UKTV brings its free on-demand service to the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick


UKTV, a multi-channel broadcaster in the UK, has brought their UKTV Play app to all Fire TV models. The app provides free on-demand viewing of UKTV’s Dave, Drama, Really, and Yesterday channels. The app features themed content collections as well as the option to create one’s own collection of shows via the app’s “My List” feature. As you’d expect, UKTV Play is geographically restricted to UK residents.

  1. vulcan195 says:

    Does not work – it always quits after 10 seconds (while the 30 sec commercial is still playing).

  2. ck says:

    Anyone willing to try but who don’t reside in the UK can try unotelly DNS service. It works for tvplayer as well.

  3. vulcan195 says:

    Folks who use SmartDNS may want to pause before running away from the FireTV to the Roku.

    The FireTV does not restrict you by only allowing access to apps based on geo-location. Instead, once I install UK Apps, they reside side by side with the US Apps and with SmartDNS configured, I can launch any app. This is unlike the Apple TV and the Samsung 4K SmartTV I own – the instant you change locale, it removes all your current set of apps from the unit. The Samsung is worse, it actually uninstalls all the apps. So you can only have either US-specific apps or UK-specific apps … not both.

    As as result, I cannot access BBC iPlayer on the Samsung. The AppleTV does not even offer a BBC iPlayer App.

  4. vuilcan195 says:

    Can someone in the UK confirm whether this app works fine?

  5. Frank Lin says:

    How do I get this app if I don’t live in the UK? I just tried downloading it on the site and received the following error: “You are not eligible to purchase this app due to geographical restrictions.”

  6. Sharpe says:

    Yep I live in the UK and confirm this works fine. Watched a couple of shows from Really (the tv channel) and they played fine also I was able to use fast forward to skip to later part of the show I’d been watching.

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