Walmart updates Onn 4K Pro listing to remove premium remote

Walmart has updated the images on its listing of the Onn 4K Pro. When the listing first appeared at the start of the month, the images showed a more premium remote that included backlit buttons. The updated images now show the standard remote without backlit buttons.

The premium remote that comes with backlit buttons is easy to identify because it is also the version that comes with a large blue “Free TV” button. The remotes without a backlight are also missing the blue button. Apart from a few unsubstantiated comments I’ve come across, it does seem as though both versions of the remote do include a remote finder, as is demonstrated in this review video, which shows the standard remote beeping after the button on the front of the Onn 4K Pro is pressed.

While the introduction of new images showcasing the standard remote seems to suggest that Walmart is continuing with the non-premium remote, this may not necessarily be the situation. That’s because Onn 4K Pro boxes that include the premium remote actually have a more recent manufacturing date.

On the side of the box, just below the serial number barcode, is the manufacturing date indicator in the format YYWWA, where YY is the last two digits of the year and WW is the week it was manufactured. Onn 4K Pro boxes that include the premium remote appear to have manufacturing dates of 2410A, 2411A, and 2412A. Boxes that have dates of 2405A through 2408A include the standard remote. I have not yet seen anyone post about boxes labeled as 2409A.

Since it’s the more recently manufactured units that include the premium remote, Walmart might be in the process of transitioning production from the standard remote to the premium remote and has changed its listing images temporarily due to upset buyers complaining. Time will tell which remote Walmart plans to include moving forward. In the meantime, if you’re purchasing one in person and care about which remote you receive, it’s easy enough to take a quick peek in the box before checking out because the box is not sealed in any way.

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  1. JC says:

    That’s fascinating. Does anyone know if you can view content from flash drives that hold more than 32 GB on Onn devices?

    • ZoZo says:

      Yes it will.Better though,if you format the drive as should work fine.

    • Scott says:

      Picked one up last weekend. It works with Kodi and an unpowered 4tb HDD. The Live section is pretty cool too because it consolidates the TV channels you get from Pluto, Plex, etc. It’s every bit as good as my old Nvidia Shield was for a quarter the price.

  2. KAO says:

    Out of Stock I’ll wait till Black Friday so its even cheaper.. Not sure why people rush to buy a new device so quick..

    • streaming_sooner says:

      Well, some of us were already ready to upgrade to a new device. And this one came along at just the right time. That OK? ;)

    • clocks says:

      The thing is $50. You are going to wait six months until Black Friday, to save like $20, if it goes on sale at all? lol

      • Zeric says:

        It’s not that much of an upgrade to the existing one that is $20. I might consider at $25. Everyone is different in what features are important and what they will pay for them.

        • Hat says:

          If you don’t need Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, bigger ram/rom, Handsfree Google Assistant
          Agreed, it’s not much upgrade. No reason to upgrade at al. But still few user telling its snappier then the previous version

          • Junior says:

            Just because people are saying it’s snappy doesn’t mean eventually snappiness is going to go as the usage continues it slows down. But you get what you paid for. This buying better devices and better memory and ram is better options.

          • clocks says:

            I have wondered about this also. A lot of people are saying it is fast, but I wonder if any of that is just due to it being a fresh install without months/years or clutter and updates slowing the box down.

          • D says:

            It has ethernet, no lag, happy with the remote. Def worth the upgrade from Chromecast 4k.

      • Streamer says:

        Yes because its not worth 50 even with those spec seems like the Mibox with just more storage.

    • Richard says:

      I have 2 of them. Absolutely love them. In my opinion, certain firesticks might be in trouble

  3. streaming_sooner says:

    I can confirm that the non-“premium” remote does indeed beep (like crazy!) when the Find My Remote button is pressed on the front of the box.

    Personally, I’m glad I didn’t get the one with the Big Blue Button. I’m not really into button mapping, and I think it would be just a hindrance. I have enough trouble with accidental button presses taking me out of what I’m watching …as it is!

  4. William Scoular says:

    I have the big free button but not backlit code 2412

    • Are you certain? Try taking it into a dark room because the backlight is hard to see in most lit rooms. You’re the first I’ve seen to say they have the Free TV button but no backlight.

      • SuperD says:

        I ordered onlne they delivered It within a couple of hours, called them told them about the remote and they sent me another ONN Box the next day 4 free. still had the Non-Backlite button but It was free!!

  5. EmoBrianEno says:

    We sorry about what we said about the big button, please give us back the backlight, large ‘free tv’ button so cool!

