Walmart may be discontinuing its Onn Streaming Stick and 4K Streaming Box

Walmart released its Android-based Onn Streaming Stick and Onn 4K Streaming Box about a year and a half ago. The devices are relatively popular, thanks to their very low everyday prices. However, it seems as though Walmart might be discontinuing both devices, as spotted by 9To5Google, because both models are no longer available for purchase online or at most stores.

These streaming devices debuted around May of last year for $14.88 for the 1080p stick and $24.88 for the 4K box. That was a rock-bottom price for any streaming device, especially one with a voice-capable remote. Since then, those prices have dropped even further to $9.88 and $19.88, that is, if you can find any of them. While some people are reporting that the streamers can still be purchased in their area, most locations, both physical and online, no longer have either model available.

It’s unknown if Walmart is just having supply issues and the devices will someday return, but being unavailable in nearly all locations isn’t a good sign for Walmart’s commitment to these devices. Given how late in the year it is and how close it is to the holidays already, it seems unlikely that Walmart is getting ready to launch updated versions of its streaming devices, but that’s a possible explanation for their absence as well.

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  1. Ethan says:

    That sucks. The price of the Onn 4K streaming box being so low made this the best Android TV box out on the market. I have 2 Onn 4K streaming boxes, and they are both very reliable. I highly recommend anyone to buy them if you can find them.

  2. John Garcia says:

    I was in Walmart and asked about Fire Tv stick and was told they only carry Roku products.

  3. Gil says:

    I’ve had the 4k box since it was released. For the most part, it’s fine. Sometimes there are casting issues that requires a reboot. Sometimes the remote simply doesn’t work with the box, although I’m still able to change volume, input, and power toggle the tv.

    It’s about what you’d expect from a Walmart product.

    • Jaime says:

      Many Onn boxes have issues with the remote, simply stop working, apparently is a problem with the Bluetooth but saddly Walmart/Onn don’t provide support. Total lack of technical support.

      • Gerald Griffith says:

        Update the remote software

      • PP says:

        Get a cheap Bluetooth mouse, link it to the Onn box, use the mouse to reconnect the remote

        • Mike D. says:

          I have a bluetooth dongled wireless mouse, but how do I force the remote to work again with the box using the mouse? Just some numbered steps, please an thank you.

          • JohnwickGranville says:

            You can download Google TV and link the remote in the app to the on device but if your remote isn’t linked anymore you need to uninstall it in the stick settings and it will automatically search for the remote you might have to hold the home and back button on the remote to get it to connect to the stick or box again

  4. Dele says:

    I guess I was lucky cos I bought 5 pieces just last week. It was initially out of stock for like a day or two, but became available soon after and so I wasted no time in snapping them up.

  5. Bob says:

    Have a couple of the Onn boxes that work fine. My local Walmart (Kenner,LA) had plenty of boxes & sticks on hand. Bought a box as a backup.

  6. FrankL. says:

    I hope they make an updated version of this device (Maybe with more storage and/or Ram). For me, it works as advertised. I have like 5 of them (The Onn 4K streaming box). Very reliable for a product to be this cheap in price.

    • Kirby says:

      I do hope that they can add more storage with mine which is Onn 2 k stick would go from 4.4 to 8gigbytes of storage.

  7. Torry says:

    I absolutely love the product! It does what I need it to do!

  8. Kirby says:

    I bought a Onn 2K streaming device does that if Walmart decides to upgrade do I need to upgrade mine because I love it really works really well my friend so I do think that mine might get a Software upgrade from software 9 to android 10or 11.

  9. Tab Numlock says:

    I have several. One box stopped pairing but now I have a spare remote. I highly recommend the JioPages web browser for its large cursor and good ad blocking. There is no Roku Channel app but you can make a shortcut to their web page using the TVAppRepo app. If you don’t need the Dolby stuff and multiple user profiles, it can’t be beat. Much less bloated and faster than Firestick. And the remote is white so you can find it.

    • Jaime says:

      My two Onn boxes stop pairing, the remotes don’t pair again. What speared remote are you using?

      • flip says:

        sadly, replacement remotes are the same price as a new box that comes with a remote. but that may be better for you in the long run incase your bluetooth pairing issue is with the box itself and not the remote. if you cannot find more Onn streaming boxes at walmart, then the chromecast with google tv has a similar remote that will pair with most android tv boxes. also, if you dont need 4k then the new chromecast w/gtv HD version is currently available from walmart, google, and amazon for $20

  10. DBDukes says:

    Nobody is talking about the Walmart deal with Comcast and Charter? Those two companies are partnering with Walmart, which will be carrying their pair’s Xumo devices. Seems to me like that marketing deal may kill the Onn boxes.

  11. Masterblaster says:

    I have the 4k onn device still sitting in a box as a backup to my 2015 Shield.

  12. Greg says:

    Straight up money making deal for Walmart and their partners. For them to just “disappear” from shelves in a day or two tells you that something is up. I bought 5 sticks about 2 weeks ago and should have bought 10. dang it.

  13. dennycranium says:

    Good Riddance,
    The devices were anemic at best.
    Having devices priced that low gives the buying public a distorted view as to what value for $$ is.
    I suspect that Walmart was hoping for a revenue stream from any Netflix or other subscription services. When consumers just bought them and used free services, Walmart probably abandoned the devices.
    Or, they put the screws to their supplier for a lower price and the manufacturer told Walmart to beat it..
    Again, good riddance to subpar devices..

