Upcoming 1080p Google Chromecast is rumored to cost $29.99

Hints of an upcoming new Google Chromecast with Google TV have been circling around since the start of the year. The device is expected to be cheaper than the existing $49.99 model released in 2020 and only support up to 1080p content. A new report from WinFuture claims that retail sources say the new model has already started arriving at retailers, which indicates the launch is imminent. Further, these sources claim the price of the new device will be €40. Comparing that to the existing 4K Chromecast, which sells for €69.99 in Europe, means the device will likely be $29.99 in the US.

The rumored price perfectly aligns with competing devices from Amazon and Roku. The cheapest Fire TV model, the Fire TV Stick Lite, and the cheapest Roku model, the Roku Express, are both also priced at $29.99. For Google to have any hope of competing in the budget streaming device space, it has to match the two most popular devices in price and it seems like it will.

What’s more interesting than the price will be what remote is bundled with the device. The remotes that come with either Amazon or Roku’s $29.99 models do not include TV power and volume controls. If Google can include a remote with TV controls for $29.99 or less, like Walmart has done with its Onn streaming stick, that will be a significant advantage over Amazon and Roku.

  1. John Galtwell says:

    We don’t want a cheaper one, we want a BETTER one with more memory.

  2. BH says:

    This is why they don’t have a sizable market share…they do stupid stuff like this where they don’t just mark down the one they have and introduce a new more powerful device at a little bit higher price. Fire TV and Roku have nothing to worry about. Google TV is a mess anyways.

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