Walmart is offering $5 credit when purchasing the Onn 4K Pro — UPDATE: Extended to 6/25

Walmart is currently giving $5 Walmart Cash when you purchase the Onn 4K Pro streaming media player with Google TV. While it’s not much of a deal, it’s the first time the Onn 4K Pro has been available with any kind of discount or credit. Just look for a “Get $5.00 Walmart Cash” checkbox on the product page and check it before adding the Onn 4K Pro to your cart. This deal is set to end tomorrow, June 22, and Walmart Cash is, essentially, store credit. Update: Walmart has extended the offer and it now ends June 25th.

  1. clocks says:

    Crap. I just bought one at the store yesterday. sigh

  2. OKA says:

    Still not worth it, I’ll wait till Black Friday.

  3. Nicholas Cannon says:

    Deal already? Must not be selling

  4. Adam says:

    Interesting. My store can’t keep the $20 box in stock but the Pro version is still the older one without the backlit remote. I kinda want the backlit remote for my master bedroom, which is where I’d upgrade next, so I think I’ll skip the $5 and wait.

    • URMyBudE says:

      The backlit remote comes with later produced Pro units. Does not come with the $20 Onn box. Started using my Onn box yesterday to move away from the Amazon ecosystem. First off, do not like 30 sec video ads on some apps. Google live TV guide also vanishes.

    • Robert Ruiz Jr says:

      I managed to get a display model. They put it out, and already somebody tried to steal it. So they pulled it back, and sold it”used” to me for $32! Even the backlit remote!

  5. VJM says:

    I finally decided to pull the trigger on this yesterday and noticed the $5 Walmart cash, not too bad of a deal. It will be here today, so I’ll check it out this weekend. No doubt there probably will be deals around black Friday on this.

  6. Keith says:

    As a long time firestick/box/built-in fire tv insignia and Toshiba owner, I don’t understand some of the comments. For$50 i wouldn’t expect to get a mid range mini pc but this thing is solid. It’s a good user experience, no lag for me. An actual WORKING casting option and Im not being bombarded with notifications that my storage filled up as i just try to use the basic apps typical for any streaming box. I had long abandoned Kodi because you just can’t run it with 8gb of storage (probably less than 5 in reality) and still be able to have all my services installed.
    Amazon could easily make something like this, probably a lot better but they don’t seem to want to innovate. The reason being “Firestick” has become synonymous with just streaming device as far as they average user is concerned.
    Im not missing out on anything but I gained quite a bit by ditching fire tv. Other than the power cord being pretty cheap i see nothing worth criticizing. I don’t need to check out the benchmarks because all i care about is navigating the menu, clicking on what i want and having it play right away. It does everything i need it to do.
    $50 doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. What’s the next cheapest option that has a solid casting protocol and a reasonable amount of storage?And 4K? I doubt you can find something less than $40.
    I’ve had a google tv setup in the kitchen for a few years, a reliable device, but this is definitely an upgrade.

    • Mike Michalko says:

      32 GB is nice. I have up running Kodi on FireTV. Set up PCs with LibreElec. I just bought 3 Onns and took the PC’s down.

    • Lauren Landau says:

      Has anybody noticed that asking Alexa or any of its other names that the answers have become more complex and are and it’s just able to answer more questions on eBay. They have an AI to help sellers create descriptions. I took a lamp ceiling lamp and turned it into a floor lamp art Deco style. I pressed the AI button to see what it would do to rewrite what I wrote it describe that lamp like it was the best thing in the world. It made it so inviting to want to buy it. I said oh boy this is bigger than us going to the Moon. Then an app on my phone pops up and says ask me to draw you something + ask it drive me a house where the swimming pole and a lazy river like at a water park going around the house. It does a little bit of animated stuff and then it’s finished and up. Came what look like hand-drawn art of a house while a pool and a lazy River going around the house. Yep bigger than us going to the Moon

  7. Mike N says:

    A five dollar credit on a new device? Obviously designed to move the first batch out quickly so second batch with the new remote can ship.

  8. Tim says:

    I have no idea how to get the $5 nothing on the site. Please explain

  9. Robert Ruiz Jr says:

    I managed to get a display model. They put it out, and already somebody tried to steal it. So they pulled it back, and sold it”used” to me for $32! Even the backlit remote!

  10. Nobody says:

    Aren’t all these boxes pretty much redundant? Same information, same shows. Maybe a little different here. A little different there, but pretty much they do. The same thing extremely big companies, that’s about it

    • Shane V says:

      Not at all. Newer software better experience NO Lag and remote finder capabilities and it’s also a smart speaker. There isn’t one on the market yet with this much let alone for 50.i love mine and I have had several. As a beta tester for over a decade I have seen so so many of these devices so I understand why you would think so but each and every device tries to separated itself from the pack. Onn has gone 10 steps ahead of them with this box.

  11. TG says:

    Honestly looking at the specs I can’t see why this costs $30 more than the earlier edition. See no real huge update to justify that amount. I’m sure it’s good though.

    • Adam says:

      I suppose it depends on what you put value in. Compared to the model last year it has:

      A (probably insignificant) Newer chip
      Updated and faster wifi
      An integrated fast Ethernet port(!)
      50% more RAM
      Four times as much internal storage
      An integrated full size USB port, now USB 3.0
      Dolby Vision support
      Hands free voice support
      An improved backlit* remote with an integrated customizable button and a hands free remote finder function.

      That’s actually quite a few substantive additions to the model from just last year. Like I said, its up to you if they cumulatively justify the additional cost. Speaking for myself, I think $50 is quite reasonable for a clean sideloadable Google TV streaming box with all these hardware features.

      I’m not in the market yet, but if I was, this is certainly what I would buy.

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