Walmart’s next 1080p Onn Streaming Device passes through FCC approval

With the recent release of its 2nd-gen Onn 4K Streaming Box, Walmart appears to be ready to replace its first 1080p Onn Streaming Stick with a new non-4K device. A new “onn. Full HD Streaming Device” has just passed through FCC approval, as spotted by Zatz Not Funny!. While the new device will probably function identically to the existing 1080p Onn Streaming Stick, it appears as though Walmart is going with a box form factor this time.

When Walmart submitted the existing Onn Streaming Stick to the FCC in 2021, it was explicitly labeled as a “Streaming Stick.” This new model, which is presumed to replace the Onn Streaming Stick, makes no mention og “Stick” in the name. Further evidence that the next 1080p Onn device will be a box is the inclusion of an HDMI cable with the device, according to the FCC documents. The new device also includes “Google TV” in the name, which suggests it will run the newer interface of Android TV.

The switch from a stick form factor to a box is likely a cost-saving measure. Even when you factor in the cost of the included HDMI cable, it’s still typically cheaper to produce a box than a stick. This is why all of Roku’s budget streaming devices are boxes instead of sticks. With the 2nd-gen Onn 4K Steaming Box currently selling for $19.88 at Walmart, it’s probably safe to assume the new 1080p Onn device will retail for just under $15. While that’s a fantastic price, you’re probably still better off spending the extra $5 for the 4K model even if you don’t plan to use it on a 4K TV, thanks to the improved performance that the 4K model will likely have.

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