Walmart clarifies which Onn 4K Pro remote is here to stay

Walmart’s Onn 4K Pro offers a lot of premium features for a streaming device under $50. One of those features is a backlit remote, but getting the remote isn’t currently straightforward because some units include a more basic remote and Walmart keeps switching the remote it advertises with the Onn 4K Pro. Walmart has finally chimed in on which remote you can expect to get with the Onn 4k Pro moving forward.

Speaking to both 9to5Google and Digital Trends, Walmart has clarified the confusion around the Onn 4K Pro’s remote. The “first wave” of Onn 4K Pro units were shipped with the basic remote that does not include a backlight or the “Free TV” button. Walmart has now switched to including the more desirable remote, which includes a backlight, as the retailer says “The backlight version will be available with the product soon.”

Once the first batch of Onn 4K Pro boxes are sold, which may or may not include the backlit remote, you should find only the backlit remote moving forward. If you’re buying one in person, look for a manufacturing date on the side of the box, just below the serial number barcode, in the format YYWWA (two-digit year, two-digit week, and the letter “A”). If the manufacturing date indicator is 2409A or later (i.e., 2409A, 2410A, 2411A, 2412A, …) then it will very likely have the backlit remote. Boxes marked with 2408A or earlier seem to have the basic remote. If you’re buying one online, you should probably wait for the product listing to switch back to showing the remote with the “Free TV” button before buying if you want the best chance of getting the backlit remote.

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  1. Asha says:

    Is Walmart open offering any recourse if you got the basic remote while they were adversely the backlit version?

    • clocks says:

      I never set mine up, as I was waiting to see how things settled. I am likely just going to return mine, and wait for one with the backlit remote.

      • Mark says:

        I bought one on this past Monday and the code below the serial number is 2408A, so I expect that I’ll be returning mine as well.

        • JC says:

          I feel like I’m one of the few who’s pleased with the non-blacklit remote. I was relieved when I opened the box. I just don’t want that big blue button in the way, since I probably wouldn’t use it much.

          • Mandy says:

            All is fine that I got the first remote. Wal-Mart eventually will likely sale the newer remote separately and may buy it or not.

          • Efezy says:

            U can always remap the button

          • JC says:

            @Efezy, remap buttons with what? I didn’t like TVQuick Actions Pro, and I’m not sure it would’ve worked if I did.

      • Freddie says:

        I can clearly say it us awesome especially with the USB port and the port I can easily add more storage to it.

    • I’ve seen comments mentioning that they received a $15 refund/credit by talking to customer service.

      • Asha says:

        Great Advice. I reached out to customer service and got a promo code (expires in 60 days) for $10 of $15.

    • David King says:

      I put up enough of a stink they gave me a $13 credit

    • Joeblood says:

      Yes, you can buy it with the backlit remote when you can find it!

  2. Dave says:

    This is one of the reasons I’m never in a rush to buy a new tech product as soon as it hits the shelves

  3. Jim says:

    Same question as above.

  4. streaming_sooner says:

    Thanks for the information (I guess.) Not trying to be sarcastic, I just don’t understand the hubbub over the remote.
    In all honesty, they both suck: quality-wise and functionality-wise. It’s pretty much the identical remote from last year’s 4K model, only with inverse colors. My original remote ‘bricked’ while in use after about 5 days last year.
    So while using this new one, I feel like I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop.
    Also, the lack of a dedicated Play/ Pause, FF, and RW button is a bad design. Those buttons in the circular pad don’t always work, esp when it comes to 3rd-party sites or services.

    • streaming_sooner says:

      Let me clarify just a bit. I am thrilled with the new Onn Pro thus far. It has performed fantastically!
      I’m just not happy with the limited functionality of the remote, or that it feels very cheaply made.
      However, I’ve always liked the way it feels in the hand (especially after I put a silicone sleeve over it.)

