Vudu possibly reveals plans for upcoming Amazon Fire TV app

Vudu might have let slip that an app for Amazon Fire TV devices is in the works. A post in Vudu’s forum indicates that Vudu briefly listed the Fire TV as one of their supported devices on their main about page. The page has since been updated to no longer include the Fire TV. Notably, a screenshot of the about page showing the Fire TV listed, that the forum poster uploaded, has also been taken down by Vudu.

Vudu has long been one of the largest streaming services that is not available on Fire TV devices. There used to be a Flixster app in the Fire TV appstore that allowed access to one’s Vudu library through the UltraViolet locker service, but the app dropped playback capabilities long ago. The app has since been removed from the Amazon Appstore altogether after being acquired by Fandango.

The release of Movies Anywhere has given Fire TV customers limited access to their Vudu library, due to Amazon and Vudu both being included in the shared locker service. While Movies Anywhere is a great way to access some of Vudu’s content, it’s no substitute for a dedicated app.

The listing of the Fire TV as one of the supported devices on Vudu’s website could certainly have been nothing more than a mistake, but hopefully it means the Fire TV is soon getting another app for movie purchasing.

  1. Adam says:

    Used to use Vudu on the WDTV.

    Would probably have continued if they had support on the FireTV when I moved over.

    Since then, I’ve moved on and don’t see much use for it in my media consumption.

  2. OG Charlie says:

    That’d be pretty shocking considering the bad blood between Walmart and Amazon.

    • Adam says:

      Eh, bad blood…just means WalMart doesn’t get my movie purchasing dollars, and Amazon doesn’t get a cut of me buying it on a FireTV.

      So neither gets anything, and I still watch my movie through…alternative means.

      Yeah, great business decision there. For me.

  3. Jim says:

    I have the Vudu app sideloaded on my FTV and it works fine.

    • Kim Huff says:

      What does that mean, “side loaded?” Many of my digital copies are in Vudu, but I can never use them because Amazon doesn’t want to support anyone that might be competition. Personally, I’m getting tired of Amazon’s games. They make tons of money but can’t get a long with Google, Vudu, and I’m sure there are many more. I hate to buy a Chromecast just so I can watch my Vudu movies but that’s the only way I can watch them unless I use the blu ray. I usually want to use the Fire TV because I’m hard of hearing and with the Fire TV I can setup my Bluetooth headphones. I can hear great and I’m not bothering the rest of the house.

      I just wish there big corporations would stop getting their panties in a twist… in the end it’s just us consumers that suffer the most.

    • Matt says:

      Sure it works just great if you don’t try and play a movie which uses HDX… I.E. 99% of the content.

  4. JV says:

    Right, if you can sidelong the app, why not just make it official? It’s only a player anyway, so no one is sharing revenue. We also don’t know the terms of being a movies anywhere partner. Maybe they worked something out in the back end. FWIW, Vudu is the best MA partner out there, imo. Amazon’s “your library” is horrible as you can’t even sort.

  5. Y2Bogus says:

    Yeah as stated above, I have the AndroidTV app sideloaded and it works nearly perfectly for everything upto and including 4k playback. You can’t buy/rent movies through the app on firetv and the search doesn’t work, but I’ve never had a playback issue.

    That being said, the Android TV app needs some polishing.

  6. Ujn Hunter says:

    So if I download the Vudu App on my Phone from Google Play, can I sideload it using Downloader or something to get Vudu on my new Toshiba Fire TV? I just replaced my old Samsung (that had it’s own native Vudu App) with a bigger Toshiba Fire TV, but Vudu is the main thing missing…

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