Walmart releases $50 Onn 4K Pro streamer w/ 32GB Storage, 3GB RAM, WiFi 6, hands-free voice control, and more

Walmart has released its all-new Onn 4K Pro streaming device running Google TV with impressive specs and an equally impressive price of $49.88. While the new streaming box isn’t listed yet on Walmart’s website, YouTuber SUPERDELL-TV was able to purchase it in-store and has revealed all of its specs. Initial leaks seemed to suggest the new “Pro” model would be positioned to take on Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K Max, leaving the existing Onn 4K box to compete with Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K and Google’s Chromecast 4K, but the real target seems to be the Fire TV Cube as the Onn 4K Pro doubles as a Google Home Mini smart speaker through its built-in speaker and far-filed microphones for hands-free voice control.

Much like the sides of the Fire TV Cube, the top of the new Onn 4K Pro is covered in fabric mesh to allow the speaker underneath to be heard. Much like the Google Home Mini smart speaker, there are four LED lights under the mesh to signal when the device has heard its “Hey Google” wake word. A physical microphone mute switch is available on the side and the device ships with hands-free voice capabilities disabled until you press the microphone button for the first time, at which point it asks if you want to turn the feature on. I suspect the Onn 4K Pro does not have a built-in IR blaster, like the Fire TV Cube, and, instead, relies on HDMI-CEC for device control, but that has yet to be confirmed.

Even if you have no interest in its hands-free control and smart speaker capabilities, there is plenty to like about the Onn 4K Pro’s other specs. Under the hood appears to be an Amlogic S905X4 Quad-core Cortex-A55 CPU clocked at 2 GHz and a Mali-G31 MP2 GPU. While that SoC isn’t going to surpass the raw performance of the 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube or Shield TV, it should easily outperform the Onn 4K box, Chromecast 4K, and may give the 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick 4K Max a run for its money.

More impressive than the processing power of the Onn 4K Pro is its storage and memory. Walmart seems to have heard all the complaints over the 8GB of internal storage in its existing Onn streaming devices and stepped up the storage in the Onn 4K Pro to a whopping 32GB, beating out both the Fire TV Cube and Fire TV Stick 4K Max’s 16GB of storage. After installing OS and app updates, it appears that about 20GB of storage is free for your apps. The surplus specs continue with the inclusion of 3GB of RAM, whereas most competing devices cap out at just 2GB.

Connectivity for the Onn 4K Pro includes WiFi 6 802.11ax. While that’s a great step up from the WiFi 5 802.11ac found in practically every other Google/Android TV streaming device, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max and Fire TV Cube still have it beat with their WiFi 6E wireless connections. For those preferring wired connections, you’re in luck because the Onn 4K Pro also has a built-in Ethernet port, so there’s no need to use external adapters and OTG cables. The Ethernet caps out at 10/100 Mbps speeds, so you’re not going to be able to take advantage of your Gigabit Ethernet speeds on this device, but it’s still a nice inclusion on such an inexpensive streamer.

In addition to the Ethernet port and HDMI connections, you’ll also find a full-sized USB 3.0 port around the back of the Onn 4K Pro. There’s also a remote finder button on the front of the device that will play a sound on the remote when pressed. Speaking of the remote, the Onn 4K Pro comes with what looks like a slightly updated version of the standard Google-designed G10 remote, but this time it is black instead of white. In the top-right corner of the remote is now a star button where the input button used to be. This is likely the customizable “magic” button, whose existence leaked previously in Android 14 beta releases, but this hasn’t been confirmed. (Update: It’s confirmed.) The four app shortcut buttons along the bottom are for YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and the soon-to-be-sold Paramount+.

As you’d expect, the Onn 4K Pro supports both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. It’s probably safe to expect that it also supports HDR10 but whether it supports HDR10+ is unknown and, I would guess, unlikely. As with all modern Google TV devices, it supports AV1 video decoding and, while the hardware supports 64-bit architecture, it’s running in Android TV 12 in 32-bit mode.

As mentioned, the Onn 4K Pro is being sold for $49.88 already in select Walmart stores and will likely become available online in the coming weeks. While it’s quite a step up in price from the sub-$20 Onn 4K box, you’re getting quite a bit for your money when you consider it includes some specs that surpass the $139.99 Fire TV Cube, like more storage and RAM, and the $149.99 Shield TV, like WiFi 6 and hands-free smart speaker capabilities. Assuming it performs in reality as well as it seems it will on paper, it’s going to be hard for any streaming device to provide more bang-for-your-buck features than Walmart’s new Onn 4K Pro.