  6. Bobby Wasabi says:

    Maybe the LED’s are still on the non premium remote just maybe will be activated through a future update.

  7. dazpirat says:

    Tried a 128 gigabyte pen drive and it played the movie I had on it.

    • JC says:

      Thanks. I’m looking to use a 256 GB or a 512. What Onn device were you using? Did you have to format the drive?

      • K says:

        I’ve used a 1TB hard drive with the onn. 4K Pro. Just make sure you format it as exFAT & it should be fine.

        • JC says:

          Thank you. I think that my SanDisk flash drives are in NTFS format. I’ll try to convert them to exFAT if I switch to an Onn device.

  8. Michael says:

    I just received a new Onn 4K Pro with a 2409A date code (built in Vietnam). It’s remote has the back-lit buttons and big Free TV addressable one.

  9. 00Mackman says:

    I heard this is the numbers you should be looking for for the different remotes.

    FreeTV button/backlit No FreeTV button/

    2411A 2405A
    2409A 2408A

    • 00Mackman says:

      FreeTV button and backlit remote models are 2409A,2410A,2411A.
      No FreeTV button and no backlit remote models are 2405A and 2408A.There may be more models listed later.

  10. David King says:

    I bought mine before the updated listing and called and made them refund me for the lack of premium remote. The remote finder is still on then other one tho

  11. 00Mackman says:

    I heard the ones with the FreeTV button and backlit remote models are 2409A,2410A,2411A.

  12. Kary says:

    Oh no! No “Free TV” button! How will I cope? ;-)

    • clocks says:

      It’s more about the backlight. A lot of people like that feature.

      • Charles Knebel says:

        The backlights only accomplishment is that it eats up the battery much sooner.

        • clocks says:

          And lights up the buttons.

          • I feel dirty saying it, but, now that I’ve remapped it, I’ll probably miss the Free TV button more than the backlight. The placement right under the Home button and the big size make it so easy to press without looking. I press Home to wake up the device (and power everything on via CEC) and then immediately slide down a bit to hit the Free TV button to open my most used app. Much easier to hit without looking than remapped app shortcut buttons.

          • clocks says:

            I still have not setup the unit I got with the non-backlit remote. Not sure if I should return it, and wait for one with the better remote, or if the backlight is really that much of a battery drain, not having a light sensor.

          • JFC says:

            “I feel dirty saying it, but, now that I’ve remapped it, I’ll probably miss the Free TV button more than the backlight.”

            Ohh how the wheel has turned from BSD!!! :-)

  13. Noname says:

    Love my $20 Onn box. It has already replaced one of my 4K Max Fire sticks, but the Onn remote is easily the worst thing about it. There’s almost no tactile feel between the circular navigation button, the select button in the middle, and the rest of the remote. It’s all too flat. The Fire remotes do a lot better with this. Hoping the $50 box remote is better and fixes this but honestly, that’s a huge price bump. Definitely waiting.

    The “free TV” app on my $20 doesn’t work for me anyway. Apparently my network ad blocker blocks something it requires to work so every show just errors out. Pluto works fine, as does everything else. I can’t adjust the ad block so unfortunately it will just stay broken for me.

  14. Ethan says:

    My Onn 4K pro was delivered today. I received a 2405A Onn 4K pro today, so I did not receive the backlit premium remote with the blue FREE TV button. This is unacceptable. I see all my area local Super Walmarts also got them in stock. I plan to be taking mine back to a Super Walmart store in exchange for a 2410A, 2411A, or 2412A Onn 4k pro. Hopefully they will have them.

  15. TravelingMan says:

    I was hoping to replace my Fire TV 4K Max with this. I could not install the AHL app, or Pureflix. As well, 4K resolution only lets me choose 29Hz, rather than the 60Hz supported by the FireTV 4K Max. These were all deal breakers for me. I sent mine back. I have the older Onn Box in my travel bag for use when I’m in a hotel, but have to watch the AHL hockey games on my phone, as it won’t let me install the app..

  16. Newbious says:

    Most people just want to have o e to say there have it. No performance improvement. Just a couple of google tricks.

  17. Jackie says:

    Super smooth experience for me – 3gb ram makes all the difference. Got the non-backlit remote – not a deal breaker for me.
    Plus, if you have Walmart+ you can get 3 months of premium for free (if you have not subscribed before). A nice deal – new onn streamer + youtube premium.

