USB port on new Fire TV for “Accessories Only” — External storage only through MicroSD

The device specifications page on Amazon’s developer portal states that the USB port on the back of the new Fire TV is for “Accessories Only”, while the USB port on the 1st generation Fire TV is listed as being for “Accessories and storage.” Similarly, the specs for external storage for the new device say “MicroSD up to 128GB”, while the old Fire TV says “USB up to 128GB.” This is pretty damning evidence that you will not be able to connect and access a USB drive with the new Fire TV like you can with the existing Fire TV.

It’s possible Amazon made it so that inserting a microSD card into the new Fire TV will completely replace the /sdcard directory on the device’s internal storage. If that’s the case, it will solve the limitation on the 1st generation Fire TV which prevents some games and apps from being moved entirely to external storage. This would explain not wanting to implement the inferior USB storage system with a better method provided by the new microSD card slot.


Amazon says the “Accessories Only” specification was an error and that the new Fire TV does support external USB drives.

  1. lee says:

    That’s fine for me, I’ll take that 128gb MicroSD slot any day :-)

    I’m debating whether I should sell my 1st Generation Amazon TV or keep it. It’s a rootable firmware that doesn’t require upgrade or downgrade to get things rolling.

  2. Justin says:

    I didn’t see that accessories only part but other parts of the description made it look like usb storage wasn’t an option.

    Not bad for first time users but lame for anyone upgrading to the new version of the fire tv who already has a usb drive setup.

    • Vanb says:

      Agreed. This would be a step backwards for me. I welcome the addition of the MicroSD slot, but I currently have a 300GB external drive hooked up to my gen 1 Fire TV. In order to keep that option, I would have to move away from Fire TV onto an Android box of some kind. Not cool, Amazon.

  3. hdmkv says:

    I’m noticing in the new Kindle tablet specs that some apps/games may not be installable on inserted mSD card. I’m wondering if this is also true of the new FTV box, and whether like FTV gen 1, only apps are moveable, not the app data (which is often larger).

  4. Careca says:

    Anyone has a guess on how much a rooted FTV V1 is going for these days? I am considering selling mine as well.

  5. Thomas carow says:

    WIll microSD support also only recognize FAT formatted cards or will it work with exFAT or NTFS so that files larger than 4GB can be placed on it?

  6. lowbee says:

    Hum… I don’t see the optical Audio output in the picture ??

  7. Stank says:

    Where can I find a 1st generation AFTV? Nothing on Amazon. eBay they’re all rooted/side loaded and way way overpriced. Same with Craigslist.

  8. Wodehouse says:

    And the USB port is 2.0? WHAT?????

  9. Ujn Hunter says:

    Sounds to me like the original Fire TV is still the system to own. Not worth trading in Optical Audio & External HDD use for some 30fps 4K video support. Really weak showing. Too bad the new Game Controller doesn’t support the audio jack on original Fire TV/Stick (why not btw?).

  10. Alin manole says:

    The amazon is waching your posts and your website and they changed the specification .
    Now is : USB USB 2.0 Type A (Accessories and media storage)

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