Unveiling of new Apple TV hardware and service reportedly called off for WWDC

WWDC, starting next week, is Apple’s annual developer conference where they often announce new products and services. Top publications have been reporting for weeks that a new Apple TV and a new TV subscription service from Apple would be revealed during Monday’s opening keynote. Reports began circulating this week that Apple’s new TV subscription service won’t be revealed at WWDC becuase the company has been unable to finalize licensing deals. Apple reportedly wants to include local broadcast programming in their new service in order to position it as a complete cable replacement, but industry executives predict the service will not launch until later this year or 2016 due to issues surrounding streaming technology and money. The New York Times has today reported that the updated Apple TV hardware will also be missing from this years event.

Sources tell The New York Times that the new Apple TV has been pushed back due to content issues. This seems to imply Apple won’t release the new hardware without first locking down the details of their new TV service. The new Apple TV is expected to come with Siri voice functionality and, for the first time, a true appstore. WWDC would have been the ideal place to reveal the new device and a toolkit for developers to begin working on apps before the device’s release. If Apple does keep the new Apple TV under wraps next week, the next expected opportunity for its announcement wouldn’t be until Apple’s September event, which puts pressure on developers to rush out apps for the new platform in time for the holiday buying season.

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  1. Dave D says:

    Biggest let down for cord cutters so far this year if this turns out to be true. I was so looking forward to the beefed up hardware, app store, and especially the TV service (if not just a rumor). Let hope September brings better news. Someone has to provide something better than Sling and it’s one user per account at a time limit. Way too restrictive.

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