  1. Craig S. says:

    Tempting, Elias…but not until after Google I/O. I have to see what Google is going to do and announce first. If they release a box with voice mics? Theirs…because of better firmware support. If not? And the reviews are good for this ONN box? Then this…

  2. Norm Manis says:

    Would be great, if it had an Ethernet port. Hardwired is always best and preferred. With the upgrade, should have been Ethernet port.

    • Bob Thrasher says:

      For those preferring wired connections, you’re in luck because the Onn 4K Pro also has a built-in Ethernet port, so there’s no need to use external adapters and OTG cables. The Ethernet caps out at 10/100 Mbps speeds, so you’re not going to be able to take advantage of your Gigabit Ethernet speeds on this device, but it’s still a nice inclusion on such an inexpensive streamer.

    • J Matt says:

      I see an ethernet port and the review says there is.

    • George Ogilvie says:

      If you re-read the article it does have a an Ethernet port AND a USB port.

    • jerry says:

      Picture clearly shows the ethernet is a 100Mbs

      • discgolf4life7 says:

        You can also add a USB to Ethernet adapter and since it’s a USB 3.0 it will be able to support much faster Internet. This box looks to be stiff competition for a lot of other streaming devices. If it delivers performance that excels given the specs it’s going to kick some streaming at ass, all at the very low price of $50.

    • Shawn says:

      Look at the picture and READ the article. There’s an ethernet port!!

    • Joe says:

      They clearly state that it has an Ethernet port.

    • Auli says:

      Maybe it used to be that way. Have had no issues with Wifi and it is getting faster then hardwired.

    • DaBud says:

      It does! Read the specs.

  3. Google TV says:

    “For those preferring wired connections, you’re in luck because the Onn 4K Pro also has a built-in Ethernet port, so there’s no need to use external adapters and OTG cables.”

    • Fellapb says:

      Hi All

      Is there a way I could get one in the UK.

      • Adam says:


        What are your thoughts on international air travel?

      • Ellen says:

        Amazon sells them. However, they advertise 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB (if you scroll to the bottom of the page where it compares different kinds. Cost $28.50. I ordered the 32 GB and when it came it was only 8 GB. I had to plug it in to find out how many GB it had, 8. I called Amazon. None of their boxes tell you how many GB just their ads. Evidently they do not have any 32 GB in stock. I also looked at them on Walmart’s webpage. They were more expensive and they do not know how many GB because no where does it show on the box. I hope that helps.

  4. Paul Denman says:

    I wish we could buy this in the UK. We’re basically stuck with ad ridden Amazon or Google devices

    • tech3475 says:

      There are some alternatives, albeit niche ones, I saw a Nokia one recommended which can be bought on Amazon.

      The downside though is that it lacks official support for several services e.g. channel 4 and iplayer, depending on your needs.

    • Adam says:

      Put in a little bit of effort and swap out the home screen with Wolf Launcher or literally anything else, there’s been a few posts on this site about Launcher Manager and all it takes is to copy & paste a couple ADB commands on your computer to set it up. Check out adbLink cross-platform application for an easy front-end to using ADB.

      It’s probably a much better idea to have a well-supported device that you can get warrantry service for, if you’re in the UK. It’s one of a small handful of devices that are certified to use your streaming services, so until that changes, Fire TV is still the best bet (IMHO)

      Fire TV, sans-Amazon homescreen is actually a very nice device to run basically everything you would ever need for a media streamer, still.

      • Paul Denman says:

        I used to swap the home screen but Amazon keep aggressively blocking every method. Is it worth me doing this again and blocking updates? (which risks causing other issues)

        Since they forced full screen ads on us it is much more annoying

      • Dave says:

        Adam, you’re in for a surprise soon…Amazon have been updating the OS within the last week, wiping out the home screen customization, and making it nigh impossible to restore it. I had Wolf Launcher set to not allow Amazon updates, and it did it anyway.

        • MarsingID says:

          I could understand all their AD Garbage if they were handing them out for free but they are not. I wouldn’t buy another Fire device and I have several of them in my junk drawer. They are into a GotCha game now and have been for quite sometime. Bye-Bye Fire OS

      • Frank says:

        I have launcher manager on the old and new onn tv box, $19.88 and launcher manager works however I haven’t been able to get it to work on this onn tv pro box. Do you know a fix

        • discgolf4life7 says:

          Not sure if this helps but I installed the Wolf launcher with Launcher Manager and it installed no problem.

