a video quality metric. It is easy to find horribly over-compressed HD that is lower quality than a well-mastered DVD.

        And pretty much all cable systems stil deliver analog SD video to support vintage TV sets still in use.
        So no, all video is not digital.

        • Jo says:

          Interesting point, but in this part of the world at least, you will be very hard-pressed to find analogue television, and since this is about television channels in this part of the world, I think we can safely say we are talking digital across the board here.

          That settled, there are indeed different quality levels of SD and HD, but even at a purely visual quality level, this stream is sub-SD to anyone looking at it. If I compare this to a terrestrial or satellite feed from the BBC at SD (and that is how most people do watch the BBC in the UK), this looks considerably worse.

          However, if I look at a Zattoo HiQ feed of the BBC which is also available on the AFTV, that is much closer (and almost indistinguishable) from HD.

          UK cord cutters have a lot of choice when it comes to live TV streams over the Internet, as all the main Networks can be accessed via multiple sources. The AFTV also has TVPlayer which is still sub-SD, but only just. When compared directly to Mediahhh, TVPlayer definitely comes out on top, but it still falls slightly short to a terrestrial or satellite feed.

          But of course, feel free to call it all SD if you must, but at least add an adjective before it so you can clarify how goo it looks… e.g. crap-SD, shit-SD, gosh-it’s-good-SD etc…

  5. Jack Astor says:

    I love it, I am a cable cutter and I watch this more than anything else.

    I have no issue with the picture quality on my 32″ led tv, but then I could give two craps about HD.

    I have had it sidedloaded for awhile, I wish they wouldn’t have added it, I like it being a hidden gem.

  6. John says:

    This is BRILLIANT, but now that the cat is out of the bag it probably will not last too long. Other option is to use VPN/SmartDNS and use the official BBC iPlayer, iTVPlayer, etc but not sure if that is possible on the Amazon Fire TV/Stick

    • AMR says:

      STV is the Scottish ITV and is available on stick and non-stick Fire TV if a Scottish postal code (zip code) is entered. It has all the ITV shows. Not all smart DNS providers cover STV. doesn’t. Unotelly does.

  7. John says:

    unfortunately for me the app doesn’t work. I can get audio but no picture.
    Is it something that anyone has noticed as well?

  8. Bevan says:

    Yeah, same issue on my really old version firmware aftv, however works on my up to firmware aftv, may need to upgrade firmware…

  9. David Star says:

    Works great, except SKY News (blank screen).

  10. Brandy says:

    Does anyone have trouble getting DAVE on the app? I can’t get it to play.

  11. Robert says:

    So you wouldn’t recommend it ? I have freeview plus with recordable box is it any good me getting the fire stick?

  12. Shari says:

    I just tried to download it for my Firestick and Amazon says it is not available in my area (US) L(

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