Warning message banner on Firefox for Fire TV is permanent — Must rollback update to remove the banner

Opening the latest version of Firefox for Fire TV now displays a warning banner at the top informing you that the app will no longer be supported after April 30, 2021. The banner remains present even while browsing web pages. I asked Mozilla about the banner and they told me that it is permanent and that there is no way for users to dismiss it. The only time the banner is not present is when watching a video in full-screen. That means, if you want to continue using Firefox for Fire TV without a warning banner at the top, you’ll need to uninstall the new 4.8 version and sideload the older 4.7.1 version. You can do that by following this guide and entering code 2131 (or aftv.news/2131) in my Downloader app. That said, you really should consider using the Silk Browser on your Fire TV instead because Firefox will continue to become more and more vulnerable to attack as time passes, since it is no longer being updated.

  1. For anyone reading this after April 30, 2021 who wants to sideload v4.8 and live with the banner, you can do so with code 2132 (or aftv.news/2132) in my Downloader app.

    • Rik Emmett says:

      Are there any other updates to v4.8 besides the banner?

      • There don’t seem to be any other noticeable updates between the two versions, but there are definitely more changes behind the scenes than just the banner being added. The Github source has had hardly anything changed since the 4.7.1 version, but it doesn’t show any reference to this 4.8 version so it’s hard to say if everything in 4.8 is on Github. I decompiled the two APKs and there are about 100 files that differ between the two versions, so it’s definitely more than just an added banner.

        • Rik Emmett says:

          They screwed up the video on one web site. Switched over to Silk and it works correctly.

        • allegator says:

          I downloaded 4.7.1 from your site, but unfortunately it does not stick for me. At least once a day it seems to phone home and update to 4.8 with the banner. Anything you can think of to stop this behavior?

        • allegator says:

          The big problem with switching to the Silk browser for me are all the popups on the sites I go to. Is there a good (and light) popup blocker out there for Silk?

  2. Lenin says:

    wonder if this has to do with firefox stand on web tracking…

    • Danner says:

      I doubt it, it likely has to do with Firefox for Fire TV not having a big user base and they’d like to focus their development attention elsewhere.

  3. Rik Emmett says:

    All I use Firefox for is to watch videos that are banned from Youtube. Some sites work better on Firefox and some work better on Silk.

  4. Gerard Pinzone says:

    Is there any way to prevent 4.7.1 from updating to 4.8? It makes no sense for Firefox to still be offered on the Amazon app store.

    • Rik Emmett says:

      Uninstall 4.8 and side load 4.7.1 and it won’t update to 4.8 again. The instructions and the links are in this article. I’m using the silk browser as Elias instructed. Neither browser will let me watch bitchute videos in full screen anymore.

      • allegator says:

        I sideloaded 4.7.1 and it does keep updating to 4.8 with the banner. I haven’t found any way to prevent it :(

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