      • JC says:

        Thanks for the advice about getting a sleeve. I’d been considering that. The Universal 3-Device Remote is better than the original IMO, but I haven’t found a code to make it work with the 4K Pro yet.

    • Paul Stewart says:

      Absolutely 100% correct!

    • Paul Stewart says:

      The “absolutely 100% correct” was in direct response to “streaming_sooner”

  5. Mike says:

    Elias, I see on the link for my Walmart that the non/free/backlit is shown, yet I received a 2411A free/backlit. So I’m unclear on how important the illustration is.

    • Some people are definitely getting the backlit remote when ordering from Walmart. It’s just not guaranteed at this point until the initial batch runs out. I’m pretty sure they switched the listing images to the non-backlit remote to avoid complaints since that seems like the one people prefer.

  6. Jtvguy says:

    I got mine with the new remote and I love it. What I like the most is the find my remote which you press the front button and your remote beeps in case you misplace it. Overall I really like this new version ive been using the onn boxes since they came out and I love these 20.00 beauties but now with this one its a game changer.

  7. Scott says:

    I know this is a stupid question, but I had an original spare Chromecast for years I would use in addition to my FireTV. I’ve since got rid of the Chromecast, but I miss not being able to cast with certain aps that don’t support FireTV as an option. My question is, any Android box like this Walmart one labeled as Google TV effectively is a Chromecast now, correct?. There is no need to buy this and an official Chromecast at this point?

  8. Robert Corlew says:

    I ordered the Pro earlier and the one I received doesn’t even power on so I’m returning it. My cable setup is through a coax cable and it will not connect to the Pro. I guess I won’t be able to connect it to my Pro box. Any suggestions on how to connect? Thanks

  9. JC says:

    I actually prefer the Universal 3-Device Remote over BOTH. Got it today, and it’s more comfortable. The issue is that I can’t find a code to make it compatible with the 4K Pro. I’m reaching out to Walmart Customer Service.

  10. Jackie says:

    Got the old remote (2408A on the box).
    Called customer service and they issued a promo code without any hassle.

    “We’re sorry – take $15 off your next eligible order over $25.” – says the email.

    See, it pays to read AFTVNEWS! Thanks you, Elias.

  11. Ethan says:

    Already took my 2405A Onn 4k pro back. Waiting for the 2410A or later model to be available in my area. I feel Walmart deceived everyone. Unacceptable.

  12. JMatt says:

    I would like to just get one. Went over to the States camping on the long weekend, the week before, it was available but had to be picked up within 4 days, so I waited and now out of stock… Missed my window, will have to wait til we get to the US again.

  13. Tom says:

    The ones I’ve seen at stores are all 2405A and a few 2408A. This was as of 2 days ago. I think I’m going to wait for the online description to change to the backlit remote like Elias said, but I have a feeling that will be a while.

  14. John Fridge says:

    Ill do that to get the promo, just because we ca, but seems like people are being babies …I am getting EVERYTHING I possibly want on this box, and its working better than my 4GB/64GB box i have … so people literally waiting for a back lit remote could buy a darn led and stick on it. Do u Really need the backlit remote … or couldnt a swap out at least be a solution on just the remote … this is so petty. This is why the world works how it works … People want to complain about some of the silliest things when this box, which is what matters, is amazing …

    With Kodi and other apps … u can watch multiple things and it doesnt slow a bitbabies …ai am getting EVERYTHING i possibly want on this box, and its working better than my 4GB/64GB box i have … so people literally waiting for a back lit remote could buy a darn led and stick on it. Do u Really need the backlit remote … or couldnt a swap out at least be a solution on just the remote … this is so petty. This is why the world works how it works … People want to complain about some of the silliest things when this box, which is what matters, is amazing …

    With Kodi and other apps … u can watch multiple things and it doesnt slow a bit

  15. M says:

    I emailed onn. After verifying my purchase which included the non backlit remote they are now sending me the backlit remote free of charge.

