USA Now app arrives on the Amazon Fire TV

USA Network teased the impending arrival of their app a few weeks ago, and now the full version of USA Now has arrived on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Seeing how the network is owned by NBCUniversal, it’s no surprise the USA Now app is very similar to the NBC app already available on the Fire TV devices. USA Now unfortunately requires customers to activate the app with a cable provider before being allowed to watch any content. Even after activating the app, you’re still going to be watching pre-roll and mid-roll ads before/during every TV show episode or movie.

The USA Now app is divided into three main sections. The first of those sections is called Latest and, as you’d expect, lists the shows that have had episodes added most recently. The next section is the Shows section which lists all the shows available within the app. At this time there are 17 different shows which consist of both active shows and ones that have already ended. After the Shows section is the Movies section, which right now only lists 4 movies. The app also has a search section and a login/logout area.

The number of available episodes available to stream varies greatly from show to show. Some shows, like Chrisley Knows Best, have multiple seasons available in their entirety. Other shoes, like Mr. Robot, have the entire newest season but no other seasons, while other shows, like Colony, have only the last few episodes available. Then there are shows who’s episode availability seems completely random, like House which ended its 8 season run 4 years ago, yet the episodes available to stream are 4 episodes mid way through its 3rd season. I assume it’s because shows being re-aired in syndication just have the latest episodes that happen to have most recently aired.

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  1. Kevin Bragdon says:

    What point are these apps that require a paid subscription.
    If I had cable, I would watch or record programs on the channel, making this pointless.

    • Mike says:

      Kevin, you make sense except for this one scenario; I am a comcast subscriber who does not want to pay 10.00 a month for each box in each room just to have the privilege of high definition. With my Roku boxes I can tell comsuck to stick their fees up their a$$es and watch my shows in high def thru roku. The quality might not always be as good as most streams bit rates don’t match the channels quality thru the carrier’s boxes but the fall off in quality is miniscule and allows me to justify my savings per month.

  2. tom42 says:

    If you have Time Warner enter the code the Fire TV gives you on the Roku activation page and then sign into Time Warner and it works. The Fire TV activation page does not have TWC listed

  3. Enrique says:

    Cant watch live stream with the app which makes it poitnless for me.

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