Use your Fire TV Stick 2’s Alexa Voice Remote with the Fire TV Stick Lite for a cheaper upgrade

The latest Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote with TV power, volume, and mute buttons is a great remote. If you can afford it, paying the extra $10 to get the Fire TV Stick 3 instead of the Fire TV Stick Lite is well worth it for the better remote alone. That said, if you recently purchased the old Fire TV Stick 2 with the better remote included and are looking to upgrade to the Fire TV Stick 3, you should absolutely consider getting the Fire TV Stick Lite instead. That’s because you can just pair your Fire TV Stick 2’s remote with the Fire TV Stick Lite for nearly the same experience as the Fire TV Stick 3, but you save $10 on the upgrade.

If you already have the Alexa Voice Remote with TV buttons and use it with the Fire TV Stick Lite, instead of the included cheaper remote that doesn’t have TV controls, the only thing you’re giving up is onboard Dolby audio decoding. That won’t make a lick of difference if you’re just using your TV speakers and most soundbars will work perfectly with the audio passthrough that the Fire TV Stick Lite does support for surround sound audio. In summary, if you already have the better remote from a previous Fire TV Stick purchase and are trying to decide between the $39.99 Fire TV Stick 3 and the $29.99 Fire TV Stick Lite, save $10 and go with the Lite but use your existing remote with it.

  1. Charlie says:

    Off the subject, but I started using one of my Stick 4K remotes for my Shield and I am amazed how well it works. Saved me ordering the 30.00 remote from Nvidia.

  2. Britt says:

    If you think that works well, you should try the Rii i8 mini keyboard remote available at Amazon for about 20 dollars.

  3. Br0kenRabbitTV says:

    Pretty sure the Lite also only has 1gb of RAM compared to 1.5gb in the 4k stick.

    • Rik Emmett says:

      My 3rd gen Pendant has 2GB of ram and does 4K. I bought it for $17 from Target a few years ago. I use a first gen fire tv remote with a side click attachment that I bought from best buy for $10 a couple years ago. The interface is very responsive. The only downside is that I need 4 batteries, but they might last longer.

    • ethan rasiel says:

      Hang on, who said anything about the 4K model? That’s the 2019 model and there is as of yet, no 2020 4K model. The author is comparing the 2020 Fire Stick Lite and the 2020 Fire Stick (neither support 4K).

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