  16. JC says:

    I kept mine for two days. I got a message advising me that it can’t be replaced at present, because they’re sold out. I don’t quite think it’s the Fire Stick destroyer that everyone’s making it out to be. I wanted to love it, but I consider Tennis Channel and PhotoGuru must-haves right now. TC, for some strange reason, isn’t on Android (I couldn’t get used to casting), while PhotoGuru isn’t quite as good as it is on Fire TV.

  17. mrpickem says:

    It’s 50 bux for God’s sake. A lousy 50 but lol. Plus you have 90 days to return it, so no one is yet out of the return windows. I got one and I love it even though I didn’t get the backlit remote. I think blacklisting is overblown since after a few weeks I can fully operate the remote from memory without even looking, especially with such a simple remote. Nice add that they still provide a programmable button (top right) you can setup to your liking.
    Is it perfect? NO, but it far outshoots it’s pricetag…50 BUX!!

  18. Ethan says:

    I found Onn’s email address:
    This is the only email address I found for Onn, so I am assuming this email address is also for the Onn 4K pro also.

    • Tom says:

      When I contacted them via this email, they said I would have to call Walmart’s customer number, which I did. That rep gave me ONN’s customer service number. When I gave the ONN rep the model number of the ONN 4K Pro, he said the number I called is only for TVs. He said he did not have a number to speak to someone about the ONN 4K Pro.

      • JC says:

        Sorry, but I don’t really get it. All this fuss and trouble for backlighting? The TV light can’t show people where the remote is if it slips a few inches away?

        • JC says:

          And, as someone mentioned, within a few weeks — probably within a few days — you should have the buttons memorized, removing any need to look at the remote. I, for one, never want to actually look at my remote, and shouldn’t have to after repeated use. I just want to focus on the screen.

  19. Jeff says:

    Backlit? Who cares? My non backlit does the job.

    • clocks says:

      Clearly a lot of people care, but we’re happy for you.

      • JC says:

        It’s really a question of why so many people care. As mentioned, a remote shouldn’t be that hard to locate when it’s right beside you, and I know the buttons on mine without looking at it. To each their own.

        • streaming_sooner says:

          I agree. I kinda liked the idea of the backlit buttons, probably only because I’ve never had a remote with them. But for usage, completely unnecessary.
          I did, however, get in touch with Walmart (via chat on the phone app) after reading they were offering a credit for those purchased without the backlight.
          I bought mine May 5th, and at that time, they were advertised on the site *with* the backlit remote. Mine was a date code 2408A. After explaining this to the rep I chatted with, she graciously emailed me a $15 promo code credit.
          So …while I’m perfectly happy with the non-lit remote, why not get the credit since I didn’t receive what was advertised? ;)

          • JC says:

            I’m going to let it go, because it’s getting silly. There’s an obvious difference between walking around a house and touching a little remote with a few buttons.

        • clocks says:

          A lot of people watch tv at night and/or in the dark or dimly lit rooms. Or even in bed. It’s not an issue of finding the remote, it is seeing the little buttons in a dark room. Again, clearly A LOT of people like backlit remotes, the same way they like backlit computer keyboards.

          • JC says:

            And, as I pointed out, I’m not sure why most people NEED to see the little buttons. It’s a tiny remote. For example, I used mine just a moment ago, and I could identity Mute without looking. It’s not like we’re talking about the Alexa Voice Remote Pro, one of my LEAST favorite remotes of all time because of how ridiculously complex it is. The Onn remote just has a few buttons, and, I personally, only use Home, Back, Mute, and Volume.

          • clocks says:

            Like I said, we are happy for you.

          • JC says:

            Smugness in the absence of an actual explanation? Okay. Like I said, I was just curious, but to each their own.

          • clocks says:

            It should be common sense why people like them, but I took the time to try to explain it to you anyway. And you keep just repeating that you have your buttons memorized and don’t need no stinking backlit remote. So good for you, but based on all the chatter the past few weeks, people like backlit remotes. Probably why Amazon sells a premium, backlit, fire tv remote.