    • Toosoon says:

      3gb is not enough ram, even the MiBox had 3gb of ram and was god awfully slow after 6 months of use. Also Android 12 sucks it will never see an update for this you will be stuck. You will be out buy another device later on enjoy you show read and watch more reviews and long term before a purchase.

      • Jackie says:

        Strong opinion based on a sample of ONE with different hardware – lol. Google created the FACTORY RESET option with users like you in mind.

  18. Charles Knebel says:

    Has anybody downloaded the CBS app on this new box? It does not show up on the ribbon listing all of my apps on the front/home page. But when I go into my settings it shows up as being installed under the Apps section. Has anybody run into the same problem?

  19. Ethan says:

    The local area Super Walmarts in my area are scheduled to get the Onn4K pro in 2 days, and I found out they are getting the 2410A, 2411A, or 2412A Onn 4k pro models. I was too quick to order the Onn 4k pro online, because I did not get the premium backlit remote with the Free TV button. I already took my Onn 4k pro back to a Super Walmart, and they asked me why when according to the Manager, “these streaming TV boxes are extremely in demand. We get calls all the time for this TV box and you’re taking yours back?”. Yep, because I did not get the correct remote which was advertised. Unacceptable.

    • Tom says:

      What location are you shopping in that they told you they are getting the Pro models with the backlit remotes?

  20. Ethan says:

    UPDATE: Went to my local area Super Walmart here in south-eastern Virginia yesterday. The Electronics department Manager and the Associates don’t know what they are talking about. Asked an Associate to open the glass case for me, and I found that all of the Onn 4k pros in the glass case are all 2405A models. Which means these Onn 4k pros do not come with the backlit premium remote with the Fee TV blue button. The Super Walmart I went to is in a rural area, so I don’t see them ever getting more Onn 4k pros in till they are sold out (which will never happen).
    The only time I have seen that someone was able to get the backlit premium remote with the Free TV blue button is the host of Cord Cutters News on YouTube,
    Where does he live that he was able to get a Onn 4k pro with the backlit premium remote with the Free TV blue button?

    • Ethan says:

      He lives in California. All the price gouging Ebay listings that have the backlit premium remote with the Free TV blue button are also in California. It will be over a year till the east coast will get the 2410A, 2411A, or 2412A Onn 4k pro models.

      • John says:

        Actually the host of Cord Cutters News lives in Michigan. One of the Walmart’s in Michigan had an order of over 700 boxes with the Free TV button accidently diverted to a Goodwill store where they were selling the boxes for $1.99 before they realized that they were not actually a donation. I bought three of them but don’t like the remote because they eat up the battery quickly. I am looking to see if I can replace/purchase just the remotes separately that are not backlighted. The Walmart store never got the boxes back as the Goodwill store sold all of them while other Walmart’s in the area are showing them as being available for purchase in store.

    • Jackie says:

      I agree with Ethan, the blue button should be called “The Fee Button”!
      Oh, that’s a typo?

  21. streaming_sooner says:

    Sorry, but I don’t get how the “premium” moniker keeps being applied to the remote with the garish Big Blue (redundant) Button.
    Ok, the buttons are backlit–badly, if the photo by Elias is any indication. :/ That’s what makes the remote so “premium”?
    It’s the SAME remote, functionally. And what’s worse is… it’s the same quite cheaply made remote, that apparently has very little QC. I like the Onn Pro, but like my original Onn 4K experience, the remote feels like it will brick at any given moment.

    Make a better remote, Onn/Walmart! Something that could actually be deemed “premium”. If anyone has a suggestion for a better quality universal remote that will work with the Onn device, please share. :)

    • JFC says:

      Yup…. I like my (prior model) Onn TV devices a lot and they’re now my main streaming devices… But the feel of the remote that came with them does feel kinda cheap and non-ergonomic. And the button presses aren’t as smooth and sure as they were on my now binned Fire TV device models, even though they have more control buttons and are more customizable. I too would be interested in Onn TV device alternate remote options.

  22. Tom says:

    I still haven’t seen any videos with people who have the backlit remote and showing how good or not so good it illuminates in the dark. If they are out there, there should be some videos by now. We know there are at least two versions of the remote, but the lack of evidence of the backlit remote seems strange to me.

    • streaming_sooner says:

      From the photo that Elias posted on the article about the Big Blue Button, the backlight looks pretty shabby. Light ‘leaking’ out around the buttons. Not surprising really, the Onn remotes seem really cheaply made.

  23. BM says:

    My local Walmart has 2413A. Does anyone know if 2413A has the premium remote with blue button and backlit?

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