Vudu app for Fire TV and Firestick is now available to install from the Amazon Appstore

Earlier this week, Vudu revealed that they were finally releasing an app for Fire TV devices and now Vudu for Fire TV has arrived in the Amazon Appstore. The app is compatible with every Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition model. It’s a very rudimentary app but it gets the job done of giving you up to 4K playback of your Vudu library. There is a Movies section and a TV section where you can browse content in the Vudu store. If you log into the app you’ll be able to view your purchased content, as well as view your watchlist, wishlist, and pre-orders. The app also has a Kids Mode where you can select an age between 2 and 12 and only content appropriate for that age or under will be accessible. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase content directly from the Fire TV app, likely because Vudu doesn’t want to give Amazon a cut of the in-app purchase. You’ll need to purchase content through a phone or computer on first before it can be played in the Vudu app for Fire TV. There also doesn’t seem to be any way to watch any of the free ad-supported content that Vudu offers.

  1. RedPenguin says:

    I just went back to the sideloaded VuDu I had.

    I only watch the “Free with Ads” content, so this new App does nothing for me.

    Oddly my Fire TV Stick Gen 2 still refuses to work with the Android TV version of VuDu so I am stuck with using MouseToggle on the Phone/Tablet version.

    The TV version just does splash screen then a crash.

    • Y2Bogus says:

      You need an older version of the app. I think the latest 4.x version should still work with the second gen stick.

    • AW says:

      Where can I download an older version to sideload and get the “free with ads” content? Thanks!

      • RedPenguin says:

        You have to go to a place like APKPure.

        Do not get the Android TV version as that also refused to give me the “Free with Ads” Content.

        The only way I found with the Fire TV is to get the “Tablet/Phone” version. APKPure will list one version as Android TV and the other as nothing. You want the not marked one.

        The only downside is this will require either a physical mouse (Bluetooth or USB) or MouseToggle to operate.

        It’s not as convenient but the only way I found to actually watch the free stuff with my stick is.

        • AW says:

          Great, thanks!

        • AW says:

          So I have two sticks. On the one I don’t use as often (2nd gen 2017), just the other day I opened the Vudu app, signed in, and the free content was there. I watched part of a movie then quit.

          Then on my newer stick (2020 Lite), I logged into Vudu and didn’t see the free content. Then I thought maybe the other stick has an older version of the app, but because I have apps set to auto-update, so when I went back to check, it must have updated, and the free content was gone.

          Was the free content really in Vudu, or was it in some other app and I remembered it wrong? I could swear that it was there. Maybe I had lost my mind!

          Then I logged into Vudu on a computer, and the free movie I stopped watching showed up in my “continue watching” list!

          So I’m pretty sure at one time the Fire TV Vudu app had free content in it. If we can find out what version had it, we can maybe roll back to it. I didn’t have to use a mouse or MouseToggle with it so it was actually pretty sweet.

          • RedPenguin says:

            All I can figure is, it had to be the VuDu App that was official but removed from the Amazon Store shortly after.

            I am not sure how you’d get that APK even if it did still work.

            I’m not 100% sure how you get APKs off the Amazon Store as it does not seem like there are websites dedicated to it like the Play Store.

            It’s also frustrating to Google as when you say “APK from Amazon Store”, it gets you results for the Android Amazon App Store not the Fire TV one.

  2. Jim Carter says:

    I can’t even watch the free content on my laptop. It keeps prompting for “auto play” after a trailer runs. There’s an auto play setting in the new Fire TV app, but none on the web interface. Any thoughts, folks?

  3. MJM says:

    The Fire TV Stick 4K now is such a great value, pound for pound, against all other devices.

    Apple TV 4K and Shield TV Pro are top tier and for enthusiasts.

    Below that you have Fire TV Cube and Roku Ultra 2020, but for their prices you might as well spend up and go top tier.

    IMO, Fire Stick 4K stands alone as third tier and is borderline 2ND tier.