    • flip says:

      not sure what part of the 4k box you considered “subpar” but mine out performed my shield, firestick and roku stick, and it had zero issues with me putting whatever launcher in it i wanted so i could customize it to my liking with ZERO ADS or bloat. the general public that would get a “distorted view as to what value for $$ is” most likely already dont know what value for $$ is. when this box came out at $30 it was a decent value but a high risk for Onn brand when you could pay a little more for something “better”, then the price dropped to $20 word got out that they are really good devices then they became a great value (pun intended) that was worth taking a chance on and actually caused Google to lower the price of their casting devices.

      • Scott Lewis says:

        I will admit to a bit of skepticism on it out-performing the Shield. Reviews seem to disagree with that sentiment as well. Our performing the lower end Fire Stick (as opposed to say a 4K Max) and a low end Roku Stick (as opposed to say an Ultra) – that could be.

      • Micayah says:

        I have owned Android boxes for years and this is the best one yet.

  14. Bryan says:

    My Walmart has plenty of the sticks and boxes but good luck finding someone with a key to get one for you. I’ve been 3 times, not just for one of these, and each time the one person with the key just stepped out for a 20 minute break. Must be why they have so many

  15. Kirk says:

    I suspect supply chain issues, no components. The substitution or current components have gotten too pricey for the MSRP. May as well not produce it and save money than to build it at an increased loss. You’d be surprised how much components cost now.

  16. Bret says:

    I’m not so sure these devices are being discontinued. I still see them on the Walmart website (for shipping) and at my local store, both just like usual. Perhaps there was a glitch with the website and stocking them in certain areas. They don’t look to be cheaper than usual or listed as clearance.

    • flip says:

      i havnt physically checked any of the stores in my area, but the website has no option for me to put the item in my cart unless i add it to my favorite list then go to my list and add it to the cart, but then the cart says “out of stock” and wont let me purchase, the site also says “out of stock” for all of the locations near me and says it cannot ship to store.

  17. Jason says:

    Well, Walmart, if you’re reading this- This is very sad. I bought one recently as a travel device (the 4k box), and found it quite awesome. I just started suggesting it to my dad; I was going to try to get him to switch. He uses fire sticks, but I do much of the set up for them, and I much prefer AndroidTV.

    I hope it’s just an update / supply issues. Dad has, like, 4 devices to replace, and I’d love for them to be ONN. (Along with support and system updates for a few years to come).

  18. Greg says:

    Puerto Rico no longer has them, shelf has the price tag but empty, I have to order both models from Kentucky

  19. Jim Gauthier Jr. says:

    While it could be due to the new deal for the Xumo devices, it might also be that Walmart is looking to buy Roku. The new smart home devices and sound bars and speakers, along with their traditional streamers might give Roku the critical mass to trigger a Wal-Mart buy.

  20. DB says:

    Can someone recommend a really good android tv box since this one is no longer available? Would be nice to stay under $30, if possible.

    • flip says:

      If you haven’t done so already, go to the walmarts near you and double check they are actually out of stock. If so, then I would suggest getting the newer models of Chromecast with Google TV, if you dont need 4k, you can get the HD model currently on sale for $20, but I think the 4k model may also be on sale for around $30.
      If you dont like the Google TV home screen due to their suggestions (ads) you can install a custom launcher like Wolf Launcher or FLauncher. but you wont be able to set the new launcher as default, you will need to install Button Remapper and set the home button action to open your custom launcher.

      • Jason says:

        The app Launcher Manager can set a launcher as default. Boots straight into whatever launcher you choose. Works with the Shield, anyway. YMMV.

        You can search instructions online, generally a simple process.

  21. PP says:

    Get a cheap Bluetooth mouse, link it to the Onn box, use the mouse to reconnect the remote

  22. Paul Sorensen says:

    FYI to all, Walmart now shows these as out of stock on the website.
    A scalper is selling for $54.99 on Amazon. Or $932 for a lot of 28 on Ebay (stolen?). You can buy the Dynalink TV box for $29.99 ($10 more) either on Walmart or Amazon. These are made by Askey. From XDA developer website looks to be the manufacturer of the Onn model too. The only difference is black vs white remote with the home and voice assistant buttons reversed. Both Onn and Dynalink allowed people to replace the original OS a generic Android TV OS (choice of home screen to avoid the ads). Onn was cheap hardware for this – probably why it’s discontinued

  23. Jason says:

    I just picked up 3 of the 4k boxes at my local Boscovs department store for $9.99 each. They must be buying up the remaining stock and selling them out cheap.

  24. Damian says:

    Wow. Terrible news. Hopefully they come with an updated model. Only other game in town is the CCGTV.

  25. Mike says:

    Even if dicontinueed what about the software support for the current models going forward?

  26. Chuck Fluri says:

    I want one but for reasons that escape me it isn’t available at Walmart in Canada. sells them for $63.
    Best Buy $90 + 13 s&h. I might as well but a Fire Cube for over $100.

  27. Jason says:

    We bought a bunch of them recently online (US). They came no problem. In fact, the system was updated to Android 11(? I don’t remember, it’s one higher than the OG ONN. I don’t like the new system as much as the previous one, it’s more locked down). There were also some minor differences with the chipset. Very slightly slower, much more energy efficient. So I think the rumors of their demise might be premature.

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