    • ezdiy says:

      There’s ton of generic S905X4 devices out there most people actually use. (H96max X4, Vontar X4…). Those all run plain Android TV with no cruft.

      Getting it with recognizable branding from Walmart is nice, but it’s not like it’s the only option. Walmart pretty much just puts a sticker on a generic box chinese vendors are selling for $30-$40.

      Amazon and Chromecast boxes are far less generic and locked down hardware in comparison.

  5. RedPenguin says:

    I wonder if companies will ever update their more basic devices.

    While the specs here do sound very nice, the $20 Onn meets my specific needs almost perfectly.

    I hope for the day that Fire Stick/Stick Lites & Onn FHD/4K go to 16GB while the higher devices go to 32GB/64GB.

    • Damian says:

      Yeah, nothing here that makes me want to spend more than double. Only thing interesting might be the Dolby, if I had a TV that supported it and streamed Dolby content, which is a negative on both of those for me. The $20 device is just too good for its price lol.

  6. John B. says:

    My question is, how does it compare to the Roku Ultra … that’s what has worked best for “me”

    • Ricky D Cash says:

      It will do everything any Roku does and so much more, so much more. If you just want your everyday streaming apps there is no need to move on from Roku. No device will do those any better. If you ever decide to get a bit more adventurous you’ll want to move on to an Android TV device. This one is shaping up to be the top choice in the budget price range.

  7. Manuel O'Kelly says:

    I can’t find a solution to the Kodi on Firestick issue:if you open Kodi, go he without shutting down Kodi, and then try to come back to Kodi later you get a black screen.

    My understanding is this is an issue with how the Firestick OS manages memory and there’s no fix. It’s been an issue for years now.

    This ONN box might be my solution.

  8. Nate says:

    Great report, Elias!

    These specs at that price point absolutely make this a contender provided that the real life performance matches what’s on paper.

    Any plans to add this to your CPU/GPU comparison article once you get your hands on it?

  9. Nick Barsotti says:

    Does anyone know if it supports DTS lossless formats? If so it could be a great Plex device.

  10. Adam says:

    I like seeing this.

    There’s no reason to replace my Shield yet, but it’s good to see there is a viable modern device as a landing spot if I need one.

    • Hight David says:

      Anyone know of any limitations with USB port as far as maximum storage size?

      • ezdiy says:

        I’m using generic chinese S905X4 device for couple of years together with 8TB exfat formatted external drive. There’s no real limit as far I can tell. Assuming Walmart just keeps it generic android TV as distributed by the manufacturer, and won’t do the custom Chromecast/Amazon/Roku thing of deliberately crippling it so as to lock you into some sort of ecosystem.

        Another thing to be careful about – only one of the two USB ports is USB3 on this chipset, so make sure to plug drive into correct one to get fast playback speed (4k content is almost unplayable over USB2…).

      • MarsingID says:

        I have 256gb pugged into the USB port but on my Pro, after awhile in my File Manager, (File Manager +) it longer shows and I have to do a restart for it to show up again.

  11. Florida Jeff says:

    I just got a Mecool KM2+ Deluxe, 4g/32g, Widevine L1. Seems to be a real workhorse. $140. Looking forward to comparing the new Onn. The Mecool does have the micro sd port, looks like the Onn doesnt. So, for $50, this is a definite one to explore.

  12. Oldiebeezie says:

    Great report and info. Elias, this new Onn box if beefed up significantly, with the 32GB storage, and the ethernet port, and also supports both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

  13. quantumoracle says:

    Disappointing its not Using the s905x5 running on arm v9. Guess i gotta hope new chromecast at google i/o with a s905x5.

  14. kywildcat says:

    Assuming you can you sideload any APK on this, I’d much rather use this than fire TV

    • discgolf4life7 says:

      It’s running Google TV so hell yeah, side load all you want. If the performance matches the specs this is going to be a game changer…

  15. Qnite says:

    No support for HDR10+ …? No deal.
    What will happen when you play on Samsung all those DV.HDR10+ files?

  16. Anthony says:

    Hi Folks. I would appreciate some help couple of questions about this device.
    Is it necessary to establish some kind of account with Google in order to add in Downloader? I don’t see a pause/stop button, or a FF/Back that I have on my Firestick can this be done with this?

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