Unfinished app “Favorites” section found in latest Fire TV update


The latest Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick software updates are officially designated as bug fixes, but they contain reminents of a new feature likely to arrive in the near future. While decompiling and examining the new software update, I came across code that indicates the Fire TV’s Apps and Games sections will soon be getting a “Favorites” section, similar to the one added to the Fire TV’s Photos section in the previous software update. This would be a very welcomed addition to Fire TV devices, especially for those of us with huge cloud app libraries due to the numerous free app deals that appear regularly. The “Your Apps Library” section of the Fire TV is an ever growing list of all apps associated with one’s Amazon account. Whenever an app is used it gets moved to the front of this list, but it makes it difficult to uncover unused or forgotten apps. Being able to designate apps as favorites, filed in their own section, would allow users to keep important, but infrequently used apps readily accessible.

  1. HeffeD says:

    This sounds useful!

    I hope that the favorites section isn’t sorted by the most recently used apps the way the Apps Library is.

    Although there is a workaround, the constant re-sorting makes it difficult to directly open apps using a macro on the Logitech Harmony remote.

  2. Justin says:

    This is one of the main features I’ve been wanting along with completely separating apps and games.

  3. Fofer says:

    If only this also could apply to SIDELOADED apps… man, it’d make the FireTV a perfect set-top box. Please!

    • VonMagum says:

      As of the latest update, the Apps section DOES show side-loaded apps now (i.e. including Kodi). I see an “add to favorites” option, but no “Favorites” area so far, though.

      The latest update appears to add “regular” Dolby Digital (in preferences) support now as well as Dolby Digital Plus (although my receiver that is not Dolby Digital Plus worked with it already for whatever reason).

  4. Nadia says:

    I saved some channels from lodi to my favorites but where do I find my favorites after saving it?

  5. Nadia says:

    Sorry I meant kodi not lodi.

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