Voice Remote for Amazon Echo and Echo Dot back in stock after backordered for 2 months


The Voice Remote for Amazon Echo and Echo Dot has just come back in stock. The last time this remote was in stock was 2 months ago and it sold out in less than a day. Before that, it was out of stock for 3 months. The remote’s persistent low stock is due to resellers clearing out Amazon’s supply to sell on eBay for a profit. So if you want one, order it quickly before the resellers get wind of the resupply.

This remote connects to the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot via bluetooth and allows you to control the device remotely from up to 30 feet away. You can issue commands to Alexa through the remote’s built in microphone, in addition to controlling volume and music playback. The remote is especially handy to have in areas of your house where you’re too far from the Echo for it to hear you, but close enough where you can hear it.

  1. Ujn Hunter says:

    Still can’t imagine a situation where this remote is needed. How can you be too far from the Echo for it to hear you, but close enough to hear it? I can certainly speak (yell?) louder than Alexa. The only thing this remote was good for, was freaking my wife out while I was in the kitchen issuing Alexa “Simon Says” commands like “I can see you!”. Wish I could re-sync my original Echo remote (my second Echo never came with one) to use on one of my Voiceless Amazon Fire TV Sticks.

    • AFTVnews says:

      I guess it depends on your house layout and Echo placement. With my Echo in the living room, I can hear it perfectly from the kitchen, but I’d have to yell REALLY loudly for it to hear me, and even then it’s hit or miss. The remote is much better in that scenario. It’s also nice to keep in my pocket while doing chores around the house so I don’t have to pop my head into the living room (or yell) when I want to change songs.

    • Matt T says:

      Really there is only one use case for this which is why I bought one. Home Automation. These things were diamonds for a while because of this.

      Basically if your running Home automation software and want the ability to have something “Talk” to the Echo for you then you install a speech synthesizer software onto the system with an external speaker connected nearby the remote. You then literally clamp down the speaker button on the remote and just leave it that way. Now you can have your Home Automation system chain off a series of Alexa commands so you don’t have to, or so it can be done remotely. There are some use cases where this is really valuable

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