Walmart’s Onn Android TV streaming box is a rebranded Dynalink / Google ADT-3 reference design

It turns out that Walmart’s Android TV Onn UHD Streaming Device is just a rebranded Dynalink Android TV Box, which is itself actually just Google’s ADT-3 developer reference design that is manufactured by Askey. I didn’t know it when I was reviewing Walmart’s box, but several helpful commenters lead to that realization. Running AIDA64, which lists hardware details, on the Onn streamer does show that it is manufactured by Askey. It also lists the model number as “sti6140d360” which differs from the Dynalink box’s model number by just one digit.

The fact that this device is just a generic box being sold under many different names explains how Walmart was able to get the price so low. At Walmart’s massive scale, they certainly were able to negotiate the price down far more than other companies that have rebranded this hardware. Add to that the availability of a remote that is also generic, which means it’s likely cheap to produce, and you’ve got a combination that can be sold for $30.

Don’t expect this device to receive timely updates just because it is Google’s reference design. Google released Android 11 to their ADT-3 developer device 8 months ago in September 2020, but all these rebranded versions are still running Android 10. In fact, I expect that these rebranded devices will receive even fewer updates than an Android TV made in-house by a smaller company.

The remote included with Walmart’s Onn streamer is one of the few reasons to buy the device, since the streamer itself is plagued with software issues. While I couldn’t get it to control my TV, if it works for you it’s a pretty decent remote. TW Electronics is the manufacturer of this remote, but they are not selling it to consumers. Since this remote will be used by numerous Android TV boxes, I think it’s only a matter of time before it will be available for purchase on its own, if you’re interested in picking one up.

  1. ricklar says:

    According to @AndroidTV_Rumor this new reference design remote keylayout was added to the last 2020-Chromecast software update, so you can pair and use the remote with the Chromecast instead. I know what a waste buy a new device just for the remote, lol, but in the mean time you’ll get use to the remote till the Onn device gets better with software updates, if you already have the Chromecast.

  2. Alan says:

    I purchased 3 of these devices and did not have the same issues, the remote paired fine, the colors on 4k YouTube were great. When streaming some services such as live tv I got a little washed color but that could have been the stream. I got DTS and true HD audio to work thru my Plex. The device is decent for the price

  3. Ethan says:

    I purchased both the Dynalink Android TV box and the Onn Android TV box. I have not opened either of them. I want to take 1 of them back. Which one should I return for a full refund?

    • Tough call. Both? Just kidding. If you don’t have TV picture issues with it like I did, I’d keep the Onn streamer because it has a better remote.

      • Ethan says:

        Today I have taken the Dynalink Android TV box back for a full refund. Another factor was the cost. The Onn Android TV Box is cheaper than the Dynalink Android TV box. If both Android TV boxes are the same under the hood, it would be smarter to return the more expensive Android TV box. Thank you for the advice.

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