Voice Remote for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick on sale for the first time at $24.99 [Expired]

Amazon has just placed the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick Voice Remote on sale for the first time. The remote is usually $29.99 but can currently be purchased for $24.99. This is the standard remote that ships with Fire TVs that includes a built-in microphone for voice searches. The remote is fully compatible with the Fire TV Stick, so if you recently picked up a Fire TV Stick during the Prime Day sale or during Monday’s one-day sale, and want to go all Gary Busey on your new gadget, now you can for a little less money. You can also have multiple remotes connected to Fire TV devices simultaniously for two player games, or spousal remote dueling.

While a built in microphone is the only functional difference between the Fire TV’s voice remote and the Fire TV Stick’s non-voice remote, there are additional small cosmetic differences that make the voice remote better overall. For starters, the voice remote has a curved back that feels better in the hand than the flat back of the non-voice remote. The added length of the voice remote also adds to the premium feel, and makes the remote a bit harder to lose. Lastly, the voice remote is made of a rubbery “soft” plastic that has a nicer feel than the non-voice remote’s hard plastic. The recent Fire TV Stick sales have caused the non-voice remote to be backordered for at least 2 months, so this is your chance to pick up the better voice remote for not much more.

  1. Richard says:

    I have not used the voice remote on my remote.
    I’m just wondering if anyone here actually uses it and how?

    • Joseph says:

      You just hold down the button and speak while the button is pressed. Release the button after you are done speaking.

      For example, if you say, “Arnold Schwarzenegger” it will pull up Arnie, his list of movies and offer you ways to watch them.

  2. Ujn Hunter says:

    Is this the same remote that came with the Amazon Echo too? Wonder if I can just re-sync it to my Fire TV Stick?

  3. The Unchosen one says:

    I hope they are upping the durability. I’ve already replaced one and now #2 is acting a little flaky. Luckily I also picked up a BT keyboard awhile back and it is performing flawlessly.

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