    The less I can say about CCwGTV and TiVo Stream 4K the better. Very unpolished devices.

    For fussy people go Top Tier. Apple TV 4K is my favorite, but Shield TV Pro 19 gets used more in my house by other people.

    For everyone else, Fire TV 4K is a steal.

    • TechyChris says:

      I respectfully disagree with your evaluation of the Fire Cube Gen 2. I purchased 3 of them last Prime Day for a total of $200 (tax included). That’s less than $67 EACH. Try doing that math with Apple or Shield. Plus they are like a Jet to a Biplane in terms of performance over all other streaming devices with the very close exceptions of the Apple and Shield.
      Hears the thing, I know most enthusiasts automatically go for the Shield claiming it’s cost is worth it BUT nobody ever discusses that most households require 3 to 5 (or more) devices these days, at $200-300 each that adds up quickly. Just defending my Cubes. No worries! I 100% agree with everything else in your statement.

  4. Juan C Figueroa says:

    Why the watching movies with ads section is not there?, i have Vudu sideloaded in my Firestick an also do not have a free movie section.

    • RedPenguin says:

      I have the Tablet version of VuDu sideloaded (the TV) version refuses to load.

      I have to use MouseToggle with it but I definitely get the “Free with Ads” Tier.

      It’s difficult somewhat to find but in my experience, viewing the Tier on your phone then searching for the item you want on Fire TV is so much easier.

    • Y2Bogus says:

      My guess is that there’s no revenue sharing agreement. Amazon wants a piece of the ad money Vudu gets for the free flicks with ads. Vudu probably doesn’t like to share.

  5. Mark says:

    So, I ended up getting the app on 1 device. And Elias was correct, not all of my movies on VUDU were available on the FireTV. But now, I activated VUDU on 1 of my 5 FireTV and all my movies are on all my devices now.

  6. Y2Bogus says:

    Has anyone else had this issue with the second gen Fire Stick? I installed the app from the app store, and it runs fine, but the app won’t appear on the home screen or recent apps. Also doesn’t appear in the app drawer.

    This is consistent across three second gen sticks I have.

    • RedPenguin says:

      I thought my stick was going crazy or it was because I had not uninstalled the sideloaded one.

      Mine refuses to show it also.

      I can only access it from “Launch App” in Settings.

      • Y2Bogus says:

        So here’s some more oddness. the 3 sticks in question where I had this issue were using my wife’s amazon account. I have a 4th stick(gen2) in what I call my lab, and for kicks I tried installing it on that stick which uses my account. On that stick, the Vudu app shows up on home, and recents.

        All sticks are from the same batch of gen2 sticks I got for 11.85 a pop from Target when they had them on clearance. The only difference between the 4 sticks is that I have a paid Prime subscription on my account and my wife does not.

        Could be a coincidence, but for giggles, I’m going to switch to my amazon account on one of those sticks.

        • RedPenguin says:

          Wow….that’s a crazy deal for Gen 2 Sticks even bring older now.

          I wish I had a closer Target. I have to go to nearby counties and that’s not fun in winter weather in PA.

          Too bad Walmart & Amazon dislike each other for them to have clearances like that.

          Anyway let me know the results of your test as curious. It still doesn’t show on mine.

          • Y2bogus says:

            I switched one of my wife’s sticks to my account and Vudu appeared on my home screen. I switched back to hers and luckily it remained on my home

          • Y2Bogus says:

            After further review with the other two sticks it was as simple as deregistering her account and deregistering her account on the stick

  7. Rik Emmett says:

    There is already a glut of free content with ads on the fire tv anyway. It’s nice to have access to the digital version of on the fire tv.

  8. James Gauthier says:

    I had sideloaded Vudu and replaced it with the official app, and lost the free content. The latest unofficial version did not have free content.

    I managed to avoid the contention between Amazon and Vudu by using Roku and CCwGGTV apps that have the free content.

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