User Profiles are now supported in Prime Video on Amazon Fire TVs

The Prime Video app on Amazon Fire TV, and other devices, now supports user profiles. Switching profiles allows you to access individual watchlists and personalized recommendations. Viewing progress of TV shows and movies will also be tracked per profile, so that you can resume watching the same content at different points from others in your household.

This update has been rolling out for some time and it appears to still be rolling out, so profiles may not be available yet on your device. Once available, you’ll find a circular profile icon in the upper right corner of the Prime Video app. Don’t confuse this new profile feature with the FreeTime profile switcher in the upper right corner of the Fire TV’s main interface/launcher. Changing to a FreeTime profile lets you change the entire Fire TV interface to be child friendly, while a Prime Video profile change only affects the Prime Video app.

Prime Video allows up to 6 profiles to be created. Profiles designated as Kids will restrict browsing to content that is appropriate for 12-year-olds and younger. Kids profiles also won’t be able to make purchases. If you have an Amazon Household already set up to share Prime benefits, Prime Video will automatically create profiles for those users. Amazon Household settings can be managed here and profiles are managed here. You can also disable profile sharing here, which makes it so other adults in your Amazon Household can’t switch to your Prime Video profile, but be warned that once sharing is turned off, it can never be turned back on.

  1. The Brain says:

    Profiles have been released to my Brazilian Prime Video account, but not available through Fire TV Stick Basic Edition yet.

    Software version: Fire OS (652614020)
    Fire TV Home version: 6231058.1
    Prime Video app ( version: PVFTV-14.0147
    Prime Video app ( version: 4.7.22-firetv-armv7a

    Tough other platforms are OK: Samsung Tizen OS, Android TV and web.

  2. Gary Hussey says:

    Are profiles available for 4k Firestick, yet?

  3. badbob says:

    Is there a way to add pin protection to profiles to prevent accidental switching? Netflix has this. I don’t want my in-laws to accidentally switch to the owner profile and messing things up like watch history.

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