Update: Get any Dash Button, including the $20 AWS IoT programable button, for FREE [Expired]


Earlier today I posted about a promotion that lets you buy Amazon Dash buttons for $0.99 each and still get a $4.99 credit when you use the button the first time. It turns out that there isn’t just one promo code that works, but several different promo codes. Even better is that the different codes stack on each other, so if you apply more than one code to a single order, it will make the Dash button completely free. You’ll even still get the full $4.99 credit when you use the button for the first time. The promo codes even work on the $20 AWS IoT Dash button meant for programmers and developers. I was able to stack several promo codes to get an IoT button and regular Dash button for free in a single order (screenshot). The stacking of codes is likely an unintended bug with this promo, so order soon because I exepect it will be disabled soon.


  1. Hades says:

    Only four of them work the other already expired. Got a working fifth one?!

  2. athousandshiveringholes says:

    Just gotta keep adding buttons. I added the $20 one and two regular ones. The discounts keep going up.

    @Hades – you have to add at least 2 buttons to get it free. The discounts in his pic show $8. When I added 3 they showed $12. I stopped there but it might keep going – don’t really want to abuse it. I only got buttons I wanted.

  3. CB says:

    COLLECTDASH, KINJADASH, IDGDASH, BGRBUTTONS came up as “expired”, but I got it down to $4.27!

    • athousandshiveringholes says:

      You gotta add more regular buttons. 1 of the $20 and then add some product ones to get the discount to stack AND double.

  4. Christopher Loughrey says:

    These things should really be free as they’re basically advertisements pinned to your wall for the brands in question. Amazon and the brands benefit most from these buttons. It’s silly that people are paying for something that mainly benefits the brands and sellers.

    • Christopher Loughrey says:

      They’re just a marketing tool that ties people to those brands and Amazon instead of buying alternative brands on discount from the supermarket. That’s why they should be free, they’re money spinners for Amazon and the brands.

    • tom42 says:

      They are free. Normally $4.99 with $4.99 off 1st order. With this deal you are making money off Amazon

  5. xnamkcor says:

    What can they programmed to do? Like, can I make it send adb commands to my unit?

  6. CVO says:

    Just tried and none of the coupon codes are working now

  7. JP says:

    …and it’s gone!

    None of them work now even with multiple in the cart

  8. Rob P says:

    Bummer, codes are dead.

  9. theBlaine says:

    I must be too late. Codes don’t work anymore :-(

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