          • JC says:

            All I’m saying is I disagree with you that it’s a matter of “common sense.” I’ve seen children play video games without having to look at the controls constantly. Yet I’m being told that some adults can’t remember where the buttons are on a small remote, so they’ll go to all this trouble to get a backlit one. No, that just doesn’t make “sense” to me personally. Again, that’s just me.

          • clocks says:

            Yeah, I can walk around my house in the dark, as I have the layout memorized. Doesn’t mean I do not like lights to make it easier.

          • JC says:

            I’m going to let it go, because it’s getting silly. There’s an obvious difference between walking around a house and touching a little remote with a few buttons.

          • clocks says:

            Questioning why people want the better remote(for the same price) was a bit silly to begin with IMO.

        • JC says:

          No, I questioned why some people considered it “the better remote,” since memorizing a few buttons over time should be fairly easy. You explained that you need it to be even easier for you. If that’s what you need, fine.

          • clocks says:

            Gosh, I thought you were stopping. Better because it is backlit. Simple concept really. You want a third party Universal remote, but can’t understand why people like a backlit remote over a non-backlit. Still trying to replace a Bluetooth remote with a RF remote? lol

          • JC says:

            ” Better because it is backlit. Simple concept really.” And there it is yet again. You simply repeat this claim while ignoring others’ points about the light being unnecessary. If it’s necessary for YOU, then simply say that next time and leave the failed wit (“We’re happy for you”) out of it. And to answer your other smug question, I already explained why I wasn’t aware of the differences between the remotes you cited. I explained this to Jackie, who thankfully knows how to be polite.

          • clocks says:

            People like backlit remotes, keyboards, etc because it makes it easier to see in the dark. The version with the backlit remote costs the same as the version selling without it. Simple concept. Sorry you don’t get that. Your the smug one with your “it only takes minutes to memorize the buttons. even children can use non-backlit controllers”, etc..

          • JC says:

            Well, clocks, I certainly don’t mean to come across as smug (it seemed like you did with “We’re happy for you”) and I hope that you get the remote you need. We can drop it now.

  20. Andre Davies says:

    Hi there troy point fans can anyone help me please I live in England uk and I’m trying to buy this new onn 4k pro 32gig box but having problems as our Walmart in England is asda same shop but still not selling the onn 4k pro streaming box I found one person willing to send one over to me but he wanted $144.98 and wasn’t the back lit remote is there anyone who could help me on a fairer price its just I can’t find any over here

  21. Andre Davies says:

    Can anyone help me please I really want this onn 4k pro 32gig streaming device but I live in the uk and can’t find any anywhere ive tryed amazon and Ebay I did find just one who would deliver but wanted $144.98 to send it to me in the uk ive tyed on here but won’t let me add my phone number can anyone help me receive one of these onn 4k 32 gig pro streaming device at a reasonable price

    • JC says:

      I can’t guarantee getting you the backlit remote, but I might be able to help. I’m about to replace mine with a new TV.

    • JC says:

      Post an e-mail address (or I can post my non-primary one) and I’ll try to get you a brand new one at my local Walmart, for the regular price. Or we can discuss it in another forum that you use.

  22. streaming_sooner says:

    I picked up the Onn 4K Pro on May 5th, and got the “more basic remote” which is more than fine with me. I didn’t want the garish blue button, anyway! ;) The “backlit” feature seems fairly trivial–and, from a photo I saw at AFTVnews, it looked pretty sketchy, with light ‘seeping’ out around the buttons.
    The blue Free TV button seems rather redundant anyway, doesn’t it? There is a button with the tv icon on it right above it(!) that takes you directly to Google’s free tv channels.
    Instead of making a half-baked stab at a “premium” remote, Onn (Walmart) should be more concerned with making a better QUALITY remote. The first one I had with my (non-Pro) Onn last year, just bricked a few days into usage. :/

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